How To Tile A Shower Niche  – Step By Step –  Do It Yourself
How To Tile A Shower Niche – Step By Step – Do It Yourself

Want I want to show you about this tile if you look at it here I put it like that. You can see that this tile , actually the width from here to here. The base of the tile is actually bigger 1/4 of an inch than the top of the tile. It looks really like a trapezoid symmetric trapezoid, so this is because (we need) to accommodate this slope here and Also the base the small (tile) Also this tile which is the base or the top of the niche Look like a trapezoid, symmetrical trapezoid, so that’s it to accommodate the slopes that are all over here, as you saw before Before I’m going to tile, I just want to clean the silicon left here, you can see I can clean it with his blender Very easy no big problem So I can clean everything and then you can see here there is remain So I can clean all the silicon left, and then I’m going to tile the niche This is the thin-set that I’m using to tie the niche It’s called 255 multi-max from Laticrete That’s the company (name) Laticrete This is excellent thin-set Which you can use when you actually it’s a non-sag thin-set and it’s very very good excellent for me What I’m doing now I’m feathering it (the thin-set) okay, let me show you how I’m doing it I am using this knife Well you can see When you feather it when you put the tile here you actually going slowly toward the niche, that because the niche has a 1/16 frame width thickness, I just want to avoid it by actually feather it I will continue feather it from the other side also from all the sides really. I’m using this knife So I completed here to feather it and I will continue around just to feather everything So I finish these three corners, and I’m going to continue here to continue feather this niche What I’m doing, I’m putting this tool So what I’m doing really I’m actually putting it here and pressing here in this point So that’s the way I actually feather it Before you use it you have to clean it Clean this four inch knife This I use actually in sheet rock for compound, but you can use it here also. I’m pressing it (the knife) here and … move it So doing it l create actually a slope here and going from here to here when you put tiles here You will not notice this thickness of this niche. That is the way it looks after I finished feather it you can see from close the way it looks look at it from here from this angle I put here thinset in this area You can see just spread it first all over This side I’m putting this (thin-set) I am using this 3/16 trowel No need to use a lot of thin-set here I put here thin-set and now I’m going to put thin set on the tile itself also going to put here thin-set I am using this (trowel) just to level (thin-set) So here is other tile, I’m starting from the tile on top (of the niche) that’s the way this tile looks like, the way the tile looks like here Don’t be afraid to be not fail because it a non-sag (thin set) Now I’m taking this tile just to see if it is going in, because if it does not go in, we will have a problem. That is excellent Now I have to press it and just make sure That the thin-set is spreaded properly all over Now don’t be afraid from the imperfection here because it will be covered by another tile here. That’s okay What we need to do now we need to level it that is going to be exactly Flash with the niche It is very important Here I will put a spacer here to force it (the tile to its position) Make sure it’s flash with The niche frame This tile I try to put here and it doesn’t go to the ends so I have to little bit trim. I will go and trim irt and come back This is the frame I created for my chair rails which is travertine, let me show you What I want to do with it, so This is my niche, and I would like to put this frame around this niche. That’s going to be the frame of the niche If you’re getting close to it, you can see that this flame is actually constructed from actually six pieces Okay, and I want to show you how the pieces look like So you can see there are six pieces here and each piece is cut 45 degrees here and this piece was cut (from) two (sides) 45 degrees If you look here You will see a space that I put in purpose here this space is for the grout or for the silicon if you want to put here In addition to it you should look from here you will figure out that this level is little bit higher than the Traventine here on the frame little bit maybe 1/32 inch because the water are coming and travel from here they will go down to the Travertine here on the frame and fell down That is the final Construction of the niche as you can see here, I keep distance Look at the tiles here and here is the top. I want to show you how level is the top. You can see yourself Perfect. You can see it from this distance, and look how nice it looks. Keep distance between the tiles and the frame You So we think I finished with Installing the tiles and the niche and around the niche Let me show you from close proximity the result We’re getting close to it you can see what’s going on In addition what I want to show you is how level and flat the tiles hear, okay You can see the bubble is exactly in the center This niche, This niche is completed

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  1. MFD Mike says:

    Looks good

  2. Derrick Pina says:

    What is the pattern of the wall tile? Some rows overlapping joints and some not?

  3. petestreet says:

    You could have balanced out the niche back tiles better, too to bottom.

  4. David Thompson says:

    Watching a professional like you makes me see all the little things that you do that I did not. But that is why you are a professional and I am a DIYer.

  5. MoneyManHolmes says:

    I’ve seen some people trim the niche the opposite way, with the thicker piece of trim to the inside. Which way do you think looks better?

  6. Timo says:

    I don't understand why you wouldn't waterproof your shower walls before tiling.

  7. James McEwen says:

    Why aren’t you waterproofing your backer board buddy??

  8. Gerald mcneal says:

    Question I have a small bathroom in my garage which has a shower 34×34 I purchased Green sheet rock . I want to put marble tile I was given for free do I need to rip out the drywall and install hardieback cement border to tile the shower wall? Or can I install the marble over the green sheetrock or shoould I install the cement bord over the drywall

  9. Santos Marquez says:

    I’ve watched all your videos Joseph. Keep up the great content brother.
    As you do continue making videos try to invest in a microphone device.
    It will help your voice be much clearer getting across all your points of interest on the job.
    Great work!

  10. Jd murfreesboro says:

    He's not that good. Gots the concept.

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