iann dior – molly ft. Bernard Jabs
iann dior – molly ft. Bernard Jabs

100 thoughts on “iann dior – molly ft. Bernard Jabs”

  1. zX Uzzi says:

    this song mannn

  2. unkown.usser xd says:

    Alright who gave iann the n word pass

  3. Drip says:

    wanna be lil skies

  4. Princewill Anyagagligbo says:

    I love the beat

  5. Chillywillyboi 1616 says:

    Bernard jabs sounds like he has a stuffy nose

  6. Step Back says:

    My son lil skies and lil Wayne

  7. HYDRO.MEDIA says:

    I thought it was iann dior ft lil uzi then I saw this bum as nigga like Bernard who?

  8. PeteDaSkeeet! says:

    Bernard carried

  9. ITz_Ian YT says:

    Ianns part sounds like a lil skies song

  10. Bobby B says:

    Bernard Jabs like a melodic Soldier Kidd, but I can understand him 🤯😂

  11. David Mitchell says:

    0:24 thank me later

  12. Charles Barona says:


  13. Daria Nowak says:

    I love this

  14. Clappin' Ya Cheekz says:

    Like if…. Shush

  15. Chris Laparra says:

    Inn and lil skies

  16. Kevin monroy pena says:

    I like this song

  17. Nora Guevara says:

    H lik

  18. Preston Longo says:

    how this got 2k dislikes?

  19. Dandan6151 says:

    Elementary lil Skies

  20. XDp14777 says:

    sounds like it will be
    Lil skies- molly ft. Lil uzi vert

  21. maykol alling says:

    Bro he sounds exactly like lil skies 😂

  22. Your Mom says:

    who the fuck is this featured dude and why is he ruining the whole song

  23. LIL MAYZ says:

    got lil tecca with the drum🤣

  24. DRILLIN CUHH says:

    “Cuban like my chain” it’s just a bar

  25. David Cortes says:

    This song slaps

  26. Andiedoes Animations says:



    0%talking about killing

    0%guns or other weapons

  27. Tearful _Drixp says:

    The buttler tho lmaooo

  28. Soso Drake says:

    This song so underrated

  29. Chester Schwall says:

    Bernard jabs makes me wanna blow my nose but lit song tho 🔥

  30. XEL A says:

    Batman: Alfred!!!!!!

  31. Ak Studios says:

    Who else feels
    Molly -Bernard Jabs Ft. Iann Dior

  32. Elizabeth Garcia says:

    Yo this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. Itachi Uchiha says:

    Does the hook sound just like "theres no i in team" to anyone??

  34. Nathaniel Janvey says:

    Get Bernet jabs out of this song and I’ll be fine

  35. NasTV says:

    Imma just say if u say this is lil skies song u a clown

  36. XDEMONZX X says:

    Nigga tell me why and Apple Music there is a song called molly by lil skies and it sounds the same

  37. ChuckyTheWicked says:

    Iann Dior be a version of lil skies and juice wrld but he gone be the best version hes UP NEXT

  38. Gold Master says:

    I's it just me or does he slightly sound like lil skies

  39. Amaya mae says:

    Why this song sondes like lil skys

  40. Jordan Boley says:

    When iann is sing low he sounds exactly like lil skies

  41. Dish DaWurm says:

    This is ass. Sounds so generic and his voice annoying asf.

  42. Ripple - Fortnite says:

    Yo this song is straight ⛽️

  43. javen alvarez says:

    Reminds me of a field trip

  44. Top Games. says:

    Não paro de ouvir essa música.

  45. trey789 Jay says:

    he sound like lil skies

    Like if u agree

  46. the boss man says:

    Its 🔥

  47. Đeep Ending says:

    dont comment on this comment or ur comment will mean nothing so dont bother commenting

  48. VortEx GliTchZz says:

    If the likes grey your gay

  49. ツNS_GetFlashed says:


  50. Seba Inki anki says:


  51. Fagidew69 says:

    I swear I thought this was a lil skies song before I saw da vid💀

  52. Ethan Stubberfield says:

    0:23 – Molly Girl V2?

  53. Yung Ounce says:

    Got the lil skies and the old trippie redd sound

  54. Thug A-Licious says:

    I aint never seen a walking toothpick in my life 😂😂

  55. I miss You says:

    Bernard was so trash

  56. Gustavo Ornelas says:

    Bernard jabs sound like he got major allergies

  57. TTVbillup 2 says:

    0:19or0:18 he sounds like lilskies

  58. chrisalex829 says:

    Lil skies: nobody will make a song that’s better than mines

    Iann Dior :lets go to the stoudio

  59. savvvyuast says:

    I heard this and I legitimately thought this was lil skies

  60. Casual_DropoutYT says:

    Lil uzi ft lil skies

  61. World Record Reverse Card says:

    This is how much you listened to this

  62. McKenzie PATTON says:

    Iann fine 😘😘💓💓

  63. MIA HUGHES says:

    y’all are flawless

  64. Reaper CQB says:

    industry plant

  65. MJDasher says:

    I straight up prefer the instrumental

  66. Cristian Martinez says:

    Iann is a bitch first he talks about his emotions and girls leaving him and he is the one leaving

  67. joro bekama says:

    This tattoos are not real you are fake nigga I don't like fakes nigga

  68. Alisa God Eater says:

    Holy not to be offensive but his voice is annoying (edit bernard jabs voice is annoying

  69. Nate Doggie says:


  70. ZboutTv says:

    They switched the guns for water guns😂

  71. FoldedCandle says:

    Would expect to get more views

  72. Max Lopez says:

    This is 🔥

  73. Ninja_Therapy_ Here says:

    iann type looks asain

  74. aww danker says:


  75. Nicko Kapsu says:

    Lil Skies – Molly ft. Lil Uzi Vert

  76. Savage Slayer says:

    Uzi and Skies?


    So we just gone act like we didn’t hear him say sumin bout lil tecca

  78. massiv pp man xddd says:

    that's the wrong title

    it's Lil Skies – molly ft. Lil Uzi Vert

  79. Malakai Cadet says:

    bernard jabs is a wannabe playboi carti

  80. Rau Met says:


  81. Meno ria says:

    this is me or they guys ave the same voice off kodablack and lil skies

  82. TOXIC_SALT -69 says:

    That voice

  83. 2k. nathqn says:

    Best song

  84. superkrazykiller says:

    Ransom juice WRLD remix
    Best 3 songs I’ve ever heard in my life

  85. Maxesskateclips says:

    They sound like yung bans and lil skies

  86. Lil meme says:

    1:15 swear that's lil skies

  87. zxcity says:

    The cough 0:00

  88. uno does says:


  89. 416 says:

    fake kendrick and lil skies??

  90. Dakeruś 〈3 says:


  91. Ace Ex Btw says:

    Iann: no time for fun
    The entire music video:

  92. BPM VLOGS says:

    This isn’t his song tf

  93. BPM VLOGS says:

    This isn’t ur song so why would u be fake to it really?

  94. Arab man says:

    2019 notober 5nd?

  95. Cody Stephenson says:

    Yo what if him and skies drop a banger but it would have to be in two part so we know which is which z😂🚫🧢

  96. 29 Cents kid says:

    Fire keep it up bro

  97. Ross Gleave says:


  98. Day says:

    why is kid buu on the boat?

  99. Marshaun Walker says:

    baby lil skies

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