I Gave My SISTER $75,000 in DISGUISE UNDERCOVER For 24 Hours! (Truth or Dare PRANK Challenge)
I Gave My SISTER $75,000 in DISGUISE UNDERCOVER For 24 Hours! (Truth or Dare PRANK Challenge)

100 thoughts on “I Gave My SISTER $75,000 in DISGUISE UNDERCOVER For 24 Hours! (Truth or Dare PRANK Challenge)”

  1. Rebecca Zamolo says:

    Hey ZamFam- Did you cry at all during this video? This was one of the most SPECIAL videos I've done to someone who deserves it the most. Let me know the funniest dare we did in public! Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. Lilly Chisholm says:

    Rebecca your sister is soo nice

  3. Zoe Wessler says:

    You are amazing 😉

  4. Frances Julien says:

    Rebecca ur nice and ur sister Jen is nice.

  5. Lily Herndon says:

    I love you Rebecca
    Hit this if you agree

  6. Britney Barrios says:

    The 😂 dare was when Jen was screaming "Subscribe to Rebecca".

  7. Susan Wilson Skyes says:

    I was crying

  8. malik khalil says:

    No Rebecca i dident cry 💓💓💓

  9. safa 123 and hawaa rashid Rashid says:

    Rose's are red viols are blue sugar is sweet so are you and jen♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. Hanna Christine says:


  11. Life After says:

    Omg your sister is so HAPPY and im happy she is alive in these world she os one of few people that are extremely beautiful and generous!!!💝🙂😢🙂

  12. Elizabeth Silverio says:

    It was o sweet I literlly almost cried your so sweet Rebecca your the best

  13. MONICA GOUVEIA says:

    Jen seemed suspicious

  14. charli muraahi says:

    rebecca what a amazing sister i wish i had one like u love u so much

  15. The Epic Vlogs# says:

    Awwwwww so cute 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  16. Aliyyah Malik says:

    Yes,Agent a is suspicious on the kane

  17. :Mr Panda: says:

    is rebeca zomolo a robot

  18. Johannes Van der vreede says:

    Soo sweet

  19. Lily Torres says:

    That was so sweet

  20. Max DOE says:

    So so so kind

  21. Melvenia Elliott says:

    Your sister is so sweet I'm about cry she is sweet as candy apple and you are so sweet tooo Rebecca love you so much

  22. Jacky Reyes says:

    Do not trust again s

  23. laura maxwell says:

    I get some emotional 😭

  24. kelly berry says:

    This is 1 of the things I Love about being Part of The ZamFam LOVE U REBECCA MUAH MERRY CHRISTMAS

  25. Emily Hornby says:

    I think Alice's name is amber. Just say that name in your head when it is the beep

  26. Keira Frazier says:

    Once at a summer camp me and my cousin dressed up in the same outfit and wore sunglasses so we looked like twins. 😂
    It was funny because everyone was like “OMG ARE YOU TWINS!” And one girl was like “TWIN GOALS!!!!!”

  27. shahid khan says:

    I think agent r lost the necklace

  28. Peyton Lord says:

    Rebecca I cried because you are so generous and Jen is amazing and so heartwarming x

  29. Kay P says:

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭your so kind

  30. Rhys Mcmaster says:

    That is so kind

  31. Trance French says:

    Agent s was freaking out about the cane cause he took it from mr.x at the end of the rewind cause he always wanted to be the lead role of gmi

  32. Manaia Leah says:

    Does anyone think at 13:40–13:50 the man that walks past Rebecca and her sister looks like Daniel (it’s when she trips)

  33. Pure Healer says:

    that was so grate .

  34. Addison Henderson says:

    Soo sweet have a great day and a great life

  35. reesesky182 says:

    Aww cute

  36. Kc Wat says:

    Agent r is so weird but funny😂

  37. Jason Handy says:

    That is nice but she really really should have noticed

    I really think I’m gonna do this to my sister too

  38. Sandy Mo says:

    Rebecca has the same phone and same phone case

  39. Janine Louissaint says:


  40. ItsMEH Kaylee says:

    Is Maddie’s name really just Maddie or something else but Maddie for short?

  41. Kay P says:

    I cryed at the end 🥰

  42. Matt fishbaum says:

    Are you following the Norris Nuts if not please do because they are huge fans like me

  43. Jane chen says:

    Agent s:is it a borrow can?
    Rebecca:ITS A CANE OKKKK

  44. your uni Pls i need 100 subs says:

    Is that Maddie

  45. Noveen Yaseen says:

    Rebecca ure so sweet u rly are a beautiful caring cupcake 🧁 like your adorable zamfam merch who else agrees pls shout me out ❤️

  46. Matt fishbaum says:

    Please read

  47. Dr Flutiano says:

    Rebecca that was very nice what you did for your sister

  48. Diya Patel says:

    Sooooo emotional I was crying that’s so sweet 😊

  49. Erick 7 says:

    You and alice should make an account of maddy. and catch fish agent r

  50. The Ugly Artist says:

    U said 3/3 instead of 3/5

  51. Jamie Dame says:

    i would die if you gave it to me like ahhhhhhh

  52. Morgan Sanders XOXO says:

    You are an amazing person Rebecca

  53. Alison Nicanor says:

    mc=merry christamas and a happy new year and be happy with ypur nice kind sister :).

  54. Avalon Agnelli says:

    Who else thinks Connor is cute?

  55. Carlos Montenegro says:

    No my tears are coming

  56. Itzjak Arana says:

    Christmas is my birthday

  57. Ceci The queen says:


  58. lily-sue watt says:

    who else thinks jen is so sweet and AMAZING ly rebecca

  59. Adalei Sewell says:

    Aww so cute I started 😭

  60. hiro karimzadeh says:

    Awwww 🥺🥺

  61. Kylie Stanton says:

    This makes me want to cry but happy tears

  62. Ashley Ojogho says:

    I’m not 😭you are!, this was the sweetest and cutest video ever!!😊😊🎄❤️🙏🏾

  63. Alexandra De la Cruz says:

    Rebecca it’s so nice that your sister is so nice and sweet

  64. The Ponysitter says:

    Aww I love this video ur so sweet and Jenourous (haha see what I did there)also do not trust a gent s at all he’s talking about mr x s cain

  65. The Ugly Artist says:

    U also said 4/4

  66. Alice Bella says:

    I think that the police is agent d

  67. Alexandra De la Cruz says:

    Rebecca find it 0XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ex 000 00 ex ex ex 00 ex ex ex SNXXXXXXX

  68. DylanVincent Games says:


  69. Spidy Wolf says:

    Rebecca you are the nicest person I know and Jen deserves it 👍🏼 if you agree I have loved your channel since you made your channel and im 9 love ❤️ you

  70. Julianna Tanner says:

    i cried so much only if you could see my face right now

  71. XxxxlilpatatoxxxX hi says:

    You and your sister are so sweet!❤️

  72. Dara Cullen says:

    Merry Christmas 🎅

  73. Kayden Howieson says:

    Awww am crying ❤️

  74. Clic Clic says:


  75. Zainab Islam says:

    I am crying like your sisterr 😣😭😥

  76. stacey mountain says:

    My brother hates me

  77. سندس رؤى says:

    The police looked sespishes he had a wig and the clothes looked unreal

  78. Daniel Boi says:

    Rebbeca you are the best sister anybody can ever have

  79. Danya Mehvan says:

    I'm so happy for you're sister I'm Muslim and I know now that there's no defend thing from Muslim and Christian

  80. Lucille Andreen says:

    your an amazing sister if you were my sister I would be so happy for you being so kind

  81. ella byrne says:

    There was a man when Daniel was face timeing matt

  82. Andy Lyda says:

    I love you w

  83. cj jackson says:

    Matt and rebceu angent r and s are folowing you and Matt on tik tok I looked and followed you

  84. cj jackson says:

    Matt and rebceu angent r and s are folowing you and Matt on tik tok I looked and followed them

  85. Lester Sherwood says:

    Hi Rebecca big fan congratulations on 8million subscribers

  86. Coraemilia Deac says:

    Jen is the most sweetest generess and more she diserves that 75,000

  87. Tarabelle Ualesi says:

    Agent S was asking about the cane because he wants Mr X cane

  88. Jana Yasser says:

    Guys the police was a gmi person he runs the credentials remember

  89. Ross Heaney says:

    hey your sister was in a older video

  90. Samih Hadid says:

    I started crying so much

  91. Fikret Bodur says:

    Rebecca you have the best sister ever

  92. TtvBtw_0Gsk on yt says:

    yo listen your bear poor g go learn from mr beast to share your money out properaly

  93. iplemons1 says:

    Rebbeca you are such a generous and kind person! ❤️

  94. Jazzy D says:

    I have watched all of the game master inc /gm vids

  95. Galina Kelbatyrov says:


  96. Nbalu Tarawallie says:

    She is going to give the money back

  97. Angela Guzman says:

    Rebecca was so nice also her sis

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