How Tony Hale Got Ready For the 2019 Emmys | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows
How Tony Hale Got Ready For the 2019 Emmys | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-You know what Tony said to me before we went on?
“Don´t screw it up. This could be the end of your career.” -“This is your downfall.”
-[ Laughs ] -“This is the black spot in your career.
Everything is going down.” -I don´t want anything like that to happen. How was the morning?
Like, what did you do today to get ready? -What did I do today? I hung out — well, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law are
in town, so we just kind of hung out. I cooked an egg. -One egg?
-Yeah. -Yourself?
-I cooked one egg. And, guys, you have no idea how exciting it is at my house. I cook an egg, I had a glass of water, and I got ready. -It sounds riveting.
-I mean, isn´t it? That´s television!
-[ Laughs ] Is it surreal, knowing that the show´s over? You know, everybody was so deeply, like, moved by what you
guys created. I know you´re a little removed from it, ´cause it´s been
done for a while, but, you know, when you´re here, when you see everybody again, what kind of memories come
back? -It was hard and continues to be hard to say goodbye. Like, we like each other a little too much, and, so, this is
around the time we´d be shooting our season. So I think [chuckles] maybe we´re looking at tonight like
season 8. “Hey, we´re just gonna see each other and laugh.” And I think that´s probably where we´re most excited about
tonight, just to see each other. We just miss each other. -Is it true that your 13-year-old daughter will never see
“Veep”? -Maybe in the 40s. Maybe when she hits her 40s. -40s?
-Yeah. -That´s kind of a long time from now.
-I´ll unlock her TV then. -You´ve been married 16 years.
We were talking before we went on to your beautiful wife. For someone who´s been married five years, a nugget of
wisdom, anything for us guys. We have a lot to learn, man.
-Oh, we do. We have a lot to learn. We had a lot of therapy. We got to therapy a lot. -Therapy´s good, right?
-Oh, I love it. ´Cause the thing is, you both come from different histories,
you both have different expectations, and it´s good to kind of talk about that, and it´s nice to
have a third party navigate it.

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