How To Stencil Wood Picture Frames With Tile & Craft Stencils
How To Stencil Wood Picture Frames With Tile & Craft Stencils

First step, take your frame and remove
anything that will interfere with your stenciling project. Now sand down your
wooden surface with 120 to 220 grit sandpaper. You’re gonna want to do this
until the original clear coat and stain disappear.
Remember to dust and wipe down your frame with a damp rag before moving on
to your next step. Take a chip brush and water based wood stain and apply the
stain in the same direction as the wood grain.
We recommend water-based stain because the dry time is faster the cleanup is
easier and it’s better for the environment. Apply spray adhesive to the
back of your stencil to reduce your chances of bleed. Pour a small amount
onto a trailer plate and take your half-inch professional stencil brush and
dip the tip into the paint. Swirl the brush around on a paper towel working
the paint into the bristles and offloading any excess paint onto a paper
towel. Now fill in your stencil pattern! Align your stencil with the previously
painted area and repeat. On to our next frame. We want to have the
pattern going in two different directions, so we are going to tape off
the inner miters is for the first part of our stencil project. Apply spray adhesive
and place the stencil vertically on the frame. Fill in every other shape with
both colors. Once dry remove the blue painters tape and place it on the
opposite side of the miter. Now place the stencil on the wooden frame, but facing
the other direction and repeat the same stenciling process. On to our last stencil the Shipibo Page
Stencil. Just place the entire stencil over the frame and customize it to your
liking. To protect our frames from any kind of damage we are going to seal it with water-based polyurethane. Evenly load a two-inch dense foam roller and
roll on two coats.

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