Installing a Ceiling Fan : Remove Ceiling Plate for Installing Ceiling Fans

Hi! My name is Adolph Ramirez from Tampa,
Florida on behalf of Expert Village, this is how to install a ceiling fan. Make sure
you disconnect all of your power; shut it off at the service panel. Don’t rely on any
kind of switches or anything like that. Just make sure that you shut it off at the service
panel. Then you need to remove this plate here to expose if you have pre-existing wires.
If you don’t have pre-exisitng wires, then you will have to get a certified electrician
so they can run power and put a box with enough support on top so that will support your fan.
If you have a fixture, then you just have to remove the fixture first, expose your wires
and then go ahead and hook up your fan. These are the wires. Here you have a set of different
colored wires. You have your earth ground which is your ground system. It is usually
a bare wire or it may be also a green wire. Red usually signifies that it is a switch
wire so that it is controlled by some type of switch on your wall. Your white is your
neutral and your black of course, is your hot and just make sure that it is always got
a cap on it to ensure that you don’t get shocked or anything like that. But again if you shut
it off at the service panel, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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