Installing Tongue & Groove Wood Ceiling Planks with Included Parts | Armstrong Ceilings for the Home
Installing Tongue & Groove Wood Ceiling Planks with Included Parts | Armstrong Ceilings for the Home

In this video,
you will learn how to install WoodHaven Planks
using the hardware included in the carton. The installation
you’ll see will be attached to exposed joists
using furring strips, but this method also works
when installing the planks over drywall. Before beginning
your project, please review the complete
installation instructions that are available online. You’ll need the following
tools and materials– a saw, tape measure, hammer
or drill, string line, furring strips and
attachment hardware, shims, WoodHaven planks with
included clips and screws, and a finishing
trim of your choice. Keep these requirements in mind
before beginning your project. WoodHaven cartons should be
opened two to three days prior to the install to
allow the material to adjust to room conditions. Ceilings longer than
21 feet in length will need an expansion joint. This joint is a gap between
the ends of the planks that allow the ceiling to
naturally expand and contract. It can be covered with
decorative molding. In addition, 1/2
inch gaps need to be added around all light
fixtures and obstructions. Furring strips are required
when using the included hardware in order to level your ceiling. WoodHaven planks should
only be installed in a climate controlled area. To begin, identify
your plank direction. Planks must run perpendicular
to your furring straps. Furring strips can run either
perpendicular or parallel to joists but must be spaced
a minimum of 16 inches to a maximum of 24 inches apart. If you are installing
below existing drywall, you will need to identify the
joist location and direction. Reference the
installation instructions for additional guidance. Install a row of furring strips
using either screws or nails. Continue installing and leveling
parallel rows of furring strips no more than 24 inches apart. While installing
your furring strips, make sure to level as you go. We recommend using shims to
achieve a level installation. The last row of
furring strips should be 2 inches from the wall. Once your furring
strips are up, it’s time to install your planks. You may need to cut starter
planks lengthwise, tongue-side up, to create an even border
on opposite sides of the room. Take a look at this
example to help you complete your calculations. This example is also found in
the installation instructions, which are available online. Not all walls are
perfectly straight. Snap a chalk line at the
distance of your first border plank to create a straight line. Lift the first
plank up into place, and insert the clip into the
grooved side of the plank. Leave a 3/4 inch gap
along the starting wall. Attach the clip to the furring
strip with the screws included in the carton. Attach the non-supported
edge with a single screw into the furring strip. This screw should be
covered with molding at the end of the installation. A clip must be
installed everywhere a plank intersects
a furring strip. Ensure screws are
installed straight up into the furring strips
so the head of the screw does not interfere
with the installation. Plank’s groove must slide
freely with the clip. Tightening the screw too much
could cause the clip to twist and keep the planks
from floating properly. Ensure the clips are level. Continue measuring,
cutting, and installing the first row of planks. Plank ends will meet with the
tongue and groove connection. Cut the last plank to the
length that leaves a 3/4 inch gap at the opposite side wall. If installing Item
number 1149 Beadboard, the plank ends meet
with a shiplap joint, which should be connected
with a small amount of water-based glue. Wipe off any excess
glue before it dries. Start the second row
by inserting the tongue into the groove of the
plank in the first row. Support the groove edge
using clips and screws. Continue working your
way across the room, installing the planks,
staggering the joints while you go. When installing the final
row, measure the distance from the wall and cut
the last row of planks to fit, leaving a 3/4 inch gap
between the plank and the wall. Use a single screw to support
the cut edge of the plank. Once all of the
planks are installed, complete their room with a trim
of your choice for a finished look. Do not attach the trim directly
to the WoodHaven planks. Your WoodHaven plank ceiling can
be cleaned with a damp cloth. Go online to see the full range
of WoodHaven plank options and to review the complete
installation instructions. [MUSIC PLAYING]>>Before you go. Don’t forget
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