How We Install Epoxy Countertops
How We Install Epoxy Countertops

the process of installing stone coat
countertops is easy in this video we’re going to show you an island that we
created by doubling up MDF to make it an inch and a half thick the island was a
monstrosity and it had slight overhang so we wanted to double up the MDF to
create rigidity as opposed to putting just a strip on the front perimeter of
our exposed countertop this adds a little bit of thickness and it adds a
little weight but it also makes it not flex on those overhangs this is an
option when installing that you need to know if you’re a pro let’s get started
and show you all the tips and tricks of how easy it is to install right now here
we go it’s time to remove the drips off the bottom side of this finished piece
they’re hard and they’re ready to be sanded I’m gonna use a 50 grit metal
sanding disc this is a great tool of choice also if the resin is still jelly
it’s not hardened but you want to remove those drips with a paint stick or a
trowel that’s no problem to you simply scrape those off about three to four
hours after you’ve poured another good method is Tyvek tape underneath the
bottom edge that’s gonna create a slick surface to peel those hardened drips off
later so you don’t have to babysit your project there’s three distinct ways to
remove drips and this is a great one for new construction because I’ll make a
little bit of dust and it’s not in my finished space after I’m done removing
drips we’re gonna take this and install it in our showroom on the cabinet that
we’ve built from scratch we’re gonna get that set up and we’re gonna show you how
that looks then our next home show we get to show
off this beautiful piece and see what the public thinks but in the comments
below let us know what you think we’ll be getting started right now the first
thing that I’m doing is just removing the tips of the drips that way it
doesn’t skip into my metal piece here that’s just the thing that I’ve done I
get rid of about half the drip where it’s nice and and smooth and I won’t
catch anything and then I come just sanatoria I’m back down
I don’t know remove all evidence of drips just weren’t smooth to the touch
so you can see the difference here’s where I haven’t started and here’s where
I have I’m just gonna stand with 220 grit to remove any roughness and also
address this bottom edge I’m just gonna knock that down a little bit in case
there’s any bumps right here and then when you rub your hand underneath the
countertop it’ll feel really smooth let’s get started ready yep I’m just
gonna use a scrap piece of plywood we’ll make triangles for this countertop
to adhere to it’ll be a simple install and it won’t bounce around while we’re
going down the freeway all right here we go
all right let’s pocket screw these all this is really doing is giving me
backing to screw in from underneath this cabinet and tie into our tops
it’s simple solution for a strong application
okay I’m gonna use pocket screws they have a square drive they also have a
self piloting self drilling tip that’s really sharp and I like the fine thread
when I’m doing hardwood when I’m building cabinets that’s what I’m using
and this would be the same screws that I use to attach this to my cabinet but
when I’m going through this into the actual countertop I’m going to use
coarse thread because when you go into MDF a coarse thread screw it’s gonna
hold a lot better than a fine thread that’s a pro tip when you preload them
into your block just push a little bit and they won’t come out when you’re
trying to screw them in let me grab my square drive here we go this is our template material
if you haven’t seen that video on how we template AddThis island to get a perfect
fit go check that out anytime this template can be rolled up and put in the
back of your trunk Sharpie works great on it and you can glue it together with
fingernail polish remover it’s a slick system for pros to get things done fast
these triangles I’m just setting them slightly below the actual surface of my
face frame I’m just gonna go below so that they’re not proud and creating a
tipping or a high point you wouldn’t believe the amount of strength this adds
to a cabinet too it’s really a good practice okay let’s grab some screws so
that when we’re on site we have the right application to tie this thing
together alright I found some coarse thread pocket screws here’s a coarse
thread and here’s a fine thread and that’s why we use a coarse thread going
into MDF or medium density fiberboard they just hold a lot stronger I like
using my old mixing bucks as travel companions and we’re creating housing
little tools like that that you may have we’re gonna grab a tape measure we’re
actually gonna grab two that way Mitch and I can both measure off this cabinet
when we get it set in place just where we want it so we have an even overhang
all the way around there’s my drill we’re ready to install let’s do this let’s get this thing loaded up we’re
gonna want four guys on this thing Hey look so this is very very heavy all
right we’re gonna screw this down so that it doesn’t wobble around while
we’re going we’re also going to use blue tape to hold the cabinet door shut
you want to use delicate surface tape because it’s a fresh finish we don’t
want to hurt that finish so this is what the delicate surface looks like the
delicate surface won’t hurt the finish of the cabinet let’s screw this in first
with all these drawers and stuff I just tape them together blow this off our
customer service is shipping has not seen this piece yet I can’t wait to see
the reaction no way you couldn’t carry on like this good here first an inch and
3/4 let’s go alright let’s see how this
thing got here hopefully nice three that’s heavy those triangles really help
us now we could install into something it’s a super-fast install and it can be
undone fast too I’ll go grab that template material and
that’s how you get a perfect reveal all the way around because we got an inch
and a half all the way around and when we measured it was dead-on and that
thing is templated perfect guys I’d like to finish with liquid smooth that gives
it a beautiful finish it makes it feel slick as glass it’s just a cherry on top
let’s do it just wipes off any shop dust and it just gives it a slicker smoother
feel smells beautiful guys did you get some good tips out of this video do you
see how easy it is to install by using sound construction methods you can get a
long-term install that can be removed and replaced as needed this home show
display is going to travel with this so it was important to use screws and not
glues and nails so we can remove the top and get this thing transported you can
do the same thing in a home when you’re installing other methods of building and
installing stone coat are as follows you can do a 3/4 inch piece just leaving it
the thickness of that standard MDF you can router a small edge and keep it a
nice thin sleek install you can also do a droppage which gives you that one and
a half inch appearance all the way around the perimeter so it looks as if
your countertop is that thing and then installing screw strips this saves a
little material and keeps it lighter weight for those easy installs upcoming
in the links below we’re gonna show you exactly how we build this way and how we
install that way stay tuned because stone countertops has many videos
teaching you how to turn India into stone guys visit us anytime at stone
coat countertops com and until next time from stone countertops
you got this we’ll see you on the next video you got this

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