HUGE Self Healing Cutting Mat | Funny Amazon Review | SEWING REPORT
HUGE Self Healing Cutting Mat | Funny Amazon Review | SEWING REPORT

welcome to the sewing report i have been using a rather small cutting mat 24 by 36-inch for a while I thought i would finally upgrade you don’t go big or go home so we’re going to be unboxing this new cutting that I got that Dahle 36 x 48 inch cutting mat so let’s open it up I got this off of amazon it was about $35 when i ordered it sometimes the prices fluctuate I’ll put the link in the description box let’s go ahead and open this up my gosh this box is really big for me item first you think we should test that up-to-date well just think it’s really heavy i could get a workout just lifting it i think it’s about three millimeters thick and it is self healing which is great and I really like this blue color I think it’s gonna look really fun in the craft room and the reason i got it is so that I could pretty much cut a full yard of fabric and not have to fold it over at all so that’s sort of the purpose behind it i thought this is a great deal because normally even cutting mats half that size are the same price so i thought and i decided to jump on it right away let’s get this thing upstairs we’re going to do first impressions and a demonstration I’m going to use my rotary cutter see how it cuts on different types of fabric and you also have to see if you can fit in that box I think it’s huge yes really big for the item that does seem a little freakish to me but you know I don’t know you want someone you know I guess so maybe just a drink with it what do you think like some soda drink okay great hey you can fit in the box ok people here is bad or something let’s just diet beyond let me take that good thanks ok let’s be kind of funny if I fit you’re right like you don’t think it’s gonna work a little tired nighty night you met your mother she for the next eight years you’ve never been already so quick to go on a trip in your tire hi I’m James and I’m gonna be taking over sewing report well that’s a terrible name i’m going to be taking over sew your trap shut and for the first review i’m going to be looking at the Dahle 36 x 48 self-healing cutting mat and all of the great possibilities I just demonstrated one by shipping my wife back to her mother and actually I didn’t really put an address i don’t know where she’s going to line up but i did take her cell phone so I don’t think she’s going to be able to get back home and we’re also going to see how much more we can get out of that self-healing cutting that that does not involve sewing so stay tuned test one can it be used as a dolly mat going to be used for an actual dolly yes and no it doesn’t seem to be its strength though test two can it be used as a workout mat let’s find out not too bad test three is it easy to clean is it easy thing let’s find out watch little cold take a look here got some Axe body spray this late model cleanser and you keep your clothes on you can use it like a sponge now we’ll have to do laundry we’re going to use my real Angeles yeah it is easy to clean all right to be honest the first three tests they were sort of promised we did find out that it is really easy to clean this help feeling that and Dolly you did a great job but it doesn’t work very well as a Dolly mat for your camera or your tripod or even a desk chair we didn’t show the other couple of scenes because it was pretty bad if you were to pitch you could probably get by with it but let’s get to cut some fabric on this and get some peace together everything setup let’s get all these cut out doing this so hard simple makes this thing ever settle the power to it and so do it foul and we’re selling the swimming area bag only eversewn sparrow 25 it’s silky smooth that’s why I’m wearing a suit band we’re all done pretty intricate cuts were required on this bag turned out pretty well thanks for watching sew your trap shut with James and until next time keep on selling 100 this is james yes I did you said what do you mean you can’t have live goods inside of the box well you guys accepted my money didn’t you know don’t break don’t break it was too good to be true yeah yeah what have been the box fell asleep in there you must be really tired of killing me make you some coffee cat interested we need to be rolled the cat what you don’t like her beyond the box are you jealous got to get huh you got to go in the box who just like there’s somebody in there now no you don’t drink diet coke cat who’s in there you want to go with her yeah i don’t think you like going through the through the post battlecat yeah there’s still somebody in there crease kit she’s determined to figure out a way in there all right before she gets too and involved in that

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  1. Beauty for the Rest of Us says:

    You guys are hilarious ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. jmarylastone says:

    I am going to check out one of those mats – I always thought they would be way out of my price range

  3. 0903photography says:

    lol, Jennifer! Not what I was expecting. So funny! I was wanting to get a large mat, so this review came at a perfect time. TFS!

  4. Beth Cooley says:

    Great clip. perfect way to start a new year… with laughter.

  5. Honey says:

    Too funny!

  6. R Trittel says:

    Bwaahaahaa – too funny! I also like the end with the cat; cats just can't get enough of boxes, can they?

  7. Stacy s says:

    hahaha loved this!

  8. Quiltygal says:

    O.M.G I just snorted my scrambled egg out while watching this .. ( too much info ok) . You guys must be hysterical to be around… I actually love Sew ya trap shut ! …the best bit for me … No Asians or animals were harmed .. that's when I lost the eggs !!

  9. MonkCantStop says:

    I love that he talks just like you! He knows you very well.

  10. Vintage on Tap says:

    OMG ๐Ÿ˜‚ epic.

    I showed this to my boyfriend and he could totally relate to trying to use the dolly on a cutting mat ๐Ÿ˜…

    But also, good looking mat and the price seems super reasonable ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I might have to order one of those myself, to be honest!

  11. Postal Barbecue says:

    haha.. fun.

  12. GARY says:

    good stuff guys I bet that was fun,keepem comming!

  13. Janet Rodgers says:

    I bought an Am-Tech Cutting Mat through Amazon UK for ยฃ11. before Christmas to prevent my table getting any more cutting marks on it. It was rolled, my immediate thought, oh no, it will never flatten! It did, perfectly within a couple of hours!! I don't need an all singing all dancing mat that costs a fortune! This one is perfect for cutting, etc and I'm really pleased with it. Thank you so much for giving me a really good laugh to start off 2017! Your husband is a good sport as I was just wondering about his shoes as he stood in the shower when he took one off! It was hilarious! Well done for giving a slightly off the wall Review for the Dahle cutting mat! Such good fun and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who needed to laugh. My son was badly injured in an accident on Christmas Eve, thankfully he should make a good recovery, so that wacky review was just what the Dr ordered and from a most unusual source!! Well done…..x

  14. Fontrella Cole says:

    Love this video. I am going to check this mat out. thanks

  15. SilviaMBeauty says:

    Hahaha pretty funny! I got your video link from vra fb group. I just subscribed to your channel and would really appreciate if you could check out my channel and subscribe back <3 any feedback would be helpful! Keep making videos! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Dorothy Holland says:

    This was great, so much fun watching y'all. I laughed and laughed.

  17. Nichol Chaisson says:

    I got this one after seeing your video. it fits perfect on my kitchen table.

  18. Danielle Grigsby says:


  19. Davita Valencia says:

    how big of a mat is actually needed for a garment sewing beginner?

  20. Davita Valencia says:

    how big of a mat is actually needed for a garment sewing beginner?

  21. Gina 1965 says:

    LOL She is a doll!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Anna Ibarra says:

    That was so funny, you two got so into the video. LOL

  23. Debra Rhodes says:

    funny! kitty needs a box, they LOVE to hide in them & not be SCARED!! LOL

  24. Debra Rhodes says:

    lol, they are! they love to play with anything! since we keep them indoors, they can't chase & catch butterflies or birds.

  25. Jenary Jones says:

    You guys are so DELIGHTFUL!!!

  26. SmilesonFleek says:

    The doors of success doesn't open easily, you gotta knock and knock until your knuckles turn red' A line from one of my recent self improvement videos. Good video as always buddy

  27. Ewa N says:

    No Asian or animals was….. hahaha haha you guys are so funny

  28. James Arroyo says:

    Thanks! Great price on the cutting mat!

  29. l says:

    Now I can send you back to your mother. #thatswhathesaid #lmfao edit: ah…! Our kids' stuffed animal cat is called Gato as well…! Too much haha

  30. Beautiful Vivacious Designs says:

    Very, very funny. Great video.

  31. Olu Solomon says:

    Hilarious ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was smiling throughout the entire video.

  32. Casandra Perry says:

    The funniest part was scaring away the cat. I would love to do that to my cats to get them for all the times they have scared me in the middle of the night ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ

  33. Dawn Scribner says:


  34. Munchies The Sockmonkey says:

    Sewing… The Bill Cosby edition. :-O

  35. Sandra Van Lankvelt says:

    Great video how cute laughed actually when your pkg got returned LOLOL

  36. Nicholas Ovel says:

    Up to 2:03… I paused it to comment. … If it's not a joking skit about giving a chic a roofy and kidnapping her. LEAVE NOW, CALL THE COPS, DUDE IS LEGITIMATELY PRACTICING!
    Ok, 2:60… I'd love to pick your mind, such a revolutionary thinker! I like your style.

  37. Yvonne Edwards says:

    Cute couple!

  38. Andy Ugalde says:


  39. Chauntae Shennill says:

    Lol…love y'all

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