How to Zendoodle a Tile – Step By Step Zentangle Tutorial

So what in the world is a Zentangle tile,
and how do you go about making one? [music playing] Welcome back to Mr. New’s
Art Class. It’s wonderful to see your smiling faces today! When most people think about Zentangles, they’re
thinking about tiles. A Zentangle tile is a small doodle, typically a square about 3
inches to a side. It usually has a border, a string, and multiple tangles. If any of
those words confused you, go check out my very first video about how to draw a Zentangle,
where I detail all of the Zentangle vocabulary that you’ll ever need. This is the most common
method of making Zentangles, but it is absolutely not the only way. Here is another Zentangle made by a viewer
named Joanna, from the Netherlands. Notice that this doodle is much larger and much more
involved than a simple tile. Although it does have the same elements – a border, string,
and different patterns in different spaces within – this doodle is much more well thought-out
than most tiles. One of the things that sets tiles apart is that they are intended to be
a more free-flowing and unplanned form of art. The first step in making a tile is to make
a border. The typical way of doing this is to make a dot in each corner, and then connect
these dots with strings. Next, we make a string, or an organic line that splits the square
into smaller spaces. And finally, we fill each of those spaces with different patterns. [music playing] If you’re wondering how to make these different
tangles, check out my playlist on how to doodle patterns, where I give detailed step by step
instructions for dozens of them, as well as ideas for how to make up your own! [music playing] If you liked this video, hit the thumbs up
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