How to Use a Tile Saw : How to Make Toilet Cuts with a Tile Saw
How to Use a Tile Saw : How to Make Toilet Cuts with a Tile Saw

Hi, this is Brian Carter on behalf of
I have 10 years of ceramic tile installation experience. Today I am going to show you how
to make a toilet cut. This is a fun cut, the toilet cut. It sounds fun, doesn’t it? What
we are going to do is we are going to cut straight lines. We can do this because the
toilet is going to cover around greater part of this area. So we are just going to cut
straight lines through to sections of the line there and we will do that right now.
Hold it up on these cuts, this type of interior cuts always like to have a 90 degree cut to
the surface of the cut, or even greater than 90 degree. I think that’s what we’re seeing
probably here. I would not know because I cannot see the camera angle, because I am
cutting tile, not sitting in a studio overdubbing. Okay we have done that now so we are just
going to break these bigger pieces off. Take it nice and easy. See that? It just breaks
right to the corners. Remember we can do all this because all this is going to be covered
by an inch or two. Now I am just going to take a dry blade make some rough cuts. Go
slow with this thing, don’t go too fast. It will heat up and pop right off. Remember
we can do this because it is going to be covered. I use two hands on this one. Okay. Alright.
For what this is being used for, this is good. It’s kind of rough, but remember where it
is going, and it is good enough for there.

31 thoughts on “How to Use a Tile Saw : How to Make Toilet Cuts with a Tile Saw”

  1. jocky102 says:

    if the toilet is going to be ontop of the tile why bother cutting it?? you ran your finger over the tile where the tolet will sit, it looks to me as if the tile is under the base so why bother cutting???

  2. indiejonez says:

    For the waste outlet I guess

  3. jocky102 says:

    thats some waste pipe hole, must be for a texan toilet, cuz we know those good ole boys like things bigger, maybe they shits are the size of torpedos

  4. 907441 says:

    Yeap! I so agree with you on this one.

  5. bluecobalt27 says:

    That's so clever! I didn't think of cutting lines at an angle like that to get the curve.

    I would probably have tried using a manual tile saw but that would have taken an age, lol.

  6. jocky102 says:

    sloppy work can he not cut a hole in a tile??? he is right though… "kinda rough, but remember where its going" that doesnt mean because its covered by the shitter it has to be shit, its the bits you cant see that let you know if the person cares (or knows what he is doing), its attention to detail

  7. jocky102 says:

    i know what im talking about, its called attention to detail, you can buy hole cutters they cut perfect holes from 6mm- 125mm, idiots and tiler DIY'ERS use angle grinders, you obviously have no idea or just finished a apprenticeship and think because you have just completed one you are experienced and know everything, you my friend have NO idea, again let me type it for you, ITS CALLED ATTENTION TO DETAIL, IT MAY BE HIDDEN BUT ITS CALLED EXPERIENCE.

  8. jocky102 says:

    industry standard???? you mean substandard……got to love the American standards

  9. jocky102 says:

    you can't cut a hole in the tile and get the same function out of it. I will give you 1 million dollars for the machine that cuts a perfect circle in a tile that drops over the drain flange and then magically contracts to go under the flange. you obviously have no idea what your talking about ………… the flanges are wax right in America? how about drill a perfect hole then put a new flange on?? to much work for you is it???? i guess this is the difference between a professional and a diy'er

  10. reason285 says:

    You take this way to serious man. It is a tile that will be covered by a toilet, never to be seen by anyone except the person who installs it. Get a life dude. I would hate to work with someone like you. Wah wah it called attention to detail, wah wah!!!! LOL, you must really hate your life. I fell sorry for any women that crosses your path!!!

  11. jocky102 says:

    its called pride, its the attention to Detail that is the difference between a good tiler and a shit tiler, working with me is hard, all my apprentices work hard but will thank me when its over because i have taught them not to be sloppy and do shit that is hidden, 6 months down the line they might want a new toilet, take that one out and look at a messy as fuck tile, when you see bad workmanship that is hidden it makes you think what else have they hidden, what else do they cut corners on.

  12. reason285 says:

    I agree with you bro. By the way I was only busting your balls a little. I know how frustrating it can be to watch someone do sloppy work, but at the same time I do not think it is necessary to waste time getting something absolutely perfect, if it is hidden. Just because it is hidden, does not give you permission to make it a sloppy mess, but it does give you a little freedom to do it quickly and not so accurately. That's all am saying.

  13. usaearthling says:

    I am satisfied with the way it was done in the video, it is hidden and the only one that will see it's imperfection is shit and shitholes.

  14. JonnyboyUK2 says:

    Benny from Crossroads

  15. jocky102 says:

    you would be surprised people do a 1 week course and call themselves professional tilers, so a video might get them thinking that too

  16. bobski1976 says:

    i take it this is for a toilet that has the connection going through tthe bottom?

    other wise i woudlnt know any other time that the toilet being so solid it isnt removable with out would want to do this personally i remove tolets and sinks before tiling and replace on to a full tile.

  17. prolodyne says:

    Oo miss Diane! 😉

  18. Drennan3 says:

    10 years , 10 ….man I've been doing tile for about 5 years , and from the beginning….we just use a grinder , and the cuts look perfect , hidden or not …come to Ottawa , I'll learn ya .

  19. Adam Kelly says:

    Are you kidding? That took forever! Mark the back and cut from underneath…

  20. earthbound says:

    So many haters. If everyone did it the same this world would not be interesting. Love your neighbor and don't compete with how much you think you know. The day you realize you don't know much is the day you start learning about love and reality.

  21. kunjidee says:

    Im surprised he didn't cut his fingers off with his hand so close to the table saw while he was using the hand held drill….then maybe we could have seen the how to dial 911 and go to the hospital to get my fingers sewn back on video too!!!! hehehe

  22. kunjidee says:

    that looked like really sloppy work…you can get a precise cut with a grinder and diamond edge blade.

  23. Paul Nelson says:

    Why are expert village videos always bad?

  24. Jdm Josh says:

    I tile for a living. Ridid 10" wet saw and a grinder.

    This video is embarrassing. Sloppy cuts, waving his tile around making a mess, no precision or skill.

    Videos like this make people think doing skilled work takes no skill at all.

    It's a wonder this guy makes a living.

    They should put all these so-called village experts in the same village together and build a big wall around it.

  25. Christopher Ball says:

    why cut any if the toilet is gonna sit over most of the cut???

  26. Musik Fiend says:

    @JDMjoshua Get over yourself! It's not that difficult if you have half a brain a just a little bit of motivation… I bet you're the type of guy that charges way too much for a job that only costs half of your price. I'm glad that they're showing people how to do it so we don't have to pay you.


    This guys not a 10year expert, he is a 10 year gopher. "Hey gopher bring me a toilet cut and please try to make it curved"

  28. Stephen Smith says:

    @JDMjoshua Can you link your video on the correct way please.

  29. R Riches says:

    Some of you clowns are unbelievable. I'm a licensed contractor myself, and what he did was perfectly acceptable. Its a cut that sits under a toilet. I might have used tile nippers to clean up the cuts but that personal preference. Make your own videos and stop bitching about other peoples and pretending you know what you're doing, you're embarrassing yourselves. Get a life.

  30. Alex Blake says:

    How did you measure the curve

  31. Mike Girard says:

    I don't see the point of this if you're finishing up with a grinder anyway. I'm trying to find out how to do it with a wet saw alone.

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