How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful – Purple Mattress
How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful – Purple Mattress

What’s a super easy way to tell if your
bed is awful? The egg test. Let me prove it. When it comes to mattresses, you used to have only 3 choices. Looking for some shoulder pain? Try a hard
mattress. It may feel like a rock, and put pressure
on your hips, but it’s the perfect way to tell your partner, “Hey baby, want some
arthritis?” It just fails the raw egg test. Then there’s the soft mattress. It starts
out ok, but collapses over time, like some cheap sneakers, or Anakin Skywalker. And since
it comes without back support, you get to try cool new hobbies, like chronic pain. But it also fails the raw egg test. Now let me explain the eggs. The raw egg test states that the perfect bed will let you put weight on raw eggs without breaking them. ‘Cause if a bed can cradle raw eggs while
supporting all that weight, it’ll also cradle your pressure points while supporting your
body, for maximum comfort. Well if the hard bed’s bad at cradling,
and the soft bed’s bad at supporting, at least the medium bed is juuuuust… Terrible. It’s not firm enough for back support or
soft enough for your pressure points, so in the end it’s just a sad middle ground,
like limbo, or a whoosy centaur. It’s average. No one wants average. Now, to get around that… some beds come with $5,000 dollar remotes so
you can choose between hard bed problems or soft bed problems. They’re so high-tech, they fail the egg
test twice. I don’t need a bed that’s hard, soft,
or average. I need the best of firm and soft, without the drawbacks. Introducing Purple — the only mattress that
cradles your pressure points like a soft bed, while supporting everywhere else like a firm one. Need proof? Lets check double check. Triple check. All the checks! And I am really heavy for a little girl from
a fairytale. Yes, these raw eggs are raw. And no, we didn’t
fake it. How lame would that be? You’re lame for thinking that. How can a bed be this comfortable? Maybe ‘cause
it has 15 patents, was created by an actual rocket scientist, and uses a comfort grid
system to distribute weight across any body type, giving you the best sleep you’ve ever
had, guaranteed. Thanks, science. Now, there’s a catch. Most high-end mattresses
cost 5,000 dollars. But ours is only 1,000. We’re sorry about
that. We’re the best. But you can spend that extra money on, I don’t
know… AN ADORABLE BABY BEAR?!?! AUGH!! But don’t let it on the mattress though, it
will pee all over it. And while you’re saving money, you’ll
save time too- ‘Cause we’re shipping the Purple right
to your door for free. Thankyou! Now I have two! We’re so convinced you’ll love Purple
— if it doesn’t change your life in the first 100 nights, we’ll take it back for
a complete refund. That’s Purple’s no pressure guarantee. I love you. So if you or someone you know sleeps, click
here to buy your Purple at And say goodbye to the rock hard prison bed. The saggy swamp bed. The average bed. And the expensive remote. Get yourself into a Purple. And Mom and Pop, it’s not the 1940s. Share
a bed already. And make sure it’s a Purple. Becuase you guys have been sleeping in garbage. Click now to start your 100 night trial of
nocturnal bliss. No pressure. It’s Purple. Action Need proof. Lift glass See those are real eggs
not hardboiled not plastic
not wooden I just burst them
cut. That’s a cut!

76 thoughts on “How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful – Purple Mattress”

  1. EazyMotherphucken -E says:

    Darth vader and the 501st will storm this mattress factory

  2. Kanwaljeet Hanjra says:

    I was watching this add then accidentally skipped it and found it again why was this so interesting

  3. Austin Romero says:

    Jk I'm not crazy I'm just watching a random Studios production

  4. Flora Alberti says:

    you were my brother Anakin

  5. W4tched says:

    Anyone else nonstop getting purple ads?

  6. gardenia Loya says:

    Boo 👋🏻🍅

  7. S T says:

    I feel bad for the people who had to make those beds.

  8. Joshua Panola says:

    Mallory Everton ❤️

  9. The Black Sheep says:

    When a company does it so well that you forget you are watching an ad

  10. firestonegraywolf says:

    Loving these purple mattress commercials. Do you guys sell futon s? I sleep on the floor

  11. Acrid Moon says:

    Please give the advertisement team a raise. I never skip ads by Purple.

  12. Gabriel Utz says:

    2:55 Cool, Now I Have Two Mattresses

  13. Nohemi Morales says:

    i have the same thing soft Mattress of my perants and my brother to they get there back hert

  14. Diego Teran says:

    But you can spend that ➕💰on 🤷‍♀️ , An adorable 👶 🐻. AAAAAHH!

  15. Lloyd Clash says:

    I just realized this is one of the only mattress companys that talk about benefits instead of just prices

  16. Adam Dennison says:

    U know why the memory foam breaks the eggs, it moves around so it adjusts to where you are and it takes longer then 2 seconds. Memory foam is pretty amazing

  17. Scout Park says:

    This ad doesn't get enough credit for the social statements and positive representation it entails. I took all of my daughters aged 2 to 24 to see this ad in my friend's home theater while he was on vacation. "Look at this," I told them, "A woman on television. Doing science!" It made them all cry of pride and joy, and we bought a purple mattress delivered to his house just to cry into. It sure passes the raw tears test. I even shared this joke with them all, "They should sell rain! That would be called Purple Rain." Then we laughed into our purple mattress for hours. We listened to Prince, and it even started to rain. It was definitely our best Christmas yet. But the rain turned to hail, and we had removed my friend Craig's roof in order to get the family size mattress inside the house. There were many hail related concussions. My son wasn't invited, because it's time to end the male dominance in television and science. He waited outside with a helmet for the hail. All my daughters swore to be scientists on television, thanks to you, Purple. My son swore not to be, thanks to me, Father of the year. Merry Christmas Purple, you sure made ours a Merry one.

  18. pariess says:


  19. pariess says:

    I only noticed now she was here frikkin at 11:01 PM oof

  20. k3kboi 66 says:

    >Be me
    >sleep on the floor whit a thick blanket
    >feels amaizing for my crooked back
    >mfv no arthritis

  21. Jaquelyn Dickinson says:

    "But you can spend that extra money, I don't know. An adorable baby bear?!"

    "Don't let it on the mattress though, it will pee all over it."

  22. Doctor infinite says:

    I Havn't watched a full commercial since Old Spice.

  23. Bird Lover 3000 says:

    I just love watching purple ads 0_0 theyre entertaining lol theyre funny

  24. Anne McDougall says:

    Now I have two. Kyle reference. Anyone else get that reference.

    Was that reference there, or am I making things up?

  25. Alessia Barcella says:

    Studio c is here

  26. makaylajunior 2005 says:

    Favorite lines 2:18 "your lame for thinking that" and 2:37 "Im sorry about that, were the best" 😅🤣😂

  27. R.G.A. Club says:

    Where's purple man? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH PURPLE MAN?!?!?

  28. Yoni Savransky says:

    hey, it's Mallorie!

  29. Max Is Mad says:

    Now I have two [purple mattresses]! Nice Studio C reference

  30. Most Of S Korea says:

    "There's the soft mattress. It starts out okay, but it collapses over time. Like some cheap sneakers, or Anakin Skywalker."

  31. Studio F says:

    Cool now I have two mattresses

  32. Jaron Tsosie says:

    Don’t try this at home!!!! I tried the raw egg test and I laid on the eggs and the eggs cracked and now my purple mattress is gross. 10/10 recommend the mattress 10/10 don’t recommend the raw egg test.

  33. Lead_Marie says:

    Sees Mallory in an ad and keeps watching

    The video I had been watching: am I joke to you?

  34. Bright Dragon says:

    Omg it’s Mallory from Studio C!!!

  35. Cody Norris says:

    This video came up as an ad on another video and I watched the entire thing.

  36. Trent Ferguson says:

    Is it just me or did I just now realize that Goldie Locks is Malory

  37. Seth Allen says:

    Love it!

  38. Ankit Majhi says:

    “Collapses over time like some cheap sneakers
    Or anakin skywalker”

    I believe she roasted someone
    Long sigh
    Also this

    “let me prove it
    need proof “


  39. spooka770 says:

    Arthur write this

  40. win toto says:

    Is that Fergie?

  41. ö ü says:

    I'd give her a raw egg

  42. S&S AMERICA says:

    I broke the replay button

  43. Dianne Fountain says:

    I cant believe Mallory played goldilocks

  44. Latoria Jones says:


  45. Goose4000 says:

    These are the kinds of ads people deserve. In my opinion on the scale of how good an ad is, Purple ads are at the top and mobile game ads in 2019 are at the bottom.

  46. Marleeka Choat says:

    How Does A Video Have 173 Million Views But Only 7.4K Comments And 36K Thumbs Up And 7.1K Thumbs Down

  47. Ranibo Sprinpcle says:

    God this add is forever engraved into my memory

  48. Pokemon Ruler says:

    0:29 all the homework im gonna have to do when school starts landing on me

  49. Gopal patel says:

    Don’t lie we know the eggs are hard boiled

  50. Oscer Food says:

    Hey baby want some atheists

  51. Soviet Doggo says:

    Sorry don’t sleep

  52. John Kackley says:

    The biggest Issue I have with purple is the ads are almost interesting but also very stupid. It's "so real," the way we prove that is by doing a thousand cut aways. Was Chris Angel in charge of the camera? Where'd the bed go? Cooooome baaaaaaaaaack

  53. Fluff The Unanswering says:

    I think thats mallory everton

  54. Brad Bradleys says:

    179 million views?

  55. Your Average Car Guy says:

    Pls tell me that there is twin sized mattress

  56. Expand Your Brand TX says:

    This is like one of the best commercials I have ever seen

  57. Expand Your Brand TX says:

    Nobody wants average 😂

  58. Expand Your Brand TX says:

    179 million views… isnt that like half of America?

  59. Galaxy King says:

    Script Supervisor: Kaitlin Snow


    Kaitlin Snow

    Kai-Caitlin Snow


  60. Essence Gunn says:

    I just watched this for Mal! Did anyone else catch the reference for Studio C: Cool, Now I have 2 beds!

  61. nightmastercool97 97 says:

    the actress is giving off a super adorable, cute, and extremely nice sweet personality.

  62. Tech We Love says:

    Has the company considered future Purple mattresses, such as Purple 5, Purple 6, etc ? With 5 inches, and 6 inches of the polymer ? I'm curious as to whether you'll ever go that route.

    Also, have you considered making a Purple pillow with 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches of polymer ? I think the current pillow could use some more options, so when you buy the Purple 4, you get a pillow that matches it ?

  63. hi there says:

    I never knew that that's Mallory

  64. Purple sparkle Cat says:

    Ewwwww no girl

  65. xellienter says:

    Purples just throwing down these roast like it comes naturally

  66. KamaBebé says:

    I thought those were the 7 dwarves at the end bcause she's the only girl..then I realized wrong fairy tale.

  67. Mitchell Sommer says:

    This is how commercials should be.

  68. FF Gaming Series says:

    How to basic

  69. Allycat Kim says:


  70. acusolo says:

    Dame, my parents sleep in separate beds, how did she know?! Gonna have them share a Purple mattress XD

  71. Arnav Bhattacharjee says:

    (Hears reference to my favorite star wars character)

  72. Jackson R says:

    I completely forgot about the video I was watching and watched this ad all the way through

  73. Frank Doolz says:

    Goldilocks is pretty hot all grown up 😏

  74. Joe Fran says:

    Before I watched studio c I had no idea that studio c did the purple adds

  75. Luna wolf gaming says:

    Mallory (studio c)

  76. THE Offical Page Of Joey Savage SERVE N OBEY says:

    Best mattress in the world hands down this is all i buy my first time buying this was back in 2017 i had it for a year let me tell yall its a gift from god yes this bed is made by jesus and his Angel's i just bout my first house so yall know how i do when i get greatness the 1st time i gotta stay with greatness purple mattress please for my new 3 bedroom house thank you my company needs the best sleep while they are visting the boss castle thank you again may god blesses you like you been blessing me… purple mattress for president

  77. boopydoopyaf says:

    I fucking LOVE this ad. Normally I hate advertisements but this one is super funny. Which is why I searched for it after watching it and not skipping because I loved it so much.

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