Huracan Irma es el mas peligroso del mundo Florida se prepara
Huracan Irma es el mas peligroso del mundo Florida se prepara

news friends at the moment thanks
for joining us in a new live broadcast my name is a
taste desgarennes the deputy and the more warm welcome
this is a last minute report I tell you that inhabitants of florida
are already preparing for the imminent arrival of this hurricane signs of which the
president of unalt declares already emergency florida worries he
worries that he can do the most catastrophic hurricane of the
history of all the united states at least this tells us the center
national hurricanes have been upload your bonuses to the note that from the
debate punto mx en the southern region of the state
the authorities requested orders from evacuation and people turned to the
supermarkets to buy water and other provisions
the size and strength of the hurricane earl ma they put all of florida on tuesday
on notice and residents and tourists they prepare to evacuate gives the
possibility of winds and rains catastrophic that could reach the
been on the weekend over there Friday in the southern region of the state
authorities arrested orders of evacuation and people turned to the
supermarkets to buy water and other provisions for the hurricane in
gas stations there are long lines and the people placed boards to protect their
houses and their businesses parker einstein filled the tank enagás
to lonia in the congested gas station he and his girlfriend said they decided
plan well in advance after see the ravages caused by harvey in
roof tiles we order water through amazon
because there is no longer in stores also they order the food said to sting
43-year-old lawyer who lives in florida for twelve see the devastation in
Texas is a sad reminder that have to take this these very events
really the maximum sustained winds of irma
of 297 kilometers per hour about 185 miles per hour on Tuesday a powerful
storm category 5 and the meteorologists say he could charge
more force still in its advance by the Caribbean according to the national center
of hurricanes of the united states the meteor had the most winds
strong that have been registered for a storm in the atlantic ocean
represents an immediate threat to the small islands north of
leeward archipelago included old and bermuda
as well as the virgin islands both in united states like britain and
Puerto Rico the last great storm that hit
florida was wilma in 2005 and left five dead his vortex went through the
south of the state with winds of 193 kilometers per hour
if we had to compare this vilma storm the one that hit in 2005
to florida with this storm irma we are speaking that is almost double of
potentially dangerous because the vilma irma speeds forgiveness
they were 193 kilometers per hour in this case in this hurricane signs are
of 2 297 kilometers per hour almost the double speeds and then you could
be twice catastrophe the meteor has the most winds
strong that have been registered the governor of florida rick scott
declared a state of emergency in the 67 counties in order to give them
local government enough time resources and flexibility so that
prepare before the imminent the imminent arrival of hurricane earl
the president scored also approved a federal statement that
emergency for the state indicated the federal agency for the management of
emergencies in the keys a chain of 42 low-lying islands that include Cayo
bone government officials said that the
Wednesday they would recommend tourists that you evacuate the area and that the residents
they should get out of there for the next day that is to say for
tomorrow thursday this is not a storm with which one spoils the
said camil clark spokesman monroe county whose county covers the
Florida Keys in accordance with the orders of
mandatory evacuation nor the police or in any other government agency
forces nobody to leave the place but those who stay should not wait
rescue them if they get to be in danger officials said
the island chain has only one highway that connects them with the
continental territory carlos jiménez Mayor of Miami Dade County
exhorted tourists to cut his vacation and he said he told the
inhabitants who could ask them to go even from Wednesday
potentially bigger and the potential is too big to
that we do not act immediately affirmed this is friends of the ten arguments to
the note of how I tell them debate point this our discussion colleagues and
of course I ask all of you our Mexican Latino brothers and
Central Americans living in Florida so protect yourself
I tell them the hurricane is coming very well strong is potentially more dangerous
of what was vilma more pop more dangerous what was harvey
take care please, let’s ask him god that does not leave as much devastation as
other hurricanes have done it but not are you please please take care
I’m going to read some comments and I dismissal for that increase to attract
another type of information cristina that says hello good day
miguel herrera health is from texas health miguel arias luis playing havoc
allow ay pineda paul pineda or the india taste from ecatepec greetings maui
Ivan Rodriguez Castle says it brenda and in the serrano sanchez health is of
veneers to taste is thanks brenda and in the serrano Sánchez greetings
until badges says arias luis and things worse will come if the town states
united do not become Mr. jesus Miguel Herrera women always
taking away man’s sleep cristina agency fortress for people
that this misfortune is about to happen elvira moya blessings for all this
people gentleman quote says to me mother
maru licona or the health of the city of mexico apart from irma and joseph by the
peaceful the tropical storm and a cold front probable blackout in mexico
and strong and probable solar storm earthquake of 7 7 degrees let’s look
that information to the public boxer knight says this is very
ugly maru licona is this is not something else
more than the so-called signals of the last times
paulo good morning to oaxaca and God protect us clear if God protect
our Mexican brothers also to Americans to everyone will give
strength to endure this hurricane amaro pinche tells you don health do now
this one is supposed to be tomorrow I’m ending up going through the
Caribbean Islands barbados for example puerto rico and you
suppose that for tomorrow will be crossing part of Cuba and the
friday will be arriving in florida mac mar or maroc pichette chiclín suárez
says the health of those in the city of mexico humberto pineapple
God bless you mayra gonzález when will go through the Dominican Republic
it is expected that between today and tomorrow mayra gonzález martha elva god with
you take care of them and protect them blessings that God protect them greetings
parties please, all pending the alerts that are issued locally by
governments so they can be protected and they ask you to evacuate
analog in time this try to have enough water supplies and
food and this one we from mexico we are going to look for the form of
solidarity to be able to do them get this or water resources food or
what might be needed that god bless them that God cares for them
course embargo the city versions Juarez that everyone also Rosa Elena
by mino gonzález and discover their Mexico lives now for the islands of
Caribbean light observation and recipes mexican good morning god have
mercy of all blessings the white house on tiles
greetings light and greeted pink greetings eduardo martha elva mayra gonzález
Humberto Pineapple Stephanie Finch says that jehovah took good care of him but we know
that we are in the last days by please keep me know why to
pending of how I say of the bulletins issued by your governments
so that many are protected thank you news friends we are going to bring
here all the minute information to minute of what is happening with
this powerful one who is said to be the most dangerous hurricane in the world that
have had at least state registration united from a hurricane of these
magnitudes be very careful because I already told you that the speeds of
hurricane wilma that these or the florida state will be almost half of what
supposed to be this hurricane we are talking about about 200 kilometers
hour this level 5 of the marroquin hurricane
chad up to level 5 if level 5 in fact it has speeds of almost 300
300 kilometers per hour in the capes is in need of help says and nobody
say anything please be on the lookout take care protect yourself I do not know if we’re going to
to pray we are going to join together we are going to to be in solidarity with all who suffer
this onslaught of nature the nature is already protesting about everything
what we have done and is charging already apparently the ravages of what
we have done in contamination of planet for nothing I say goodbye can
be please a lot are pending as I tell you of all the reports that
official news are issued here to moment we are going to bring everything
become hurricane referents as well as we did it with harvey hurricane
we’re going to do it too we did with the storm line with the
tropical storm franklin here in mexico the storm gone in mexico like
we did it with hurricane harvey too what are we going to do with this powerful
hurricane irma what is curious this hurricane or peculiar or rare is
that there had not been a hurricane at least in the registration of the commission
National Hurricane State United of the danger of a hurricane
like this the hurricane signs so please
take care of light of course to my level
Greetings to my nene ebay and share us we see in the following informative note
until then

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