How to Utilize Fabric for Wall Hangings : How to Stretch Fabric for Wall Hangings
How to Utilize Fabric for Wall Hangings : How to Stretch Fabric for Wall Hangings

DAVID A. CLEMEN: Okay, welcome back. Now that
we have our panel together, we’ve already built our frame. We’ve pressed it. We are
now ready to stretch the fabric over the actual frame. So, I’m going to lay the fabric on
the table. I’m going to slide the frame out, okay? And then I’m just going to set the frame
on top of it and see, by our measurements, we actually have plenty of fabric. And these
less-than-expensive cottons are actually going to stretch a little bit once you get it on
here. And so, I’m just going to kind of center it by eye, and this looks how I want my stripes
on this piece. So, I actually can slide this down because I’m not going to need all these
extra fabric. I just cut it the width of the factory edge, so I can come over here and
I got enough to cover there, this will cover there, and this will cover there. So, on this
end, I’m just going to cut, trim this off, and the scrap that I’m going to have actually
I could use for something else or I can just use and just toss it, [SOUNDS LIKE] but I’ll
set that aside now. You want to use a smaller staple; I didn’t mention that in the supplies,
but you want to use like a really small staple for the staple gun. This actually, I believe,
is a 3/8 but anyway. So basically, I usually start on the center, on the side, okay? And
then I’ll just do one staple. Move your finger all the way; you don’t want to staple that,
okay? Then the way that you stretch is you’re going to the opposite side, now that I have
this one here, and it is better if you have a bigger table where you can just kind of
spin it, but we’ll work with what we got. And get back to flat. Okay. Then, I want to
pull this tight up against there. Let’s get this out of the way. And then, once I get
this, it’s where now I had enough, and I got this one already started. Okay. And I want
to take and pull this side tight, and you’ll see it’s puckering there, but as we go along,
that will get worked out. So, I’m just going to do the center here and then I’m just gonna,
instead of lifting it, I’m going to spin it. And I’m going to pull this. I’m going to go
in the end and get the center here. And then, I’m going to spin it around and get the end
here. And see, now that I’ve got three there and I pulled this one, this one is starting
to tighten here. And so, this is the beginning of stretching the frame.

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