How to SUPER CLEAN Your Car (Best Clean Possible)
How to SUPER CLEAN Your Car (Best Clean Possible)

98 thoughts on “How to SUPER CLEAN Your Car (Best Clean Possible)”

  1. ChrisFix says:

    I am currently working on "How to SuperClean your Engine Bay (without causing DAMAGE)" and that is the next video on my channel! Lots of awesome info coming your way!!!

  2. mr good behave bruh says:

    i dont own a car, im 11, WHY AM I HERE????

  3. SIR MEOWS A LOT says:

    lubricates . . .

  4. SIR MEOWS A LOT says:

    Wait, how do you even get scratches in the first place?

  5. Friendly Neighborhood Hacker says:

    Listen, I just need the car to function

  6. BlueChampagne says:

    @ChrisFix, is this method applicable to matte color?

  7. Seboplayz says:

    soapy wooder

  8. TheSystemGuy99 says:

    This mustang is the new Nissan Maxima

  9. Maryam Zro says:

    Clean my car

  10. Axel Van Dyck says:

    Yo Chris. If I want to use both CG quick detailer and TW super hard shell, which should go first? Can't figure it out. TIA

  11. Ali Noorani says:

    bro i just wanna know how to wash my car this is a little much

  12. Anthony DiazSanchez says:

    Microfiber sponge??

  13. Victor Unbea says:

    Now do this but pretend you live in a top floor apartment and not a house

  14. wild fire says:

    일찌감치 어머니의 영향으로 약자와 소수계층에 대한 관심을 가졌던
    오바마는 로스앤젤레스의 옥시덴탈대학교에 입학하고 그의 자서전에
    따르면 대학 1학년 때도 마리화나를 피며 히피 문화에 심취한 나태한
    학생이었다. 그러다 우연히 투자철회운동을 접하고 정치에 흥미를
    가지게 되었고 빡세게 1년 공부하고 콜럼비아 대학교에 편입해 정치
    학을 전공으로 졸업한 후 지역사회 운동가로 활동하다가 하버드 로스
    쿨에 진학해 법무박사(JD) 학위를 취득한다. 하버드 로스쿨 역사상
    최초로 하버드 로리뷰 (법률 학술지)의 편집장을 흑인이 맡은 기록을
    세우기도 했다. 그리고 그 날고 긴다는 학생들만 있다는 하버드 로스
    쿨에서도 상위 10% 의 성적인 학생들만 받는다는 마그나쿰라우데(m
    agna cum laude)를 받고 졸업했다. 그가 대통령 선거에 나간다고
    선언했을때 그의 하버드 로스쿨 동창중 한명인 HilIHarper는 버 락은
    우리 하버드 로스쿨 동기중에서 최소한 가장 뛰어났었던 학생중 한명
    이거나 아니 면 가장 뛰어 났었던 친구였다고 회고 하였고 또한 그를
    가르쳤던 교수중 한명인 Laurence Tribe 헌법학 교수는 버락은 내가
    이제까지 가르쳤던 모든 학생중 가장 뛰어난 학생중 한명이었다고까
    지 회고하였다. 역시 오바마를 가르쳤던 하버드 로스쿨 교수였던 Ch

  15. Carlos Corpus says:

    His draws even micro fiber lmao

  16. Aleks says:

    If I were to be a car, id be this guys car.

  17. Charlene Robinson says:

    How long does it take to wash it

  18. ugur meyer says:

    Woud be nice if you did this treatment to the del sol 🙂

  19. thatfrenchcanadian says:

    My tip: use a different mitt to clean de bottom. My top mitt have never touched the bottom of my car. Ever

  20. 3dwinXavier says:

    If I use car soap should I still wax the car?

  21. Marcel Koolman says:

    ChrisFix dressed like Eminem🤣

  22. Tydiggity says:

    Who else realized that you’ve been doing the wrong thing for years

  23. Douglas Martin says:

    Chrisfix you forgot vans

  24. Kyle Gibson says:

    My brand new clay bar disintegrated half way through the claying process while using soapy water. What did I do wrong?

  25. Oliver says:

    Is it worth it doing all of this for a silver car?

  26. Calvin says:

    Soapy Wooder = All Natural or Car Soap + Purified Filtered Water

  27. Zach the opossum says:

    The moment you realize youtube itself has the most disliked video

  28. Thomas Johnson says:

    why so many dislikes

  29. Ricardo Alejandre says:

    What about the tires Chris???!!

  30. Ahmad Faris says:

    How many clay bar needed for small Suv?

  31. Ryder Plays says:

    6:36 cool merch

  32. Henry Ritchie says:

    Wax on wax off

  33. Shawn Colborn says:

    Hey Chris, great video! Thank you for all the awesome content! I just got my first car and am looking to take care of it for a long time! I wanted to ask:

    1) when do you think this kind of "deep clean" is necessary? My car is a used 2017 Hyundai Sonata, not sure what the previous owner did to take care of its paint…

    2) if you recommend the deep clean, how many clay bars for a mid-size sedan?

    3) I watched your "How to Remove Scratches from Car PERMANENTLY (EASY)" video and was wondering… what is necessary for scratches that don't fade when water is sprayed over them (i.e., scratches beyond the clearcoat)?

    Thank you bunches in advance!

  34. avrithingzo 4600 says:

    what i learned:
    dont touch the car at all,
    dont even drive it,
    it it will get scratches

  35. Jay R says:

    How many rags you got lol

  36. Vito Rinaldi says:

    Thanks for this wonderful video, i just spent 3 hours intensively cleaning and waxing my peugeot 107 wich hasnt been properly cleaned in 8 years, and it looks ready for a car show!

  37. King Brilliant says:

    i do this exact same process with every car I ever buy except i use a DA polisher.. it eradicates the previous owner, acquaints me with the car, lets me know the truth about the body work and paint and gives me a starting point and new standard to maintain. I very rarely lose money when i sell my cars.

  38. Ronnie_11 says:

    This is a lot 😂😂

  39. Matthew Hirmiz says:

    I’m doing all this on my 2000 Jimmy, its an old car but a classic

  40. Nina Fuller says:

    Such a good video. Thank you!

  41. Apple 0 says:

    Does this work on a lambo

  42. patt w says:

    U r the best

  43. Ahmed alhaj says:

    man, you need someone to correct your Arabic 😉

  44. Brian Butler says:

    I know once I do this some bird is gonna crap on my car

  45. Skylr Harkness says:

    ive never really like this body style of mustang but damn that looks fantastic

  46. Eric Smekar says:

    Another tip is to wash your car with vertical strokes on the side panels because any scratches that are caused won't be seen as easily since the light has to hit them in a specific way inorder to be seen

  47. John Paz says:

    so with the soapy water do i still use dawn or mothers car wash?

  48. John Kashur says:

    literally could eat off the corvette's paint

  49. your school repoter boys says:

    I’m young and saving up for a car and I’ve seen almost all you videos.

  50. Hasan Hazim says:

    Amazing as always. But guys, can someone tell me what's the Soapy Wooder?

  51. Untitled Communist says:

    The sealant made part of the car look censored

  52. Bottle 12 says:

    guy cleaning his car. presses play button*

  53. Joe Morganti says:

    What is your opinion on clay bar mitts?

  54. CheetahSpeed says:

    sadly when half your paint doesnt have clear coat… its unsavable, oh well

  55. Kaven Haul says:

    Yeah, because that's what EVERYONE has in their drive way… big ass trees for shade. Pff..

  56. Mikky Nev says:

    Is it just me or did the before and after pictures even make the background look better?

  57. Exhibitionist says:

    Hey ChrisFix, How do you clean tough water marks off windows?

  58. Fehad Bilgrami says:

    I hate you tube ads

  59. Jeff Lester says:

    Ive watched this 3 times now and i dont even have a car its just fun to watch

  60. Jose Martinez says:

    Is this better than a self serve car wash or is it a preference?

  61. Seraphim401 says:

    This vid was strangely arousing.

  62. Otto Dierksheide says:

    Who came here from I bought my dream car

  63. Zeus says:

    Instructions unclear, car stuck in dishwasher.

  64. Riley Reyna says:

    That looks amazing however is that your car or something

  65. Riley Reyna says:

    Why do you do make movies

  66. green Caulfield says:

    Just watched the whoe video even though im never gonna waste this much time washing my car

  67. Calvin25X says:

    I didn't know cleaning a car would be this much work.

  68. SnipeYouFromMars says:

    3:18 what about a microfiber sponge?

  69. lil bacon says:

    Wire brush = forbidden detailing brush

  70. cjrussell says:

    Take a shot every time he says soapy water

  71. Miles says:

    I want to do this but what do I use instead of soapy wooder?

  72. Nathan Cirelli says:

    Dude you do your videos so professionally

  73. Gabe Mitchell says:

    Would this work as well on a car that’s been vinyl wrapped ?

  74. Dulle_iTzaa says:

    Random guy : CHRIS!! My car is dirty! Can u help?

    Chris: hold my sopay wooder

  75. Kirk Resty says:

    Ive discovered the best solution not to scratch ur car… First when u buy a car, buy a car cover. Second, cover ur car and cut the cover where the windshield area, now the the same at the back window also shape the four tyres. Tape each corners so the car cover wont fly. Finally drive your car with the cover 😹😹😹

  76. One Two says:

    You should sell toothpaste hey

  77. One Two says:

    No need to drive anymore, just too many contaminants out there…

  78. One Two says:

    You're so rad dude, gnarly bro, you full natty too?

  79. فهد السهلي says:

    إذا انت عربي لايك🤕🤑

  80. Nathan Zhang says:

    The steps to super cleaning cars are very simple:

    Open photoshop
    Give it some shine
    Post it on social media

  81. Drew Kermendy says:

    Contaminates/Scratches: Exists

    ChrisFix: Breathing Intensifies

  82. Minecraft veteran , says:

    Before you start remove you fingernails because they might scratch the paint

  83. Toothpaste says:

    I should probably get a car first

  84. 1985 Toyota Trueno AE86 Sprinter GT Apex says:

    I watched this Christmas morning, I’m 11, I don’t own a car but it does help my father a bit with his 2008 Honda

  85. Иван Гриценко says:

    1:50 Car have been cleaned so well, even trees started looks better (Don't tell anybody, but it's colors correction)

  86. CarGuy_66 says:

    Just a few days ago, my dad and I were driving by an old run-down mechanic shop with lifts and other things. As we were driving by, we saw the workers washing a 2004 BMW 5 series, with a small broom! it was crazy

  87. Darion SM says:

    How watch this more than 10 times like if u agree

  88. 小叮当 says:

    You just scratched the clear coat away

  89. Sebastian Zepeda says:

    shouldve cleaned the left half of the car and then left the right half dirty to we can really see the difference

  90. VoltRex YT says:

    Can u do a tutorial on how to clean car headlights?

  91. Tofu says:

    In the before and after photos he edited the pictures to make the car look brighter and cleaner look at the trees in the background for proof

  92. Roblox Videos. says:

    Soapy Wooder.

  93. goshicrazy says:


  94. Marc says:

    So glad to see you, rinsed, snowfoamed and rinsed again before hand washing. See alot of in particularly in the US videos where the person will rinse then proceed to snowfoam and start washing two bucket method with the foam still on the car?

    Great job too!

  95. Daniel George says:

    Am i the only one who has watched this like 100 times

  96. Home ChickenzYT says:

    Can i use tide detergent to clean the car

  97. Lucas Pineda says:

    Other people: buys brand new cars
    Chrisfix: buys used car
    Other peoples reaction when they buy a brand new one: wow i love this car
    Chrisfix reaction when he is buying a used car: Nice one for a new content on my video

  98. Ildefonso Rivas says:

    That is good my car

  99. Dillan Mistry says:

    Thanks now I'm gonna clean a black e39

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