Interior Design Tips: 10 best storage ideas to steal from high-end kitchens.
Interior Design Tips: 10 best storage ideas to steal from high-end kitchens.

Some of the most high-end kitchen
manufacturers are the most organized kitchens. In fact, many of them are famous
for their organization systems and how they integrate right into the design and
look of the kitchen. But you can steal these design ideas and incorporate them
into your very own kitchen. Let’s count them down… There’s a lot happening in and
around the sink in any kitchen and the storage below the sink is invaluable so
instead of doors think about a drawer instead. From waste bins to sponge
holders this drawer system from Henrybuilt uses every last inch of space to
keep your kitchen efficient and organized. A must-have in your kitchen
are drawers instead of doors. Extra deep drawers are the easiest way to store
large pots and pans because they’re easy to see everything inside and you can get
to them easily as well. You can even store plates with strategically placed
pegs like this from the German company
Bulthaup. One of the best ways to get
that modern streamlined look in your kitchen is not having hardware. So
concealed hardware is a great way to achieve the look and still have a super
functional kitchen. Just watch… With a simple tap of the door, the door opens. When you’re done press the button and
they close. All with no visible hardware. Okay if you do have cabinet doors
wouldn’t it be great to have them disappear? These doors swing open like
normal but then you can slide them back into a hidden pocket so that you have
full access to all your stuff when you’re busy in the kitchen. Then close it
up when you’re all done. I love the idea of easily sweeping waste into the waste
bin without having to open drawers or cupboards. That’s why I’m loving this
composting bin by Blanco. It’s completely integrated into the countertop and then
when it’s full it just lifts out for quick removal too. That area just behind
your sink faucet can be very useful space. Just plan ahead and allow yourself
some room back there and you can have this… a lovely long dish strainer in a
beautiful wood finish. It adds warmth and interest to your kitchen with loads of
practicality. These aren’t your standard cutlery trays!
Everything in its place. Bulthaup has some of the most beautiful
cutlery and utensil drawers and they come in a variety of finishes to fit
your own kitchen style. It’s like opening up a jewelry box full of treasures. Why
not take advantage of the unused space inside your walls along the kitchen? Like
this… I’m loving this flip down cabinet with a hidden knife block and clever
wooden chopping board. Pretty smart huh. Some of the best designs are simple,
simple, simple! I’m loving the idea of using hooks on the wall for hugely
practical storage. And these are the most beautiful hooks ever. They’re actually
retractable too! A great little detail and a great opportunity to style your
kitchen too. And finally, my most favorite high-end
kitchen detail is a very thin floating shelf just at arm’s reach. The key is
very thin. It can be stainless steel like this little guy that slides to where you
need it most. Or this shelf that runs the length of
the kitchen, perfect for easy access to everyday essentials but also you can
display artwork and accessories too! So here’s your take away: High-end kitchens
are usually packed with great storage and organization systems. From
full-service drawers to fancy cutlery trays and everything in between,
steal from the best and incorporate them into your next kitchen renovation. Thanks
for watching this little design tip. I’ll have lots more design tips just like
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