INSANE $10,000 TREASURE HUNT IN HUGE MANSION!! **impossible** | FaZe Rug
INSANE $10,000 TREASURE HUNT IN HUGE MANSION!! **impossible** | FaZe Rug

In my hand I have $10,000 rolled up, I’m gonna find a hiding spot for this What is going on guys, how’s everybody doing today? I hope you’re all having a fantastic day welcome back to a brand new video if you are new here My name is faze rug, and I upload videos every single day And they’re lit so hit that subscribe button become a rugrat today and check out the room guys still got all the Christmas decorations happy Thanksgiving everybody actually by the time this video goes up. It’s not Thanksgiving, but the day im recording is Thanksgiving so Happy Thanksgiving Hope you guys all have a great Thanksgiving Spend time with your family and comment down below what you’re thankful for first and foremost I am thankful for my family my beautiful lovely family I love them to death and I hope you guys feel the same way about your family of course and of course I’m thankful for each and every single one of you guys for changing my life for the best I can’t stress how much I love you guys, and how thankful I am for you guys to be in my life So I seriously do appreciate you all keep up the amazing support I thank you guys in all my videos, but I seriously just want to let you guys know how thankful I really am I’m also thankful for having a roof over my head and being fed every single day It’s the little things in life that you have to be thankful for guys, but today’s vlog is about to be lit guys We’re having family over to our house for Thanksgiving, and we’re about to have a fun time I have a fun game in mind I think I’m gonna be doing a little treasure-hunt with my whole family, and it’s about to be lit Please sit back relax, and enjoy the vlog once again happy Thanksgiving even though by the time You’re watching this it’s not Thanksgiving, but I’m gonna wait for my family to get here And we’re gonna have a fun time look who’s here for things giving dinner What are you making? I spent all day making this. It’s gravy. I actually made a lot of stuff for Thanksgiving I made these mashed potatoes. Uh uh which look good Yeah, I mean it’s good corn, I like KFC corn yeah, honestly check it out She knew what Thanksgiving men Oh I haven’t even seen it Damn, that looks so good. We didn’t take anything yeah Oh, hey, mom we were just talking about you Hey, hey blogger how you doing? I made the guac okay i made the salad ok the cheese What you made the Doritos from hand right guys these are actually homemade Doritos Guys meet uncle rug papa rugs brother sup man first time in my vlog Really best uncle right here, I might say that about everyone, but you know hey did he really just lick your plate Wait was he just licked the artichoke dip We got Dennis we got dave We got Christian Amanda’s boyfriend now that I can say it on the vlog Yep for the first time why didn’t you tell me so I could vlog it that wasn’t perfect clickbait Christian how was that interaction my voice was shaking aman come on give us one shot junior lette her Just make it real quick cuz I know she’s gonna do it second try Oh Guys when you have three different vloggers in the house me my brother as my mom and my dad, so that’s four How’s the vlog going so we got a? Beautiful sunset here on Thanksgiving Day with the family you couldn’t ask for anything better than this when it’s the holidays and you’re with your Family, that’s the greatest time ever when there’s a beautiful sunset. There’s calls for a photographer Rob to come downstairs Cutting the turkey Rajotte, how is it? Oh my god, I’m sorry if you’re watching this and you’re hungry. I’m saving so much food tonight By barely eight social grateful it all’s ready for no more Eating some delicious Thanksgiving dinner I hope you guys all had a great Thanksgiving and comment down below what you’re thankful for But right now to spice up the Thanksgiving gathering with my whole family. We just finished eating. We’re all just chillin We’re all just having fun I decided I want to do a little treasure hunt in my hand I have ten thousand dollars rolled up so the other day I Saw banks do a video where he did a treasure hunt in the clock house ten thousand dollars And I thought that was the coolest idea. I want to give it a try I knew a lot of family members were gonna come over for Thanksgiving So I saved this specific video for today because I want more contestants to be in it I’m gonna be hiding this $10,000 somewhere in our mansion I was thinking about some restrictions like no upstairs are no rooms, but I’m like this is ten thousand dollars They have to work hard for it. We have to find a spot in the hardest place possible I’m gonna find a hiding spot for this I’m gonna gather up the people playing and then I’m gonna have them record their point of view and hunt for this $10,000 wasn’t gonna shout out to banks. All right. We got all the contestants for this game here right now we got Christian Dennis Amanda bruh wadis Mandy and Yeah, he’s playing מיר האבען די געלט Yeah, everyone’s messing around not paying attention until this comes out All right, so this is ten thousand dollars rolled up you guys get feel you can look at it, whatever Nowhere Okay, so Looking for one and you guys are gonna Go outside right now, and I’m gonna put it in the spot real quick and we’re gonna start the game yes Grand where did it go hey? That is I don’t want to put my hand in your pocket so heaven it’s right there Brothers huh? We’re brothers okay? I mean I’ll be out there I’m serious. I’ll be the man that we’re just talking I’m an ago די ווייסט? I’m excited to see if anyone finds it hopefully not because if they don’t find it then I get to keep the finger and throw their spectators They’re not playing reg at My mom all right guys, so I was looking off camera where I’m gonna put this ten grand I was thinking like where’s a challenging spot Where’s a cool place in a huge mansion like this like it’s ten thousand have to make the spot super hard so come look we Got this big living room here our house is huge, and I’m not putting any restrictions on this. There’s this vacuum right here and then Wanted to oh there we go okay. Oh מיין ג-ט מיין ג-ט Okay, let’s see if it fits back And we’re gonna walk by this it’s literally just sitting there No one’s gonna think that I was thinking of hiding it Just like in a plant or like behind the curtain, but I want to get creative You know and since I probably think no one’s gonna find this money at all so after a lot of time passes by I’m just Gonna start giving them Hinn. We’re gonna see wins this money. Who do you think it is out of everybody? Okay, I’m gonna call them in right now and get the game started. Hope you guys do enjoy the video Please smash that like button keeps taking me into corners and trying to see if I would tell more the money All right guys the money is now hidden. Are you ready to start everyone has their videos ready alright everyone start recording alright way Too long Anywhere in the house Oh, yeah פריד מיר נישט קיין קאשיות פרעג מיר נישט קיין קאשיות Yeah, oh My god. It’s just so funny. This is so funny 10 grand 10 grand our house is gonna. Be a mess No one found it Look at how close my dad Guys my dad really wants this money, oh, we’re good Bosley you want the money, too He’s freaking out right now Yeah, if you guys want to split the money however you want, we’ll split the money Well I’m so confused right now, how’s it going guys? Come on guys it’s so easy. I don’t know it’s probably not easy not real oh My god. I can’t believe it Brandi. I said don’t cheat Bosley you better not have blown your cover, dude I told you Bosley was looking at me He’s not telling Bosley my G. Thank you so much. Give me your hand. Thank you man. See respect. I think enough Last time you know keep looking Do not go upstairs The only reason I did it you can’t see it through this glass and it has a little pouch in there one Brandon picked up The vacuum I thought he got it damn Okay, what are you doing with the money? Oh? Hey, sorry, splitting it with your family like taking them out Wait what made you look in the damn vacuum, okay, I think you guys both Did you pick it up earlier, and you said it’s not in the vacuum? Put it in there, and I said, okay, I looked in there So are you guys coming to all the gatherings at my house everything’s giving? Oh my god guys. Good morning last night was insane I am still super full I ate like three different plays seriously the best dinner that I’ve had in a while But I just woke up I hope you guys did enjoy the video that $10,000 treasure hunt turned out amazing congratulations to Amanda for that 10 grand I hope that changed your life I mean $10,000 is a lot of money pay off your student loans your car bills all that fun stuff and to everyone who participated and lost Like there might be more events like this every Thanksgiving so like next year. Yeah guys I think I’m gonna end the video there. I hope you guys did enjoy Please be sure to smash that and once again shout out to banks for this idea Okay, like me and him are homies. It was cool with it, and I want to give it a try in this mansion I wanted to hide $10,000 somewhere. What do you guys think of the spot that I put it in the vacuum? I think that was pretty smart because no one would look there a couple people picked up the vacuum And I’m like oh shit good thing. They can’t see it through wait guys Let me know if you want to see more videos like this Please subscribe if you are new become a rug rat today and other than that hitstun rug and I am out

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