Importing Tile Maps from Pro Motion into Construct 2 or 3
Importing Tile Maps from Pro Motion into Construct 2 or 3

Promotion NG gives pixel artists a
powerful tool set and workflow for simultaneously creating tile sets and
level tile maps for their games. Once you’re done creating your level map
you can export it in TMX format and then load the map data
directly into your tile map object in a Construct layout. If your map contained
multiple layers you can select which layer you’d like to load the map data
from. Always be sure the tile map object is using the tile set image exported by
Promotion and that it’s tile dimensions are set properly. For parallax scrolling
you typically want to create several layers in your layout in Construct and
have a separate instance of a tile map object in each layer. You then load the
map data for each layer into the respective tile map object and set the X
and y parallax coefficient for each layer to achieve the relative scrolling
speed per layer. You typically want layers to scroll slower the farther in
the distance they are supposed to be. Be sure to watch the other video which
explains how to import sprite animations in pixel art images created with
Promotion into Construct objects. Thanks very much for watching.

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