How To Wax Furniture – Tutorial & Tips on Using Wax & Varnish – Part 6 Furniture Painting Course
How To Wax Furniture – Tutorial & Tips on Using Wax & Varnish – Part 6 Furniture Painting Course

Hey There, and welcome to part 6 of this video series. Today I’m going to
show you how to finish these project with our different waxes as well as our
top coat. For our table tops I’m going to show you
how to use our Tough Coat. This is an extremely
high end top coat that will dry very hard. It doesn’t say tacky for a long time
so you can pretty much use it right away.
Although for kitchen tables I
would recommend waiting maybe a week or so before using it. You do not
want to shake this can because by doing so you incorporate bubbles. You just want to take a stir sick and
stir it really well; you want it to be well
mixed together but again need do not want to shake
the can and go to use a large foam brush to
apply the Tough Coat in long strokes. I’m not going to put too
much pressure on the brush as this might make it foamy
and bubbly. Another thing that I’m doing is going in
one direction and I’m keeping a wet edge. The last
thing you want to do is go back over a section that has started to dry
already at this product dries really quickly. If you noticed that you have missed a spot, don’t worry. You are going to go over it again
with a second coat once the first coat has dried. Don’t try
and go back to that area that you’ve missed as you will ruin your finish. It dries very quickly, so in about 45
minutes to an hour I’ll put another coat on. Tough Coat doesn’t stay tacky as lots of other top coats do, so you can use you surfaced more
quickly. Now that our top is finished I’m going to
use antiquing wax to finish the legs and base of our first table. You can apply the antiquing wax directly
over to paint. Simply use the wax brush and apply a layer to your piece. One thing to keep in mind is that the antiquing wax might give off some pigment so it’s best not to use it on a
sitting service of a chair or stool as you obviously don’t want to discolor any
clothing by sitting on it! The, take a cloth and start buffing it until it feels smooth and no longer tacky. The wax takes about
30 days to fully cure but you can start using your piece after
24 hours of drying time. For our other table, we are going to use our
new white wax to give it a subtle whitewashed look. The applications is
the same as the antiquing wax simply brush it on and buff it off with a lint free cloth. That’s it! Our two tables are done! I hope this is inspired you to
start your first or your next project and to try out some different techniques.
Furniture painting really isn’t complicated, I am sure you will
create some stunning pieces! I would love it if you would share your
project with us so go to our Facebook page and post
images of your project on our wall so you can share it with us as
well as our other fans! Don’t forget that we are always happy to
help so if you have any questions about your
project or about our products make sure to get in touch with us as we
are more than happy to answer any questions you may have! Thanks so much
for watching, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you picked up a few things and I can’t wait
to see what pieces you are going to tackle!

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  1. Country Chic Paint says:

    I hope this video was helpful! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we'll help you out! ~ Rosanne

  2. Heloisa Donati Simões says:

    Can we buy it in São Paulo, Brasil?

  3. Lota Love says:

    Hi country chic! What do you guys do to clean your wax brushes? Any special instructions?

  4. braveheart5686 says:

    I'm painting my table blue on the bottoms legs and white on top I'm using folkart chalk paint, I would like to use wax to make it look nicer. I'm not sure of the steps, would my next step after painting bottom (blue) would I apply antique wax and then rub off or do I sand and then apply antique wax?? Also my table top is chalk painted white and I have a satin varnish paint, I tested the color n satin on another piece of wood and the satin varnish made the white look yellowish, not sure why. Help

  5. Regina Voorhees says:

    how do you keep shabby chic furniture easy to clean and dust

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