HUGE CHRISTMAS HOME DECOR HAUL | Traditional & Farmhouse Christmas Decor
HUGE CHRISTMAS HOME DECOR HAUL | Traditional & Farmhouse Christmas Decor

hey y’all welcome back to my channel or
welcome if you’re new here my name is Shawna so today I have another Christmas
haul video this is probably gonna be my last Christmas haul I think I’m done
shopping for this season I’m sure my husband agrees that I should be doing
shopping for the season so anyways I want to share with you guys the last few
things that I got for Christmas this year
I believe this video he’s going up after my Christmas decorating video though so
you may have already seen a few of these items but let’s go ahead and jump on
into so the few stories that I’ve got a few more things from you guys have
already seen my Dollar Tree shop with me a shopping haul you’ve already seen my
Hobby Lobby shopping target shopping Walmart shopping I did all those at the
beginning of the season but then I went back recently and got a few more little
things that I thought I needed so a first off I’m gonna start we went to
Hobby Lobby Target in Dollar Tree again so I’m gonna start off with just a
couple things I got from Dollar Tree these I got I went back and got a couple
of these just like little garlands they’re only a dollar and I thought
these might work on my entry table maybe still playing around with the idea but I
got a couple of these I thought since they’re really thin I thought maybe if I
put them together they would look good on my entry table and and so I got those
from Dollar Tree and then I also got a sign that says lettuce no which is
already in my toddler’s room if you have it it I should have shown it in my
decorating video so go ahead and check that out if you haven’t already it’ll be
like them down below in the description moving on we’re gonna go over to Target
which is the next place target has a lot of really cute Christmas stuff but
honestly they’re a little expensive like item by item it doesn’t seem that bad
but when you add it all up together they’re kind of expensive way more
expensive than Hobby Lobby was since Hobby Lobby was having like a 50% off
everything sale but anyways let’s go ahead and get into what I got there I
got these a couple a little I think these are called yeah bottle brush trees
so I got a couple of these I like them little snowflakes on them and this was a
$5 my son picked out this little reindeer which is really cute it’s just
an ornament and this was three dollars and he picked this out with me he kept
going name so we got those I got these little um
lights they’re called dewdrop lights to go in
I’m thinking these can go in the garland I’m gonna mix them in I think these were
six dollars for a pack of them so I’m hoping these work we’ll see and then the
reason I actually went to Target was cuz I wanted one of these little white
houses I think these are adorable I really like this one because it’s got
like the sparkly roof I wish they would have had some other different sizes but
they only had like two of these left because it’s already like right it’s the
weekend before Thanksgiving when I’m filming this so they weren’t almost out
of everything and then the last thing I got at Target and this is another reason
I went to Target this is actually this and the little house for the two reasons
I went to Target I knew I’ve seen these little slaves and
I think I want to put this on my injury table you guys are probably reducing my
decorating video so you know where to send it up but I’m thinking this might
go in my entryway table but I really like it they had a white one with red
like slayed parts as well but I liked that one I had a hard time picking I
like the wood on this one but I actually I’m not a huge fan of the green I might
paint these next year to be black so they’re not green but for now they’re
just I see a like this and this was five dollars and that’s everything I got at
Target so at Hobby Lobby was my biggest trip I spent about 50 bucks at Hobby
Lobby and my whole budget for the year was about $100 and Christmas decor and I
did stick under that which is awesome but I haven’t like I said about 50 of it
so I’m gonna go ahead and start and show you guys what I got the main thing I
wanted to get was a tree for my son’s room it’s just a small little Christmas
tree but it was only five dollars which is awesome so I got the little tree and
then I let him pick out some ornaments for it so he picked out these ones he
loved these I think he thought they were candy because he kept trying to open
them and he kept saying snack so I think he thought they were candy but he picked
those out and loved him and then for his little tree I also got just this little
snowman ornament with a C on it and that is it for his tree this will go in his
room for him he also picked out a few more ornaments for our Maine
he picked out this little elephant he’s obsessed with like animals and elephants
and everything right now so he loved this little elephant he also picked out
this basketball my husband is a huge basketball fan and so as soon as he saw
it he said basketball basketball and he really wanted it and then last but not
least this little snowman I may have like geared him towards this one a
little bit if you guys watch my other videos you know I love snowmen next up I
got some of these large ornaments and I wanted a few more like I know I’ve never
had like big ornaments on my tree I’ve always had just like standard size
ornaments but I’ve been watching a lot of like how to decorate your Christmas
tree videos and a lot of them said to use these like as fillers and spots
where there’s like holes so I got a few of these just in silver and then I got
some of these with the red with like white snowflakes on them I wanted to get
some plain red ones too but all the plain red ones had gold tops on them and
my theme is red and silver and so I try really hard not to get the ones that
have the gold tops because it just completely clashes trust me I’ve had a
few in the past and so I was a little bummed that I couldn’t find any plain
red ones that had silver tops but that’s okay and I know you can change the tops
but that’s too much hassle so I got some of those and then one more ornament I
missed my son also loved this little house he came shopping with me so he got
to pick out a lot of the ornaments and I wanted him to have some ornaments on the
tree that like he had picked out because all the ornaments that are on our tree
previous years I’ve picked out and this is his first year that like he has an
opinion so I wanted to be able to get him some and this was $5 on sale all the
other ornaments were $2 apiece all the like single ornaments and then this set
was also $2 for the whole set of ornaments and then the last thing I got
at Hobby Lobby is a little big so let me grab it I got this large a sign that
just says Merry Christmas this was only ten bucks which is awesome and I’m
thinking I’m either gonna hang this above my dining room table or above my
entryway table I haven’t decided for sure yet I think I want it above my
dining room table but it might be too little for this space like it might not
be quite big enough so it may fit better and look better
above my entryway table but we’ll see we’ll see how about these guys that is
everything I have gotten this year for my decorations for Christmas I’ve tried
not to spend a whole bunch even though trust me I could I could
have gone in Lana blown a whole lot of money but trying not to I’m trying to be
good if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up if
you’re new here don’t forget to hit that red subscribe button and we’ll see you
guys tomorrow

5 thoughts on “HUGE CHRISTMAS HOME DECOR HAUL | Traditional & Farmhouse Christmas Decor”

  1. JESS & MESS says:

    love seeing all the décor I still have to get bella and rileys tree for their rooms…. I have spent about 250.00 on décor :////// But I wanted to change my theme which stinks bc makes you have to buy new things lol…

  2. Contemporary Mama says:

    I got my kids little christmas trees for their rooms too but I need ornaments for them!

  3. Shawna Rae says:

    Where has been your favorite place to shop for Christmas decor this year?

  4. Zen Chini Vlogs says:

    I need to get my girls their own Christmas tree maybe next year. My 16 month old likes to take all the ornaments off our main tree 😂. Great items girl I love all mini trees, the sleigh and that buffalo check deer. Hope you have a good day!

  5. Random Shenanigans says:

    The buffalo check raindeer is so cute The santa slay is adorable, but I loved every thing you picked out

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