IHC Art Awards 2015 Finalists
IHC Art Awards 2015 Finalists

Now the first finalist
for the IHC Art Awards 2015 is Jonathan Bowler. Not here. Amanda Brennan. Baldric Chan. Dharmesh Chand. The next finalist is Daniel Clark. – Are you happy Daniel?
– Yep. Daniel is happy. (Sings) Daniel my brother,
you are older than me do you still… He’s dancing with Boh Runga
for crying out loud. Give him a big round of applause
ladies and gentlemen, Daniel. Thank you brother. Tiffany Collett. Give her a very big round of applause. Frank Croydon. Hello Frank. You’re looking good mate,
you’re looking good. Rose Davidson-Feather. Give us a big smile, yee hah. Well done, well done Rose. Kirstina Forrest. Julian Godfery. Julian man, you’re looking sharp man,
you’re looking like a dude. Julian Godfery. Clayton Guthrie. Big smile Clayton,
that’s a really big smile man. How you doing? Come and say hello
to the guys here, our judges. Turn around Clayton, get in the middle,
get in the middle mate. Amy Hall. (Sings) When you’re smiling,
when you’re smiling. Duane Harrington. You’re looking good man, give me five give me five brother, yol. Christopher Herbison. Way to go Christopher, fantastic. Oh, look at that. Richard Jardine. Richard. Come over in the middle,
lets get your photo taken. Hasn’t he got the fanciest hat? That is a fantastic hat Richard. Andrew Keogh. Come on Andrew, way to go brother. Ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Keogh,
give him a very big round of applause. Our next Art Awards finalist
is Eddie Liao. Eddie’s not here tonight unfortunately. The next IHC finalist tonight
is Andrew Martin. Striding up the middle,
give a big round of applause ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Martin. And I recognise Andrew
from last year as well. Sheryl McIlroy. Sheryl! Now this one’s gorgeous,
it was photos of Sheryl’s best friends. – Sheryl, Sheryl.
– Yes? – You left me out.
– Yeah (laughs). Where’s the bald guy? Kaye McMurray. Come over here Kaye. Fantastic to see you on the stage,
I knew I would eh. Our next finalist in tonights awards
is Kathleen Nukunuku. Trevor Nye. Come on Trev..oh Trevor! Absolutely fantastic. Trevor and I has a conversation
this afternoon in the hotel foyer. Our next finalist
can’t be here tonight but it’s Tracey Sawyer. Oh give Tracey a big round of applause. The next IHC Art Awards finalist
is Philip Sisam. Come up here Philip. …special. You are special man, you are special. Karen Sutherland. Karen, that is absolutely
brilliant Karen. That is truly fantastic. Keitha Taylor. Chris Thomas. Chris Thomas, all about Trams. Now the next finalist
can’t be with us tonight but it was John Wrightson,
and John well done and this will be passed on to you. The next IHC Art Awards finalist
is Chris Wills. Look out here he comes,
come on man. Turn around Chris,
get your photo taken. Our next finalist
is Andrew Withers. Andrew Withers, The Old Junction. He’s got the moves tonight. Tonight ladies and gentlemen Andrew is wearing
beautiful pointed-toe shoes with a checked shirt. And a big hug for Boh. Way to go mate. Oh mate, I love it bro. Man you’d have been a good man
on tour with me many years ago. So ladies and gentlemen
could you please give a very big round of applause
to all of our finalists tonight.

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