Inside a $25M TriBeCa Penthouse With 360° Views | On The Market | Architectural Digest
Inside a $25M TriBeCa Penthouse With 360° Views | On The Market | Architectural Digest

100 thoughts on “Inside a $25M TriBeCa Penthouse With 360° Views | On The Market | Architectural Digest”

  1. H conteh says:

    It’ll only be a matter of days before a Chinese or Saudi billionaire snatches this place without even seeing it in person at full ask.

  2. TrySari says:

    Wow 4 books in the Library. Insane.

  3. Kelly Royer says:

    I’m going to call my best friend Kylie Jenner, I need this for my birthday 😂😂😂

  4. James says:

    This is pretty small…Plebeian…no home theater…only three bedrooms…you have two children…now where does your au pair stay…Wow…small. WHY would you buy this when you can just stay at the Four Seasons…CHEAPER too…It's not like you're going to live in New York with its garbage smell/noise/pollution/traffic all year round.

  5. Delaney Jones says:

    imagine living there and having to share a bedroom

  6. Annie Banana says:

    I mean, it's okay. If they were giving homes away, I'd take it but it's definitely nothing great in terms of the finishings. I would've thought more high end, modern finishings would be part of a home at this price point but to me it somehow feels dated 🤷‍♀️

  7. Annie Banana says:

    Does being one of the tallest residential buildings really serve as a selling feature?… in New York of all places. It's a hard pass from me.

  8. Wardeaus says:

    Whoever the interior designer for this place was needs to be fired

  9. The Man says:


  10. sonof amun says:

    That’s a scary terrace

  11. Cyril TV says:

    I think it only lacks a backyard

  12. Unknown Player says:

    Imagine living there while having a severe depression with suicidal thoughts 😐

  13. Cyril TV says:

    Double exposure Double exposure Double exposure

  14. Cyril TV says:

    She says $25m like it’s 25 dollars

  15. Cyril TV says:

    She says $25m like it’s 25 dollars

  16. Cyril TV says:

    This looks Like a place Barney would stay in

  17. Cleopatra Dawn says:

    Beautiful but everything is too white. Not too much contrast. Need more than 3 bedrooms for 25M.

  18. Ahmed Raza Quadri says:

    Asking $25 mn for what?

  19. Ahmed Raza Quadri says:

    First time in my life I am seeing library with no book shelves .😂

  20. equiest says:

    If I save up another lifetime I might just be able to afford this

  21. Syaffa Naila says:

    Just wait until an earthquake strikes. Yikes.

  22. John LeGresley says:

    Only $25M but it's ugly as sin, so here we are…

  23. Arkedaru says:

    first thing i would do, thrown out all this ugly interior

  24. Nancy Wright says:

    Perhaps the "library" should be staged so that it actually looks like one. Maybe built-in bookshelves in white oak?Just sell the room by pointing out the possibilities. "This bonus room can be converted to any type of living space the owner needs or desires ." Buyers want options, possibilities that they cannot visualize at that moment, when they are overwhelmed with all the home hunting.

  25. MrBoriqua2000 says:

    Looks nice. I'll take 2

  26. Jack Crowley says:

    There's… No books in the library, and no shelves either 🙁

  27. Andy From Wii Sports says:

    They mixed up the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms! 5:23 shows a balcony, but the floor plans show it not having a balcony. Vice versa for the 3rd bedroom. Probably not smart for the kids' room to have a balcony on the 82nd story.

  28. Santana Gonsalves says:

    Beautiful, but the view is a concrete jungle, no trees or nature anywhere (no pun intended) Looks like a recipe for depression and happiness in one.

  29. THE SITUATION! says:

    Welcome to the library.. no books or shelves.. my kind of library I'll take it👍🙃

  30. vishnu hi says:

    ผมจะซื้อบ้านซื้อรถซื้อเครื่องบินf35ไว้บินเล่นซื้อเฮรีค็อปเตอร์ส่วนตัว 😍😍😍😍😁😁😙😉😉🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  31. Louie Tzepher says:

    Folks not from NY or those that are from NY that are clueless on value have no idea how much of a good price this is based on location, sq/ft, views and amenities. This price tells me that the economy is not sound if they are willing to part with this beauty at such a cheap price. Folks better beware, our economy is not sound once you start to see deals like this.

  32. TheOfficialGorms says:

    "all of this could be yours for 25 million dollars".

    Me: yeah….I'm good.

  33. tigergreg8 says:

    So many strange comments, but I guess the humor takes away the fact they'll never live like this.
    Nice job showing the home, with such a nice personality. Beautiful Home.

  34. Run Lin says:

    nothing special without the view

  35. Some Guy says:

    A library with only four books? Not too impressive..

  36. Kuziai says:

    All of this? for a merely 38764 gazillion dollars

  37. Xander Evely says:

    Get this monotone horse face off your listing, she couldn't sell me water in Nevada

  38. CheyennexxR says:

    $25,000,000 for this? when I was younger I thought you could get a place like this for $1,000,000

  39. Tim Fritz says:

    Sorry, but that room does not fit the definition of a library… A library should contain a "collection" of books or periodicals. Why not call it what it is, a spare room?

  40. naokri123 BTS ARMY says:

    Hmm, $25,000,000, yeah that fits within my price range. Hahaha! (*laughs in broke)

  41. Veronica Rodriguez says:

    feel like she would be good at asmr

  42. faisal Chnachi says:

    the video would be useless without the floor plan

  43. Denise_Marie Guevara says:

    Who thought this video was in 360°

  44. Tai Duplan says:

    I love 💕 this penthouse. I am to own this penthouse one day

  45. Itachi Uchiha says:

    Something about it is throwing me off. Maybe its all the white. Id like to see more warm colors like a reddish brown. Id skip the white and put black in the master bedroom

  46. Cereal Killer says:

    No color

  47. Jason Jones says:

    The ceilings way too high I’m out..

  48. 613 bst says:

    The living room is really pretty ngl

  49. Aj Morris says:

    After he realize what he spent on this crap, he can jump off the terrace.

  50. 613 bst says:

    The benches in the master bedroom truly looks comfortable

  51. John Lennon says:

    Why is the penthouse at 41b at Central Park West off of the market?

  52. Ihesha Parnell says:

    NYC is bizzare

  53. andy collins says:

    and the monthly fees are?

  54. Lissy Lyrics says:

    that's a lounge/den, not a library xD

  55. Lynn St Laurent says:

    That mortgage and they can still afford avocados lol

  56. Zarif Karim says:

    Can't wait for the person to pay $2mil per year for taxes for this property


    no double sink, the kitchen is not a part of the rest of the house but closed off, is it just me or does the place look poorly designed, everything in the house and the house itself is costly, but it just doesn't read full-blown magic, it doesn't have that oomph feel, I think if someone has the 25 million they could spend it somewhere else as a better investment, the all-around terrace isn't what's necessary for New York

  58. Conor Ketchum says:

    This is FiDi, not Tribeca

  59. Robin’ Hood Rookie says:

    $25M seems like a good deal for New York City 😎

  60. Michael Campbell says:

    Building is horrible looking, for 25 mil I’d take 432 Park or Central Park tower anyyy day

  61. nicolle n. says:

    Great view of all the office buildings! 🤣 so scenic…when you leave work it’s like you never left.

  62. Mitzila Janina says:

    for only 25 million you get a library without bookcases? the only books I saw where on the coffe table! also It's no wierd to house your guest closer to than you your own children or that is my "middle class" mentality?

  63. Will Jorgenson says:

    OVERPRICED it’s only 4500 sqft u could get that footage for 10 million in Beverly Hills!!!

  64. Brittany C says:

    Never in a million years would I buy a place that is 900 feet up with little children. I hope they have ways to childproof the balcony oml

  65. Modern Soccer says:

    "Over 900 feet",
    "San Andreas" has joined the chat

  66. nemlol says:

    I gotta ask, what's with American homes having so many bathrooms? Like does everyone in the house have synchronised poo cycles ?

  67. Martha Porter says:

    Black Friday sale?

  68. レインRain says:

    I don’t like her voice 😭

  69. NancyinRedHeels says:

    Personally I think the scenery is ugly by daylight… all you can see are skycrappers and buildings..different things by night though

  70. fhioweifohjf says:

    Is it just me or did they circle the wrong bedrooms on the floorplan when they were showing them?

  71. chancy319 says:

    Does the real estate agent come with the house? 😍😍😍

  72. NPC 33331 says:

    This place is a real shithole for 25M

  73. Javier Espinoza says:

    It’s only worth 300k at most man not 25 million 😂🤮

  74. Bethany Christensen says:

    IMAGINE you pay 25 million for a house and you still have a damn showerbath

  75. Rori Luv says:

    She literally bored me too sleep, could not finish

  76. Kikelomo Ayantayo says:

    I was really dying to see the closet in the master’s bedroom

  77. vsboy 25 says:

    Been rich must be fun

  78. Manuelle J says:

    Very Nice but too much white.

  79. MidNight says:

    Worth it

  80. Nikki Johnson says:

    I think the apartment is STUNNING, beautifully designed, decorated, everything. But would I consider it worth twenty five million dollars? Nope! Would you?

  81. Don L says:

    What the maintenance fees ? 😂😂😂😂😂

  82. Remy 91 says:

    Private dinning room
    Private master bathroom
    Private wet bar
    A penthouse is private no ?

  83. Bryan Hendricks says:

    I wouldn’t pay 💰 25 for that if I had it 😂😂😂

  84. Alba Mora Pous says:

    Imagine forgetting your phone once you are down and having to go all the way up again

  85. Forrest Nelson says:

    The fact that the master bedroom doors are transparent glass and share with the other bedroom adjacent the balcony would dive me insane. My guest would be like "I can see the new Freedom Tower, and this fat naked dude covered in tostitos crumbs and salsa."

  86. सर्व स्व says:

    background music track reference?

  87. Dania Norbert says:

    The height is terrifying

  88. Mawya _ says:

    Imagine paying 25 million to have your bedroom so close to the elevators and services and have maximum sun exposure, this design begging the users to stop sleeping

  89. Elena Bondarenco says:

    Omg! I need this to be mine! This is the most perfect penthouse that I have ever seen by far🥵😍

  90. Whatshouldwecallher ? says:

    If I had kids they'd be so pissed about having to share a room while there is a separate "Library" room with no books! Or shelves!!!!

  91. Raveka says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I think you should have books in the library.

  92. James Soares says:

    That’s not a library, that’s a reading nook. Oh, rich people!

  93. Libby Ral says:

    Twenty five million dollars and it's a BYOB (book) library.

  94. Libby Ral says:

    Twenty five million dollars and it's a BYOB (book) library.

  95. Libby Ral says:

    Twenty five million dollars and it's a BYOB (book) library.

  96. Truth Hurts says:

    I can think of a lot things to do with 25 million and its not spend it on that apartment

  97. mazigree says:

    13,500,000 $ no more

  98. Adrian Perez says:

    Imagine caring grocery bags that ain’t going to be fun

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