Indian Kitchen Design
Indian Kitchen Design

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  1. jaxonkm says:

    Pls use additional microphone for better audio clarity

  2. Geethu T Achu says:

    വീണ ചേച്ചി… 😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Jeeja K.l says:

    Veena super..😍nalla kitchen,but full kanichillallo 😒veedu full ayitt oru video iduo😊

  4. Boby Ambili says:

    Veena super kitchen 😍😍

  5. bettlin dj says:

    Good but , we have the same problem, if you are doing the height according to the person who using,

    Then we should take care of the height of gas cylinder as well in order to place and replace easily way,

    Otherwise keep cylinder outside only.

  6. No comments says:

    Onum kelkunila

  7. Santhosh Kp says:

    Wow ! ….. Nalla cook koodeyanallo .

  8. Priji Cherian says:


  9. Edava Ansar says:

    Nice kitchen 👍 and yummy looking Biriyani…😋

  10. Hafseera Tajudheen says:

    poor audio clarity…

  11. sruthi sivadas says:

    Sound illa

  12. liz says:

    An useful much does this kitchen cost?

  13. S S says:

    Very informative video. Thanks for posting. I have a question: Is the kitchen counter top 'nano white'? And which is better in your opinion: 'nano white' or 'quartz'?

  14. haseena abdul sattar says:

    Nalloru cook aanennum koodi manassilayi😊

  15. R RK says:

    Really i enjoyed this video.who's idea is this you/your better half, cooking with intetior tips.

  16. Shabna Hamid says:

    Hi Thank you very much for ur reply………. U r so sweet👍👍

  17. Lakshmi Kalesh says:

    Great Veena… lots of information ….Thanks
    and expected the plating of that healthy biriyani….

  18. Murugaraj Raghavan says:


  19. Mitha Mathan says:

    Informative cute video..pls show full kitchen to learn how you utilised your space in kitchen and explain how you came about this space plan in your kitchen ..would be very useful veena…

  20. Shadin Kunhippa says:

    Video adipoli tto…..enik undayirunna kure doubts clear aayi thanx dear

  21. Shadin Kunhippa says:

    Kitchenil vertical garden set cheyyunnathine kurichoru video upload cheyyanam….keralathile climate il ath vijayakaramakumo ennokke…

  22. ANUPAMA S B says:


  23. Jamal kkv says:

    നല്ലൊരു കൂക്കും കൂടെയാണല്ലേ . സൗണ്ട് വന്നും പോയും ഇരിക്കുന്നു അടുത്ത വിഡിയോയിൽ പരിഹരിച്ചാൽ നന്നാവും .

  24. Nafiziro says:

    Hello ma'am,,, I've been watching over videos recently and trying to keep an update… I'm so impressed by your works .. have you done any projects in Tamilnadu ?? I'm basically from Tamilnadu but planning to construct a house in Palakkad. Pls reply me with positive info

  25. Riyaz Khan says:

    I respectively sis veena gill so nicer talking about I kitchen visually to good it is improved to people's Thankfully we all

  26. viral videos says:

    എന്റെ വീടിന്റെ പണി നടക്കുന്നു നാല് സെന്റിൽ 850 സ്വ' ഫിറ്റാണ് ഇറ്റീരിയർ ഡിസൈൻ ചെയ്യാൻ എത്ര ചിലവു വരും

  27. priya raj says:

    You are so simple I like your style of speech 😍

  28. Jiss Augustine says:

    Hai veena mam,
    152 cm height ആണെങ്കിൽ counter top height എത്ര വേണം?

  29. OMRMO1 says:

    Could you tell me which water filter and model is you have shown in your video

  30. Aliya shiza says:

    Ningal kasargod work chaydittidooo…

  31. Aliya shiza says:

    Plzz rplyyy Veena gil

  32. Abidafaizal Zeid says:


  33. Abidafaizal Zeid says:


  34. Shabna Hamid says:

    hi veena mam……kitchenil viraku aduppu(aluva aduppp .ie means pukayillatha aduppu)paniyumbol aduppinu mukalil chimmini undaakkendathundo?undakkiyillel puka ullilekk yedukkunna prblm undakumo?pls reply……i am waiting ur valuable reply ….

  35. Safnaseji Safnaseji says:

    Hi Veena chechi Plz give me contact number

  36. renju varghese says:

    You are so simple. I like you very much. Stay blessed !

  37. alli shyam says:

    Hi, you are so simple … Enikkishtappettu.. Nalla video..

  38. Bincy Elizabeth Jacob says:


  39. Bincy Elizabeth Jacob says:

    Love u veenachechi

  40. beema Kabeer says:

    ഒരു വീട് ഉണ്ടാക്കുമ്പോൾ ഇതൊക്കെ ആണ് പ്രധാനപ്പെട്ട കാര്യങ്ങൾ. പ്രതേകിച്ചും കിച്ചണിൽ പാകം ചെയ്യുമ്പോൾ കയ്യ് വേദനിക്കാൻ പാടില്ല. നല്ല പോയിന്റ്. വീണ പറഞ്ഞതു.

  41. My Passion For Cooking says:

    V beautiful kitchen. . Dear which company hob n chimney is urs..

  42. Neethu A R says:

    Hi…which hob and chimney?

  43. Neethu A R says:

    Please put a full video of your kitchen…..

  44. jessy Lal says:

    Very informative. Windowsnodu chernnu hob and hood vaykkunnathkondu enthenkilum problem undo?

  45. slj says:

    Can nolta be used in otg?

  46. slj says:

    Which built in oven are you using? Are you happy with it?

  47. Fahis K says:

    ഹായ് മാഡം ഞാൻ സ്തിരമായിക്കാണുന്നത് 3d ബ്രിക്ക് സി ന്റെ വർക്കുകളാണ് സത്യം പറഞ്ഞാൽ എല്ലാ വീടുകളും ടി സൈനുകളും ഒരുപ്പാട് ഇഷ്ടമാണ് എനിക്ക് വീടുവെക്കാൻ സാമ്പത്തികം ആയാൽ തീർച്ചയായും മാഡത്തിനെ ഞാൻ കൊണ്ടാക്റ്റ് ചെയ്യും

  48. Binu Varghese says:

    Hai Veena can u pls let me know whether kitchen cabinets in modular types can be made with locking system 🔐

  49. Binu Varghese says:

    Thanks a lot Veena …..God willing we will be meeting you very soon to start with our home interiors….

  50. Selma p a says:

    Mam njangalude veettile cupboardil patta salyam und .enthenkilum margamundo

  51. Neethu A R says:

    Which is better – Modular kitchen or concrete slab kitchen?

  52. TheMomTales AISHA says:

    Hello ma’am, which brand is your built in oven, do white countertop preferable for Indian kitchen, please advise

  53. Priya s says:

    Video very good n informative, but audio quality decreases in between

  54. Shabna Hamid says:

    good….can u pls tell me brand of ur hob and chimminy?

  55. Sunilkumar Babu says:

    Mam contact number plse


    Hi Veena. I like your videos very much. I had a doubt can we use the white granite for flooring too?

  57. JOSE KOSHY says:

    White granite countertops is nano white or different. Please confirm

  58. Hasna Shami says:

    Sound is not clear

  59. sreeshna sree says:

    Hii,your kitchen is so nice..what about corean stone ,is this white granite & nano white r same?

  60. FRANCIS JACOB says:

    Hi Just would like to check with you, in kitchen mostly we facing to east to get a direct sunlight to cooking area. But most of kitchen doesn't have a window facing the cooking area. Probably wind can disturb the flames. Still it will be good if the direct morning sunlight enter in cooking area….please reply

  61. Shijuvincent Vincent Alexander says:

    Nice video,we expect more video like this

  62. Jaya Krishnan says:

    Ma'am I love your designs. Do you have any villa project in tvm.near sreekaryam

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