i DONT TRUST Daniel! (GAME MASTER Secret Message Reveal Lie Detector Test on RZ Twin Trap)
i DONT TRUST Daniel! (GAME MASTER Secret Message Reveal Lie Detector Test on RZ Twin Trap)

hey Zamfam its Rebecca and Matt and right
now we are almost up to Big Bear in my last video you saw we did a face reveal
on RZ twin and had her take a lie detector test and I did a battle Royale
up on the roof and when we came down we found out that our cameraman Daniel
let RZ twin escape we confronted Daniel but he said he was actually
tricking her and he put a tracking device on her so we could follow her and
find another piece of the quadrants mystery device for e2 so we’re almost up
to the woods right now where Daniel said RZ twin was so let’s pull over Matt
and let’s FaceTime it hey Daniel so we are at the woods right now any updates
on RZ twin it looks like she’s still searching around in the woods which
means she hasn’t found the quadrant mystery device yet okay so that means we
have a chance to find the device before she does exactly okay and then as soon
as we get it don’t do that why not we need to find the gamemaster
and she is the key to finding out a secret location but that doesn’t make
sense right okay well we’ll let you know as soon as we find the device okay okay
sound good that doesn’t make sense I know you guys let’s get out though we
need to go search the woods right now and find a mystery device so we are in
the woods right now searching for the mystery device that we need to get
before the arsy twin takes it you figure out what a plan is though bet you’re
right Zamfam we’ve really need your help right now
do we trust Daniel or do we get the device and then trap the arsy twin Matt
what do you think I think we need a trap that always wins
okay we have two choices right now Zamfam comment below which one you think we
should do I just hope we make the right choice I can’t let the arsy twin know
that we’re here you’re just coming out XD doesn’t dry out a little bit
thank you see you haven’t seen him yet what do you go first save him I think we
need to try the treehouse first Matthews yes you guys remember I spent 24 hours
at a treehouse that’s their secret location but we have a treehouse here
matters each one doesn’t know about out we did a battle Royale okay good the
treehouse is that way so I think we need to make a run for it Matt I don’t see
our z-type at all yet are you ready okay okay when you go to the next tree over there
smash the thumbs up button for good luck so the earth each one does not see us
three – I don’t think she’s seen us yet here I don’t see comment below guys if
you see any treehouse whatsoever did they take it down
we need to act like spy ninjas just right now just in case the RZ twin is around
yes you can’t know that we’re here she’s searching that means she hasn’t found
the device look the tree is there the tree estimate okay okay there it is
right over there speaking run fork please get this is a
tree house before the RC twindom can track her no we’ll figure that out after
we get this device mass but now’s your chance ready easy and family need your help right now
so here I am right now zamfam you guys see anything let me know don’t see
anything here see anything thank you do you see that okay it’s really just
like the last bag that’s advice with him you say zamfam what is this looks like
a battery but it’s like a big one whom do we use a battery for I don’t know
it’s more like what would they use a battery for a bat okay alright now that
we have the device what do we do do we Trevor you know you don’t have any
spider ninja gadgets to trap her here Matt OH – we can’t do that but what if
we lead her back to her cabin I can trap her there right it said something
that’s a really good idea yeah Sam comment down below if you think we
should trap the arsy twin at our cabins I have a really good idea of what we do
right now we like make a lot of noise like if we family defies we found the
device okay he’s gonna hear that yeah start chasing us and then she’s gonna
actually realize that we’re going back to our cabin Oh
so we purposely show her that we have the device and then we set it up as a
decoy yeah Alice makes an order that’s a 1 3 2 it’s working we need to get home swallow
it I think your plan worked Daniels facetiming right now whatever
you do believe me trapper hey Daniel Hey look we found the device it looks like
some sort of batter Oh oh that’s great bring it back to LA I’ll take a look at
it yeah yeah we’re definitely gonna bring it back to LA for sure so what’s
up and I got something off the gamemaster Network for you
the gamemaster Network I thought you were hacking into the quarter I mean
quadrant I just I thought I should look elsewhere for other clues if I could
take anything else oh okay whoa what is it I found a private message from the
game master so based off the bio variation it looks like he created the
message before he went missing okay well what does it say here’s what’s crazy
it’s addressed specifically to the two of you it’s locked by facial recognition
only your faces will unlock the message I’m not sure why he doesn’t want me to
see it but it’s for your eyes only okay all right so I’m gonna send it to your
phone so you can watch it it’ll use the face ID feature that’s already built
into your phones okay you know what do you find out you
really trust Daniel I don’t know I think we need to look at the message and see
what the game master has to say he said he sent it to our phone it’s on my phone
I got it but don’t you think we need to set up the trap you’re right this
message is important but let’s set up the trap for Zee twin and then come
watch this secret video from the game master you made it before you went
missing okay so let’s set it up here is the actual device it looks like a
battery comment below what you think this battery is used for we have this
battery Oh we’re gonna put this battery into the
bag as its equal we also have this camera which will
insights that we can see or hear anything our Z twin is doing exactly
once we set this up in the shed or hoping that she’ll start spying around
our cabin and listening to us to try to figure out where it it which will then
hopefully get her to the shed we can lock her in there and trap her again and
finally right now the last time so smash the button for good luck you guys know
we’ve trapped her before we’re gonna do it again
you guys remember she took one of the devices that we found when she was at
our place for the lie-detector test so if we trap her we can also get that
back yeah okay so Matt where do you think we should hide this okay we need
it I want in plain sight but also like looking like that we hit it yeah we want
to look like we’re hiding it from her so what look right here right there was
good but if you put it in to put it in the cooler to you okay now you need to
set up this camera thing that they’d be trapped it with yeah earlier just wrap
it over kinda so now that this is all setup what’s gonna happen is we can see
the shed from our window in our cabin and as soon as she comes in we’re gonna
run out and lock her in sight so she’ll be trapped so now let’s go inside and
watch the chiyan video and then I guess just wait until she gets here exactly
yeah so daniel said it has facial recognition which means he wasn’t able
to see it I wonder why the game master didn’t want Daniel seen I’ve no idea
okay so okay okay no it’s asking for you Quadrant is planning something even
bigger at the event he they’re calling it they will be using a similar device
to start need to and it’s something I have a good amount of knowledge about I
currently have my hands on this device I will be breaking it up into smaller
pieces and hiding it in key places with clues hopefully only you can solve find
these pieces as one say you have two items they can be used to corrupt No oh
no wait it’s it’s somebody else so the gamemaster said to keep this away
from RZ twin and someone else you guys comment below who you think the
other person is it we can’t see the video again okay this makes so much more
sense we’ve been going to all the places that
we’ve been before yeah because the game master hid that and that’s why the
quadrant took the gamemaster because it’s his device they need him
for the device what the moment that we talked about is here right now Matt I’m really glad we hid that device
no one will ever be able to find it in the shed I know exactly and finally we
have the device pieces yeah yeah so oh look she’s gone that me and she’s going
to the shed let’s get to the back room so we can spy on her closer you see the shed okay all right sheds up
there perfect she should be around there I bet she’s swinging around what is that doing okay
hey Daniel Hey so what did the message today we’re just a little busy being
your job we’re gonna go we’re just looking at the device bubble okay we
gotta go okay bye she’s he’s going to the show this is perfect this is going
perfectly as planned it’s going alright Matt we gotta get
ready to trap her wait she’s walking out what there’s no
way she could have gotten the device she’s talking to someone who’s that are
you ready to join do you know what no no she’s gone I thought I heard Daniel on
the phone yeah did Daniel warn her about the tribe
sound just like them okay see MPM comment below if you heard
Daniel it was a little muffled but I think he’s the reason that we do not
trap her we need to get back to LA she knows that you have the device and since
she knows we have to device that means that the heart rate is going to be you

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