How to Use a Snow Carpet to Quilt Your Quilts
How to Use a Snow Carpet to Quilt Your Quilts

Welcom to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And what does a snow carpet have to do with quilting? First of all, what is a snow carpet? Well, if you live anywhere where you go tobogganing, you’ll know what a snow carpet is. It is a very thin, flexible sheet of plastic. You grab the handles, you’re able to lie or sit on this, and this very thin slippery surface gets you down that snowy hill very very quickly, And that very same slippery surface that helps you go down that snow mountain a lot quicker, will help you do your quilting a lot quicker. It is a very thin flexible sheet of plastic and both sides are normally very very slippery. And it’s really easy to tell which side is a little bit more slippery because the side that’s very slippery has a little bit more shine than the other side. The shiniest side you’re going to need to place it shiny side up on your machine bed. The bed of my sewing machine already is a little bit slippery because it’s a hard plastic, but I would like it even slicker. I also would like to have a surface that is completely smooth so as I am quilting, the quilt is not going to get caught in any of these areas, and these carpets are perfect for that. You can get these carpets in small sizes and quite large, and the thinner the better. I’ve taken two of the carpets and I’ve just duct-taped them together in the back. That’s going to give me a bigger work surface. They’re very flexible and you can even cut them if they’re too big. So I’m going to be able to take this and slide it right underneath my foot, right up to the edge of the machine. Now I have a very big, smooth, slick surface. Once you have the carpet in the position that you want, before you tape it or clamp it down, you will need to put a hole in the carpet. Use the foot that you’re going to want to use and put the foot in the down position. There you’re going to be able to use that as a template and draw the hole. Once you have that mark you’re going to be able to just cut out that circle. You don’t need to cut out the entire surface; you just need an area for that needle to be clear. This will also work really great if you have a machine where you cannot lower your feed dogs, because the feed dogs will run underneath this plastic, so it’s not going to put any stress or any friction as you’re quilting. I now have a small hole. Start off with a small hole because you can always make that hole bigger as you test it. Once you have the hole you’re going to be able to take this and clamp it and tape it onto your counter. That way you won’t have the quilt catching any of the loose edges. You now have a very smooth, flat surface that you’re going to be able to quilt with. If the area on the machine where you need to load your bobbin [is on the machine bed], you’re going to be able to just lift this up and work on it from underneath. So if you have a counter it would be easier if you just put a couple of clamps here and then tape the rest down. That way you can take those clamps off to change that bobbin. You can make this as big as you want just by taping that back side of the carpets together. And by doing that you don’t have any of that tape up in the front to cause any friction. I now have a very smooth surface and my quilt is not going to get caught or snagged on anything as I’m quilting. And when it’s done I’m going to be able to fold it up and you’re going to be able to store this rolled up. Because it is such a thin plastic it’s going to unroll whenever you need it. These snow carpets come in many different sizes. You can usually get them in department stores and sports stores. And if you live in an area where there is no snow, I will put a link in the description to Amazon. There’s a whole pile on Amazon that you can buy and that’s just going to give you a good area to start with so that you can choose the different sizes, you can get different colors, so it’s going to be a lot of fun to do some research to find what you want to match your sewing room. And when I was younger we used to call these crazy carpets, so I guess I’m just a little crazy to put them in my sewing room, but they work like a wonder. You will be surprised on how inexpensive they really are. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

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  1. Maria McPhail says:

    Fantastic idea! I was just looking at Supreme Sliders today and saw just how pricey they are. Time to go find me a Crazy Carpet (yes, we still call them that here!)

  2. lynne mcclintick says:

    Brilliant !! Thank you 🙂

  3. Trayne1837 says:

    I need to get someone to remodel my sewing table by building platform underneath so my machine bed is flush with table top

  4. carylanne rosten says:

    great tip. I live in NV so I will use your link. ty

  5. CdnCreekers says:

    Canadians: Dollarama has them for $2.50C this fall.

  6. gmaflor says:

    awesome idea

  7. Dorene Nagy says:

    What a great idea. Thanks I need that. I've been using the thin cutting boards you can buy 3 in a package. This is much larger and will cover more area for me.

  8. LindieLee says:

    This is great! "Easy Sliders" for quilters are so very expensive – I love this idea! As of this date it's $12 through walmart online.

  9. Sandra Porto says:

    Thank you for the tip

  10. LindieLee says:

    I love your sewing tips. Here's one for you that I learned a couple of days ago and it works great. Instead of quilters gloves use white magic erasers. They really grip!

  11. Sehryn Belle says:

    Great. But I’m in Tropical 🌴 Australia 🇦🇺 No snow here 😂
    Love your Bernina! What model?

  12. Lisa Thurman says:


  13. Debbie Gallett says:


  14. Joyce Weinmann says:

    Fabulous idea. I haven't started machine quilting yet, but I want to learn, and this will make things easier.

  15. croceaus says:

    Brilliant idea! However, just so you are aware, I checked the Amazon link (I live in Australia=virtually no snow) and Amazon won't ship it here 🙁 I am going to ask my sister in Colorado to buy me some and I'll pick them up next US visit. Thanks for thinking outside the box! P.S. Just did a Google search and found a local outdoor store has them for AUS$4! Where I live is close to one of the very few places that has snow, i.e. Canberra near the Snowy Mountains. Checking it out today!

  16. GrrannyH1 says:

    I use a teflon oven liner that I bought at Walmart. It is not expensive, it is easy to tape in place, and it works well.

  17. Christie Ross says:

    I had to go out and buy 3 of them since I'm in Ca I ordered them on eBay. I love people who think outside the box. Thanks

  18. Gee Thompkins says:

    What a great idea!

  19. Diana Compton says:

    What a great idea!

  20. Maria Nyce says:

    Thank you Laura!!!!

  21. Willow says:

    Great idea. I would have loved to see you demonstrate it though. I'm a hand quilter and don't know much about machine quilting so I would have loved to see it demonstrated just for curiosity's sake. Thank you for this information. I always enjoy your videos.

  22. Alice the Gmaw says:

    Thanks for the link to find them. This will make quilting much easier.

  23. Nopterator says:

    Brilliant idea and soooooo much cheaper than those Supreme Sliders. Thanks, Laura!!

  24. Elizabeth Vallely says:

    Awesome idea thank you for Sharing it!!

  25. Annie Boulton says:

    Great idea Laura. Thanks for the tip xx

  26. Kath Avalon says:

    Wish I could find them here in England!

  27. Debra Levesque says:

    Now that is what you call 'thinking outside the box'. Great use of the imagination to come up with something so useful.

  28. 1savd Soul says:

    Could you use Vinyl from Joannes as well? Or is it not as slick? TFS

  29. Catwomanmn says:

    After quilting a medium sized quilt I was getting so frustrated at the material dragging. This is a wonderful, inexpensive idea! Fortunately I live in a snow state and the winter stuff is arriving! I will definitely give this a try. Thank you for the tip!

  30. (gift) Laura Crawford says:

    Thanks Laura!

  31. Gayle Ayres says:

    Great Idea!!!

  32. Dorinne Gelmich says:

    Good idea

  33. Maureen Mate says:

    Genius idea! Thank you so much!

  34. HRHDMKYT says:

    Ooooh! I'm a beginner quilter and have only quilted two bed-sized quilts on my domestic machine thus far, but had a lot of trouble with the fact they didn't slide easily… but those teflon sheets they sell for this purpose are SO expensive (and too small), I've put off buying one. This is a MUCH better solution: larger surface coverage and way less expensive. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled at Canadian Tire and/or WalMart Canada when they start selling toboggans this winter. THANK YOU for the wonderful idea and tutorial video, Laura! ~Diana from Toronto

  35. Jennifer LeBlanc says:

    This is an awesome idea but what are you cutting the "crazy carpet" with? P. S. I was able to pick up a crazy carpet from Canadian Tire this week.

  36. Valerie Lui says:

    Great idea!

  37. Phillippa Kirkman says:

    For anyone in Australia, BCF has them available online, for $1.00. Postage however is $13.95. Cheaper if you get a group together.

  38. Becky S says:

    a wonderful idea………..i think i would put them long way so that i could tape top and bottom and not have the conne©tion at the back of the machine with that little curve of the matts comimg togher right at thethe coming off the baĉk of machine LOL im just thinking outloud thanks for the great ideas änd video

  39. Susie Annei says:

    Ingenious Laura!

  40. Tanya Thomas says:

    Oh my goodness.  You are amazing!!!  I live in the desert so know NOTHING about Snow Carpet.  Could you please tell me where I could buy it?

  41. Tomib says:

    It's like a giant supreme slider BUT much bigger and MUCH cheaper. Thanx

  42. Bonnie Brannon says:

    Brilliant! Thank you.

  43. Mary Ann Sherry says:


  44. Jami B says:

    thank you, I have been using a slippery plastic sheet that I found on a food rack, and it is getting old. I have been trying to find another inexpensive, durable, mat to replace it. You answered that dilemma. Awesome.

  45. Marta A. Masotti says:

    Superb idea!!!! Thank you always for your great tips and videos!!

  46. Lisa Keseloff says:

    Cool, thanks for the info. I'm going to use this one!

  47. Denise Lawrence says:

    Wow what a great idea!

  48. shellyslioneyes says:

    Mississippi Quilt: That's a GREAT IDEA but yes I could change bobbin underneath but what about bobbin thread and top thread? I guess I'd have to make hole bigger &/or be very careful to make sure I leave both threads long enough that they don't ever accidentally get sucked down the hole!! Lol. I have a Singer Athena Curvey 2009. I wish I had a really nice machine ike you do ma'am but my mom bought herself this one brand new yrs ago and never used it. Sadly she went blind from an aneurysm so now I have her old…but still…her brand new machine. Lol. I've only done "tie quilts" and while some were very intricate on the top… I've yet to actually "quilt" any on the underside!. Excited to learn. Thanks for a great website!!! You have a new faithful subscribcriber. Any help is welcome. Thanks!!! Shelly

  49. Hilarie Schmalz says:

    I just ordered two from Mills Fleet Farm. $2.99 each and $5.98 shipping to CA (checked Amazon Prime but no free shipping there unfortunately). What a terrific hack, Laura! Thank you SO much!

  50. MAUREEN E Donovan says:

    Thank you so much. I great idea that I will use starting immediately.

  51. bug wilson says:

    Great idea but a demonstration using an actual quilt would have really brought the concept to life.

  52. Koojiebear says:

    LOL! Not so crazy – inventive! 😀 Have just sent off for a couple – I noticed someone in the recommendations had bought them for quilting purposes – now I wonder where she got that idea. Sadly we don't seem to have the multiple varieties over here – I guess we don't get as much snow as you! Thanks Laura.

  53. Ann Vallandingham says:

    you are so creative. I love watching you video's and I am glad I subscribed

  54. Deb Metheral says:

    I just went out and bought one at the Dollar Rama for 3 bucks I will try it and if it works good down the rd I will buy a queen supreme slider.

  55. Valentina S says:

    интересно, а как удержится этот коврик на поверхности машинки? он ведь тоже будет скользить ? надо бы как то укрепит его ?

  56. MECA Upholstery Tips says:

    Nice idea I gonna make once for my sewing machine i do cars interior

  57. Jackie Tucker says:

    Got one for Christmas, hope to try it out very soon.

  58. Laurie Huber says:

    ty so much for this practical tip, on a tight budget this tip will save me many hours of frustration.

  59. menofairy says:


  60. NayNay says:


  61. Leslie Kirby says:

    This looks like a keeper, any chance you would demo it while quilting?

  62. Daren Brandts says:

    Looks like a slick idea. I do wish you would show yourself actually quilting with it so we can see how it works. I rather not track down snow quilts, here in sun/beach world, then find it’s not for me. Again, thanks for sharing your ingenuity. Snow pads, that is.😊

  63. Daren Brandts says:

    Oops, snow pads, that is.😊

  64. Karen Barnes says:

    Great idea I'm gonna do it!!!

  65. Amanda DeVore says:

    Canadians call em crazy carpets 🙂

  66. dyscea says:

    Nice. Kind of a good halfway solution to embedding a machine into a table or having a massiave quilt table built around the machine. Thank you.

  67. DeloresCostello says:

    I would have loved to see a demonstration, sewing a quilt on the Snow Carpets.

  68. marilyn gandhi says:

    I will have to go to amazon because no one has heard of them in Australia 🙂 You tube is definitely the place to learn stuff 🙂 <3

  69. Marny5580 says:

    How about adding on a view of how you actually sew that quilt on that magic carpet? My eyesight is better than my imagination, even at 80 yo. I'm thinking about this method for use with a Singer FeatherWeight.

  70. darby darbys mom says:

    May I ask what kind of tape you used to hold the two sleds together on the back of them?

  71. Sandra Hilton says:

    Oh my, I just managed to buy the last one on!! The quilting sliders over here are VERY expensive and I really couldn't afford one of those. I don't care what colour it is, I just want to learn free motion quilting. Thank you so much.

  72. Margaret Kelzach says:

    I Bought two but only needed one, I now have gift. I used it to quilt a double bed on my 1090 Bernina worked like a charm.

  73. John M. Scott says:

    $3.99 at Value City.

  74. Jackie Tucker says:

    Finally tried the one I got at Christmas time. WORKS just like you say. I actually cut my 54" one into 3 different sizes to fit 3 of my machines. Pretty good info and way cheap too.

  75. quilt stamper says:

    Tried the snow mat. It didn’t work as well as the super slider. Great idea and great price, but didn’t work as well

  76. Mildred Hare says:

    what model of Bernina do you use?

  77. Connie Keen says:

    What a pain in the butt idea.

  78. 5D41 K says:

    In my day we called it a tabbagan.

  79. Afinogilvy says:

    I have a very odd problem when I use my blue snow carpet while quilting. Without the slider my machine sews fine. When I add the slider, without changing anything else, my machine skips stitches. It doesn't matter if I go fast or slow….it still skips with the slider in place. Any suggestions?

  80. Vanessa Odom Machen says:

    Thanks, Laura; just order one of the snow sleds. Hope it works.

  81. Susan Cales says:

    Love this tip

  82. Debra Campbell says:

    I just used your wonderful idea on my sewing table, but rather than clamps I opted to use DAP BLUESTIK Reusable Adhesive Putty. Clamps seem to get in the way when I try to use them. The reusable putty holds things firmly in place and yet will not mar my table surface when I remove it. Thought this tip might be useful for others.

  83. Marie Dillon says:

    brilliant 😀☘

  84. Romi W says:

    This is awesome!!! Thanks😀💖

  85. Love Music says:

    Found this by accident … and it's exactly what I've been searching for. No way I can afford or want to spend as much money as the brand name one costs. Thank you.

  86. Dannie N says:

    Great idea. Thanks!

  87. Victoria Martin says:

    Would silicone spray help along with it?

  88. 1tinac says:

    Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

  89. Victoria Martin says:

    ❤️I really appreciate your tutorials. Can’t wait to try snow carpets. Got mine last week, pinning a queen size today. Another confidence builder! ❤️

  90. Dori Addiss says:

    I just LOVE how Laura uses other items as sewing and quilting tools! Great way to think out of the box!!!! Keep finding new tools for us to use, please!

  91. Debbe says:

    I found since I live near the gulf.I went to Bed Bath & Beyond bought an oven liner made of teflon and I cut a hole for the needle and it works.Much cheaper than Supreme Sliders.

  92. Val Wood says:

    Thank you!

  93. Barbara Bury says:

    Ohhh, I was looking at these in the garage and thinking I should donate these…..good thing I didn't !! Love watching your videos Laura, I ALWAYS learn something new !!

  94. Gloria Gullatte says:

    This will work best if your machine is sunk so that the machine bed is level with the table like in the video. I'd like to see this adapted for a machine(like mine) where the machine sits on top of the table and the machine bed is 3 1/2 inches above the table surface. I'll work on it.

  95. Sunflower Baby says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. I'm from Miami & have never ever even heard of a crazy carpet. I'm going to definitely find one & get it. I have a original Supreme Slider but it's small. I remember speaking to the designer saying it would be great it it was larger. She said it was not necessary. In time because of customer requests she did make a larger one. Too much $$. I hope this works! Thanks!

  96. cathy Gosack says:

    Your videos are so informative I love it Laura, I am ordering two.

  97. Tammy Adams says:

    I know you've already heard this but Laura, you are a Genius!!! I just received my sled mat this afternoon and already have it up and free motion quilting. It is such a bargain at $7 and some change. It is huge & so slick. I refused to buy the Super Slider as it is so over priced it's not funny. Anyway, thank you so very much!!! 🙂

  98. Carmen Pohl says:

    Crazy people have often the cleverest ideas. Love it 👍🏻👏🏻😍

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