Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces
Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces

hi everyone Ugo Arinzeh with Onyx
Property Consultants and Keller Williams today we are in a fabulous one-bedroom
flat in Lancaster Gate. The reason why I wanted to show off this flat is because
it’s a great example of how fabulous interior design can really make a
difference especially in a small space. This flat started off as a studio flat
and it had kind of a faux partition wall and we were able to create a true
1-bedroom by completing the wall off and with that we were able to really
distinguish it from some of the other units in the building because it’s being
actually offered as a rental. We started off by anchoring the space with this
fabulous sofa and it really grounds the space and our color palette because this
is an open plan space we really had to make sure that we were thoughtful in the
features we selected and one of the things is this beautiful coffee table,
it’s got a circular pattern and it’s glass which creates a sense of lightness
and space. What I like is, we’re also able to kind of move it around as needed.
In our dining space here what I really think was important was selecting chairs
that had some arm detail to it, a beautiful neutral again but what’s nice
is while you can sit here for formal dining and you’ve got plenty of space to do that, we can
actually bring it into the living space for more formal conversation but really
entertaining the way some people might want to. So now we’re in the bedroom and
while it’s not particularly large we were absolutely able to create a
sumptuous haven in here. How do we do that? Number one is creating this focal
point and using this headboard that’s this beautiful, again, latte
colored with the tufted leather and because we’ve got good ceiling height
we’ve created some drama, in doing that we created this haven that’s a fabulous
place to come home to with these wonderful textures throughout. What we
also did was create this wonderful seating space here, and by selecting a
chair that has very low profile it’s quite seamless but stylish. It’s got the
beautiful bit of glitter that really complements our fabulous shag
as well. What’s also nice in this space is that instead of doing that typical
matching nightstand we’ve decided to actually create more
storage by putting in this beautiful dresser but it actually complements the
nightstand on the other side. Why? Because we made sure that the detail of that
polished brass was present in both of those pieces and that’s able to tie them
together without being so matchy, creating fabulous storage in this space
as well. What I also like in this space is creating a bit of interest by this
beautiful filigree mirror, it’s got this beautiful detail on it and that
really continues to compliment the space and creating these little pebbles of
luxury and details that makes the space very spectacular. I hope by seeing this flat you’ve gotten
some great ideas on how you can transform a small space by not being
afraid to use some interesting textures, going for a neutral palette that’s
not your typical beige, and really accenting it with some special
details. So if you want to know more about interior design and your home then
get in touch. That’s Ugo Arinzeh with Onyx Property Consultants and Keller Williams. Bye for now!

23 thoughts on “Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces”

  1. Everything Edmonton says:

    WOW!! that space is completely transformed. Love it

  2. David Cathers says:

    Very nice Ugo. I just filmed a small house video last week with a designer builder friend. Your ideas gave me a few more ideas to incorporate when I edit that video. Thanks!!

  3. John Hamilton says:

    well done – enjoyed the before and after use of space and explanation of why the lines of furniture worked well in the space

  4. Angela O'Hare - Las Vegas Realtor says:

    Love seeing the before and afters.

  5. Horizon Real Estate & Probate and Trust Help says:

    Here in North Park of San Diego, we have many small homes with small spaces. Great tips on how to maximize the use of space and have it look stylish!

  6. Wise Move AZ says:

    You did an amazing job! What a gorgeous space.

  7. Kelly Zimmerman, EXP Realty of California, Inc says:

    Great tips! 🌟

  8. Living in Fort Myers says:

    Excellent tips! And a beautiful finished product!

  9. Stephanie Brannan says:

    Amazing job! Love the furniture!

  10. Kathie Castro says:

    Fabulously tips!! It truly makes all the difference

  11. Alyson Wahl says:

    Great walkthrough of thought process!

  12. Jose Sepulveda says:

    Impressive before and after

  13. Best of Waterloo Region with Matt Rooney says:

    Really nice looking space, great video! πŸ™

  14. Hollywood FL Realtor Kate Smith says:

    Very cute! And, one can ascertain immediately that it is not in the US, no TV in the bedroom! Scandalous, LOL!

  15. The Thomas Group - Real Estate - Las Vegas says:

    Ooo what a lovely space. It feels so tranquil! I adore that wall color, I see so many poor gray paint choices. This is done right!

  16. Teddy Lopez says:

    I love home staging! Very nice!!!! Love the bathroom at the end

  17. Modansky Homes Team says:

    Loved the transformation! Great Video!

  18. Amy Hayslett Realtor says:

    These are great tips and great job here.

  19. AK Ali says:

    Great tips!

  20. Mary Schumann says:

    love this!

  21. Susan Hicks Thetford says:

    super design ideas and great thought behind it all. Thank you!

  22. Living in Charleston SC says:

    Another great video from my favorite agent across the pond! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Lauri Howes says:

    I love that place, the staging is fabulous!

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