How to Vacuum a Carpet, Rug & Shag Rug! (Clean My Space)
How to Vacuum a Carpet, Rug & Shag Rug! (Clean My Space)

If you don’t know this about me already,
I am gonna make it crystal clear for you. I do not like vacuuming. However, as an
allergy sufferer, a pet owner and of course, a hater of dust, vacuuming is
necessary. So today I’m gonna give you a little edumacation on how to vacuum a
carpet, how to vacuum a rug and a shag rug. So in less than, I don’t know, seven
minutes, you’re gonna be able to dance circles around your Mom, your local vacuum
salesperson or that know-it-all neat freak that drives you crazy. Let’s talk about why you have to vacuum.
Carpets are like sponges. They absorb everything. From crumbs, to debris, to pet
hair and dander, old snacks, fingernails, you name it. And it is our duty as humans
to vacuum our carpets and keep our homes healthy. But what if you have hard floors? Well,
you still need one. Brooms are nice. But vacuums rule. Pushing and sweeping dust
around just kicks it up into the air, like what you do when you’re sweeping. So while
you might not see that dust for a day or two, it will actually resettle in no time
onto surfaces that you have already dusted. So the idea with vacuuming is, it actually
removes dust from your environment and stops the cycle of it being kicked around.
I don’t care if you have hard floors or carpets, if you don’t like dust, you need
a vacuum. All right. It is time to get vacuuming. Let’s kick things off by covering how to
vacuum your carpet. Here’s what you need to do. Ensure your bag or canister is
empty and ready to go. Pick up any large pieces of debris, or toys, or anything
else that’s on the carpet that you don’t want getting sucked up in your vacuum.
Move any furniture that you can. Select the right attachment for the job.
Now most vacuums these days come with a variety of tools and it’s your job to know
which ones to use. So check your manual really quickly. But just to give you a
quick overview, this is typically what you’re going to see for a carpet vacuum.
It’s got what’s called a power head, or a beater bar, which helps dig up all of that
gunk in your carpets. The other thing that you might want to use is this little
detail tool. Also know as a crevice tool because that will help you get right into
the edge where the carpet meets the baseboard. We have a video that goes into
all of the finer details about your vacuum and its attachments, so I’ll link that for
you down below. Now a quick reminder here. You’ll want to
make sure you’re using the power head or the beater bar if your vacuum has one
because that helps brush things like dust and hair out of the carpet. And that’s
what you want to accomplish when you’re vacuuming. Find the outlet closest to the
exit point of the room and plug your vacuum in there. Now, start at the
opposite corner of the exit point of the room to make sure you don’t vacuum
yourself into a corner. To get those beautiful cut lines, you’re
going to do what I call the W pattern. Which basically means you’re going to walk
that vacuum up in a straight line and then you’ll pull it back down on an angle. And
then you’ll go up on a straight line and pull it back down on an angle. There you
go. Beautiful cut lines. What I find easiest when I’m vacuuming a
large space is to work section by section. And if you have furniture that’s in the
way, I know sometimes you guys mentioned that that’s a little bit challenging for
you, just do your best. Sometimes you really can’t get things perfect on the
carpet. And that’s okay. Now let’s talk about vacuuming smaller
rugs. Since rugs can be made from a variety of different materials, you want
to make sure that you check with the manufacturer or the care label on the back
of the rug, to ensure that you’re going to do the right cleaning protocol. And that
will help you pick what tool and what setting to use. Now remember, you want to
clean your rug before you clean the floor beneath it, because you’ll be pushing some
debris around in the process. Now if your rug has something like fringe,
or any tassels, you have to be careful and make sure that you don’t vacuum it.
Because it could get sucked up in the vacuum, which will likely lead to damage.
Now shag rugs are an interesting beast, but I’m gonna show you exactly how it’s
done. Start by flipping your rug over and select the beater bar for this task. Now
use your feet to carefully secure the edges of the rug so that they don’t flip
up. Now, you’ll vacuum the back of the rug because this helps to shake out and loosen
any debris, which of course will fall on the floor below the rug. When that’s done,
roll the rug up and place it aside. Now you’ll vacuum the area underneath,
which has been dumped on. Once clean, unroll the rug, facing right side up into
its rightful place and use a small brush attachment to vacuum up any visible
debris. This brush is okay to use because it won’t damage most rugs. But of course,
always check in a hidden spot first and review care instructions before vacuuming
anyway. Since you’re always asking in the comments
about the vacuum I am using, and many of you have probably noticed I have a new
one, I will put a bunch of info up on the blog about this vacuum. And maybe one of
the other ones that you’ve seen around here lately. The blog is at I’ve also got a ton more information up there about different
creative ways you can use a vacuum and what all these dang attachments are for.
So be sure to check it out. This weeks comment question is. “What
vacuuming conundrums do you have?” If you let me know in the comments down below, I
can do some sleuth work and see if I can figure it out for you. And if you make any
sexy vacuum cut lines, or W patterns, I would love to see them so please be sure
to tag me on Instagram. I am @melissamaker. The camera operator and
husband is @thechadreynolds. And we are @cleanmyspace. There’s a button down there that lets me
know you care, so click it if you liked this video. And click this button right
here to subscribe and begin your journey to a cleaner life. Thanks so much for
watching and we’ll see you next time. Here we are at that special time where
it’s the end of the video and I get to throw you to two other videos I think
you’re gonna love. The first one is five vacuuming tips. This is basically gonna
teach you how to vacuum. And the second one, is a vacuum tour. And only Melissa
Maker would ever be able to provide you with a vacuum tour. Now it is a bit of an
older video, but if you are curious as to what I have in terms of vacuum swag,
definitely check that one out. Don’t forget to find us on
which is our website full of tips, tricks, product reviews, our newsletter and all
kinds of other cool things. Anyway guys, I’ll
see you next time.

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