How to Use Blender’s New “Ultimate” Shader: The Principled BSDF
How to Use Blender’s New “Ultimate” Shader: The Principled BSDF

100 thoughts on “How to Use Blender’s New “Ultimate” Shader: The Principled BSDF”

  1. QB Mac says:

    "I had to Google a lot of balls"
    -Andrew, 2017

  2. Dogmalogy says:

    awesome, thank you.

  3. Sovereign Media says:

    This was AMAZING! Blender Guru taught me to be a VFX artist 🙏🏽💯

  4. Rapi Nugraha says:

    Thx its helpfull

  5. Paul Moffat says:

    Absolutely incredible introduction to the Principled Shader. You are an awesome teacher, you explain things clearly and your use of photos/diagrams and practical examples really reinforces the point you are trying to get getting across. If you provided a full Blender course online I'd definitely buy it. Much respect mate.

  6. Ractor Jones says:

    I got to blender at the right time

  7. Helio Lago Jr. says:

    Hey Andrew! I am tottaly nowbie at Blender. Should I start learning the 2.80 version instead the 2.79?

  8. Kings Slayer says:

    Thank you

  9. Ernesto Mangiacavalli says:

    You are a real guru in blender. Best reference on u tube

  10. MrAkurvaeletbe says:

    But does it mix?!

  11. Istvan Fazakas says:

    I saw 2 workflow options on your site. What is the difference between metallness and specular workflow?

  12. trans pp says:

    i cant understand ditail. metalness=gloss? roughness=reflection?

  13. Cross Farm says:

    How come when i do the "Smooth Shade" option after pressing "W" , my Suzanne is way more polygonal than his. Do i have to subdivide as soon as i create the object or something then when i do the smooth shading option it has more vertices to curve? btw I am on 2.8 Beta as of Feb 2019 so im assuming this may have been changed to be more polygonal when adding the Suzanne Mesh object?

  14. Cross Farm says:

    8:49 So I'm trying to understand, Fresnel is essentially a pure white line that covers the perimeter of the object? The Roughness will essentially determine the thickness of that line in relation to the observer? Or is Fresnel the concentrated light at certain portions of the perimeter? for example, in that bowling ball like object, I see essentially no reflection at the bottom portion of the ball. Is there Fresnel there and I just cant see it? or is the Fresnel primarily occurring at the top near the light source?

  15. Ward de jager says:

    Hmm , I don't get it
    You say a metarial is either 100 % metal or not ..there is no inbetween
    Then why have the majority of metalness maps , some grayscale values ?

  16. Dorsey Jackson says:

    Everything just stays grey in my viewport. Need help.

  17. Rob Killam says:

    In playing along at home, I noticed that in turning all the image textures to "non-color data," I still have some splotches of color. Mind you, I trekked out on my own a little and used a different texture from Poliigon ( There wasn't a "metalness" map or anything like that, so I had to wing it a little.

    So, yeah. Splotches of brown rust are still showing up on my unwrapped plane. Can someone tell me why?

  18. Sandy Watson says:

    thanks for a very understandable tutorial, it has clarified a lot of things i was unsure of!

  19. Dean Van Greunen says:

    make more cool specific vidz like this andrew and i will stop pausing your videos and saving screenshots xD

  20. TheCuriousHobbyist says:

    29:20 Because it makes it easier to mix things by turning the transmission down a bit instead of feeding a separate shader through a mix shader… maybe?? Again, they're trying to make it easier. And to make a material like that, you would have needed not only Diffuse and Glossy fed into a Mix shader, but also Fresnel (which a fresnel node could do), proper roughness, and you would have to take that and now mix in a glass shader to it using yet another Mix shader, whereas instead of adding/linking a bunch of nodes, this makes it a nice stack where you can turn things down.

  21. Moistenator says:

    This guy is a master of his own art

  22. c2aus says:

    the clear-coat I think it does exactly what the name is. On car pain is the clear-coat above the paint which gives the glossiness. Amazing. Finding this video after going with your old shader setup is a bliss hahahahaha

  23. -- says:

    증말 개꿀이에요.//

  24. emperormiester says:

    Where can we get that cool helmet thing ???? i wanna use it !

  25. Elbereth de Lioncourt Sparrow says:

    Thank you soooooooo much. And you talk very well, subtitles are perfect for french translation. Thanks a lot really. I love you 🙂

  26. Edo says:

    top notch as always

  27. Rendahedron says:

    I never knew this was new. I normally use this if i wanna make a material for something like a mug

  28. Joey Thomas says:

    Thank you. Extremely helpful

  29. Micheal Donnellan says:

    What is your default lighting setup, mine is way darker on startup compared you yours.

  30. OREST HALCHAK says:

    Tell me please … and if there is a paint on iron it is a material of iron? Maybe a silly question) but still …

  31. Paul Carkhuff says:

    My test revealed the glass shader to be 11min vs principled @16. 32 glass spheres takes a while to calculate but any less than 8 on the light paths transmission value doesn't look right, but greatly affects render time. 03/26/2019

  32. Dubsmash director says:

    thanks andrew bro…. i can do anything now using Blender…..

    i use Blender, 3ds max…. but my favourite is blender…..

    i learned blender from you 2 years ago

  33. R M says:

    I want to make a vulcan mind meld with you…I need your blender knowledge

  34. Aaron Stoner says:

    It just works.

  35. Music 22 says:

    thank you very much for dis tutorial…

  36. D:4 Berlin says:

    Hey Andrew, how would i recreate the puddles of water on concrete tutorial in the principled shader ?

  37. Punk Punkson says:

    Thanks very much

  38. difquin says:

    Wonderful. My understanding of materials is SO much better after this.

  39. CMDR lJITimate says:

    Most poliigon materials that I've seen have gloss maps not roughness, pls fix that or tell us how to convert the gloss to roughness

  40. Jean Michel Zié says:

    This is an awesome and clear video tutorial about the principal bsdf shader. If i could add another like i would do it. Thanks a lot and be blessed:)

  41. Nick Tumi says:

    Can you update this for 2.8? I'm not able to get the same results.

  42. Mike Brouwer says:

    Don't worry babe, I will use proper roughness this time.

  43. Kasey Dutton says:

    Where were you when superman needed to get rid of his mustache? 🥴🤣

  44. Jeremy Botto says:

    Can you post info on how to decrease the map intensity of the surface objects (dirt, grime) in specific regions on the mesh? For example, only having the dirt and normals on the monkey's ear, but keeping the underlying colors on the mesh as a whole? Maybe with decreased surface objects?

  45. Vladislav Korobov says:

    btw in 95% cases metals would oxydise on the surface so it wouldn't be 100% metal shader

  46. Patrick Aherne says:

    Was doing the free trial for Maya then switched to Blender because your videos are the only helpful ones I could find.

  47. Loic Sen says:

    I love your tutorials! The best!!! 💗💗💗 thank you =)

  48. Caleb says:

    Metal is not 100% gloss. There is some transmission through all metals.
    Proof: Can you see through very, very thin sheets of metal?

  49. Bonnie Bowley says:

    hey there! Thanks you for all of your amazing tutorials. Would you ever make a tutorial on how to make realistic skin? Including how to make all the different maps from scratch? That would be so cool x

  50. Evan Escobar says:


  51. Mathew Samuel says:

    Great video. I've been watching these to transition from Cinema 4D. I use C4D with Arnold at work, but for my personal stuff it's a bit expensive. Blender 2.8 seems to have gotten really good.

  52. Stef Chasseloup says:

    you will have to add shortcuts where to open those shaders boxes etc… because when you start on blender you don´t know where to find them… in your videos I just see tool boxes opening but you don´t know "how"

  53. StrangeLove says:

    22:53 I'm not really sure what you did here, happened really fast and didn't see a key combo, how did you fill out the rectangle with the circle?
    Nvm: The key combo is Shfit + E to fill the boundaries

  54. Death Strike Gaming says:

    So been looking around and trying to figure out where I would input an AO and Gloss map for the Principled, Im modding for a game and everyone just throws it out but don't explain for people who would want to use it for the game engine

  55. Daniel Rico says:

    That marvelous thing just does not work for my Blender 2.8 which was downloaded in 2019. I cannot get optics and glass is flat opaque in Eevee, even Blend mode Additive does nothing but turning the object into a white ghosting thing.

  56. MiSta BlackJack says:

    I was just gonna recreate you PBR node setup when I stumbled upon this. What a gift! Thank you for explaining it all so detailed!

  57. pixun says:

    Amazing tutorial! Love it!

  58. Progje says:

    didn't know there were dumb shaders xD

  59. Progje says:

    Hi Andrew, i have a question, when i animate an textured object and upload it to oculus home, the texture becomes like a default white/grey checkered texture while i didn't put that texture on it, i have put a texture on which i created in substance painter. In Blender it looks good but in Oculus home it doesn't look good anymore. Maybe we can find an solution to this or maybe it's an oculus bug…. Let me know,,, thanks in advanced.

  60. YAPAYZEKA says:

    ultimate tutorial for an ultimate shader. thank you

  61. John Jenkins says:

    Just discovering your range of tutorials. Brilliant. descriptive, informative, useful and some of the finest i've watched. Great work mate.

  62. Drib bler says:

    I am really new to Blender but when I follow the node setup at the end the Metalness does not apply a "metallic" look to a standard cube that I am using any ideas why ? I think its something to do with how he has the lighting setup on the head but im not sure. I am following using Blender 2.8

  63. Hiếu Trần says:

    Hello Mr.Guru, where can we put the glossy map and reflect map?, pls help me

  64. RoboB3ar says:

    if we live in a simulation, why would anyone bother simulating fresnell on everything, as we can't tell what's real and what's not, so might as well go with straight up glossy – proof we are not living in matrix is fresnel 🙂

  65. Mathew Walsh says:

    Where would you use a "Gloss" and "Reflection" image from Polligon?

  66. Unknown Unknown says:

    If you can't find the Principle BDSF download the latest version of Blender your welcome

  67. Ali Saad says:

    i am new in blender,,in keyshot i press on c letter on keyboard to see the texture map only on the model,,,so what present that in blender shader???sorry guys for my bad English(u can find what i mean here 33:37)

  68. Busão Galático says:

    If i make a plane and use shadow catcher, using roughness with the principled shader, i will have a reflex catcher?

  69. Daniel Holder says:

    how in the actual fuck do you even do the first 3 seconds of the video, this motherfucker is houdini. WHAT FUCKING KEYS DID U PRESSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  70. 8BitAsh3s says:

    if you want your suzanne head to be smooth, right click then do "shade smooth" , then go to Modifiers panel on the right, and "Add Modifier" , click "subdivision surface" and then apply.

  71. Harrison Goodloe says:

    Awesome tutorial! Thanks.

  72. ZALGO says:

    Does this inutilizes your "How to Make Photorealistic PBR Materials" videos?

  73. George Tsiros says:

    this shader is PRINCIPLED. It brushes its teeth each morning, greets people with a smile and does the dishes after eating.

  74. Yash Pal Goyal says:

    10:00 the footnote was exactly what I was thinking at the moment.

  75. Ogat Ramastef says:

    Amazing! Thanks for the tutorial!

  76. Piersilvio Longo says:

    all the textures I found until now are for normal texturing, e.g. diffuse,occl,spec,… I couldn't find anything with metallic, roughness and the ones you used in the video (except the normal map)… are they equivalent? I can use them also here correctly reallocated?

  77. カランコエブログ says:


  78. Ronan VD says:

    Thank you so much for the class! I learned a lot in this half hour. Greetings from Brazil.

  79. Ethan Hart says:

    i love how happy you are when you first say it

  80. Женька и Конь says:

    What a great video! It was very clear and informative! More of these, please (and thanks a lot for your work).

  81. Judah Mwania says:

    ew 2.8 looks way better haha i'm already too used to it

  82. Ogat Ramastef says:

    wow! what isyour gpu? I gos from 0 to 500 samples in seconds!

  83. EggyRepublic says:

    It's been 2 years and for some reason I never noticed it.

  84. Mark Harrington says:

    Hi Lovely tutorials Ive been following yours for quite some time Ive hit a slight problem and despite following instructions I cant seem to get the viewer node to display and am slightly confused with this Could you possibly advise as to how this is done and in what mode you should be i.e Blender Render or cycles render , I read up on the manual which mentions ctrl , shift and LMBC but to no avail I'm sure a very brief simple explanation is probably the answer and us usual so simple I cant see the answer

    Often the way

    Thanking you Mark

  85. Bmovie review says:

    But what if it is vampire and has no reflection? lol

  86. Sérgio Magalhães says:

    Clearcoat is like a varnish right?

  87. Khamkhor says:

    The Blender shader was like a ghost to me but the way you broke it down, it is a golden fish now 😉 it was the best full detailed tut on the topic. I wish you all the best. Please do not stop teaching us. Thank you very much

  88. Jim Bridger says:

    martian earth, huh?

  89. Jay Pereira says:

    Hey Andrew, honestly this is one of the best instructional videos I've seen in a long time. I've just got into rendering with nodes to add to my skill set and I believe this has saved me a tonne off time on my learning curve. Thank you!

  90. HarlockGlitch says:

    32:51 It does shine indeed. lmao

  91. Adrian Vindedal says:

    This in 0.75% speed is great. Thank me later.

  92. Lord Farquaad says:

    Why do I watch this, I dont even have blender but by god, I love this

  93. Antoni Gawlikowski says:

    Great Video! Quick question though – does anyone know the name of the font used for the title ("The Principled Shader" 1:29)? Would be really grateful if someone could help me out with this! Thx in advance!

  94. Cristalskulle says:

    God damn that was interesting, great video as ALWAYS^^

  95. Eduard Shalumov says:

    Thank you for amazing tutorial! You saved a lot of my time!

  96. CatzlOX says:

    Blender guru is both funny and helpful

    That good

  97. Тимур says:

    Awesome info! Thank you!

  98. LadyKassAMV says:

    Le Fresnel.

  99. LadyKassAMV says:

    Omelette du Fromage!

  100. Hossam Ismail says:

    Actually multi-scatter matters a lot when it comes to see-through objects such as glass

    Read this QA on Stack:

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