Interior Design | Luxury Homes Tour& Home Decor Ideas
Interior Design | Luxury Homes Tour& Home Decor Ideas

Some of our JD’s team attended a parade
of homes with me this weekend. It was out of this world and I cannot wait to show
you! So we walked through five different
homes. We saw a lot of modern style, we saw a lot of traditional, and then the
very last house was the Southern Living home and that’s actually gonna be
featured in their magazine. Now, these houses were over-the-top
extravagant and most of us don’t live like that, including myself. However, you
can still find unique decorating ideas that you can do in your own home and
that’s just what I’m hoping to point out. For a pretty table place setting idea,
put a candle ring between the dinner plate and a salad plate. Take a look at
this tall beautiful centerpiece. You can totally mimic this idea by
getting a tall clear glass vase, adding the moss in the bottom, and I love
willow branches. Black shiplap! I am so doing this in
my bonus room! Take a look at these firewood boxes! I
thought they were genius. If you’re somebody that knows a little bit about
woodworking, I don’t think it would be difficult to mimic. This is the perfect
marriage of function and design. Take a look at these wood cornice boards.
They are simple but yet so elegant. The shadow box filled with watercolor
butterflies was beautiful but my daughter had a great idea for a
grandmother and mother and that was to collect the drawings of your child and
cut out butterflies or other shapes and put them all in a shadow box like this.
How beautiful would that be? This boy room was probably my favorite and it
also had a lot of doable ideas that are not very expensive. From having sports
memorabilia attached to the wall, or this headboard that was made from wood slats.
Pretty smart. I’m gonna show you one of the most
talked-about rooms on the entire tour and that was this bonus room basement.
It was absolutely over-the-top incredible. Let me share an inexpensive wall decor
idea. I love this guitar in a custom-made shadow box but I have gone to the craft
store and purchased the shadow box word wall decor, half off and I painted the
entire thing in solid color, and then added my own decor inside. An easy way to accessorize a large
kitchen countertop, is with a cutting board and I love how they placed these
large vases with greenery on top. So I saved the best house for last and I
have been drooling to go into this house. I want you to look behind us! Are you loving the house, Kayla? “I’ve
almost cried six times!” This blew our minds and actually a lot
of things blew our minds but this one was incredible! Until you walked up and
touched this tile, you could not tell that it wasn’t real tile. It was
peel-and-stick tile! I’m gonna put a link below. It’s $32
for ten sheets! We loved it! Molly, Emma, and I went to say thank you
for watching. Be sure to subscribe to my channel because Christmas videos are
coming out! We went through five different homes.
There was a lot of modern- apparently, I’m boring her. We all don’t live like that,
including myself there are I’m sorry we went through five different we went
through five five different homes there was a lot

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    Beautiful homes.. I have to agree the last one was awesome

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  7. Decorating with Barbara says:

    Wow! The tour was awesome! Thank you so much for taking us along. We have similar Christmas tours here in Kansas, but they don't allow us to take pictures. It's always difficult to remember all the great ideas. So I really appreciate you taking the time to record. Looking forward to your Chritmas videos! God bless!

  8. Sue Anderson says:

    My favorite was the Southern Living House. Beautiful!!

  9. Susanโ€™s Cozy Condo Life says:

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  33. kajlove1 says:

    My best friend and I have been doing the tour for years now in Richmond VA area. We also take a group of young girls with our daughters or another friend or two from our church at least once during the season. We try to go every weekend if we can! We always get awesome ideas when we go! That infinity pool with the chairs in the pool is FABULOUS!!!!

  34. kajlove1 says:

    Thanks for sharing, Parade of Homes is one of my most absolute favorite things!!!! I believe that when I was young and single living in N VA I went to a tour but I didn't know what it was then. There seemed to be many people and the decor was amazing even for the late 80"s I remember lavender carpet on one floor and yellow on another. It was the height of style at the time! Oh I'm gonna check out the peel and stick!

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    I appreciate how you make simple, practical ideas beautiful.

    So we are redoing our Master Bedroom and my husband wants to add recessed lights. How many would you suggest ? We also currently have a ceiling fan with a light in the center. I like having the fan for wam summer evenings but if we have recessed lights, do we need it?

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