How to tell a Real Silk rug from a Cotton Rug by Luv-A-Rug
How to tell a Real Silk rug from a Cotton Rug by Luv-A-Rug

hello its rug loverMary and today I get to show you
the difference between a real silk rug, a art silk/cotton rug and a
viscose rug from my four samples here for looking at the top of these rugs
they’re all soft when they were new they’re shiny so it’s very hard for the untrained eye to know what to look for when told that the rug they’re looking at is a real silk rug. the first thing you
need to do is look at the back of the rug and that will show you the
quality of the knots as you can see with this what you know when I get up close
he can barely see the lines am NOT to really really dense in tiny on this right here the knots are Duggar and you can definitely see the more and
on this friday you can see the lines that I think that a rough package this one here but not sir even bigger still I’m so I love these four roads this one with
the fine delicate knots is the real suck the
other thing to look at is the French how the fringe connects to the rat now this one soakers always on a silk foundation so
this part here suck and the french themselves are still as
well which is very important on this rug this pair here is carted and what they sometimes do is pull
through silk fringes and you can usually tell very close up that this fringes will be
very very shiny compared to the supper here which is
called the key level or the silage and on this one you can tell it the
fringes are not para the rag they’re actually
sewn on to the edge that is a dead giveaway
that the ride is a fake selleck and at the text says that man made
selleck its automatically a fake self because
only worms make suck and on this road they don’t
actually have much over French on the right they
just cut it ended it but you can see how thick the ends are for the fringes were a bit longer and soak is not that thick
it’s very very fine fiber this was very old in Warren see can barely see the patterns is it
building is not always an indication to soak does fade as well see our easy to look at the back %uh the rug to make sure that you can
see that not every thought right like this the not should be very fire missile
craddock and if they I’m and socarides are usually small because they take so long to do it’s
very rare that you’ll come across it eight by 10 so crowd for a few thousand
dollars I’m and cotton rugs that pretend that we suck are also very
shiny and soft but just in touch in Rome this one is
much softer than the real self because they’ve
chemically treated it to be saw they’re usually a bit thicker and sometimes the edge in the right here
this time they will also rapid as silk on fake
ranks and on this track you can see that is
also a route I’m but it’s in the same 58 shiny and it’s all the way down and on the
vesco struck it’s got a very thick wrap up on the
sides so grads are usually very thin because
the sockets office then the Fed nation the salvage killing part
comes straight at the back and the rug the father mother ugh and sometimes on a cotton rag what they will
do is this her here they will fold in half and bend it down her so it like this I’m and then the fringes will cover here
that is also a fake I’m so craig’s always I’m have a flat hurt that comes up from the bottom so that you know that the road was hand
made and not made to be fake the cotton rugs are also hand-knotted so you can’t always go by that either
but the viscose is a dead giveaway closed at this hard vacuuming the fringes are always attached to the
rug their sirkin shiny when their new and soft but they’re not real cell they are a synthetic process so I hope that this helps you determine
the difference between a real cell and a fake so when they’re very close on how they make them when they’re made
by hand this has been recovered memory thank you
very much

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  2. Ramin M says:

    Good video though, it would have helped if the resolution of the video was better. It is very blurry now.

  3. majid ali says:

    Do u have carpet company then I need a job in ur company please I have also 7 years of experience in kashmir art pashminas. Carpet handicrafts also….

  4. nvafem says:

    I like the intent of the video and the tips she noted but the movement of taking the video, taking large arcs to move to/from one rug to another made it difficult for me follow . Trying to get closeups when her camera could not focus fast enough and frequently did not– could not see the detail she was explaining before she moved on to the next rug to show the difference. Better to redo and have someone else hold the 'camera' maybe? oh, depending on the camera, don't do closeups so close that the camera cannot focus/focus quickly. Good video, thanks for the excellent advice! I would like to see it redone.

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