Interior Design Tips: Open concept living spaces – One area rug or two?
Interior Design Tips: Open concept living spaces – One area rug or two?

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to talk
about rugs for your open-concept living and dining room. If you have separate
rooms for your living room and your dining room and you’re looking to add
area rugs to each of these spaces then I’ve got a couple of great videos for
you to watch. I’ll link them below so you can learn about all the rules for rug
sizing for each of those rooms. However do those same rules apply if you have
one open-concept space that includes both your living room and dining room? Ah
that is the question! In fact it was a question that was sent to me right here
by Stefan… He asks: if you have an open space and
your dining room is next to your living room can or should you use rugs in both
spaces great question two rugs or one rug here’s what you need to know the
first thing I do is I look at the overall space and specifically how much
space I have between the two groupings of furniture following the rug sizing
rules laid out in my other separate videos if you’ve got room to walk
between the two groupings without straddling either area rug then that
means you have lots of space and you can get away with having a rug in each area
if that’s the case then you’ll want the two area rugs to relate to one another
in some way they belong to the same room so they should work well together look
for rugs that have similar colors even though one might be patterned or more
bold than the other I like this idea too sisal rugs are used for both spaces but
then adding a secondary smaller rug on top in the living room this adds a
little something extra to the living room while making the whole space still
feel cohesive also if you have more of an l-shaped layout for the two areas
then having two rugs is pretty easy and you have a little more leeway here
because the two areas are further apart and visually more separated than if the
two spaces were right next to each other again check out my other videos below
for the appropriate size of rug for each of these rooms but what if you don’t have an l-shaped
layout or you don’t have lots of space separating the two areas then I would
focus on one rug instead of two but here’s the key in almost all cases I
would have an area rug in the living room instead of the dining the reason
area rugs define your space and they act as a foundation or base especially when
you have a grouping of furniture a dining table and chairs are already
grouped closely together and even the pendant light fixture that would
normally sit above the table makes this furniture grouping already feel like it
has a sense of purpose in place so a rug is not so necessary here living rooms
are made up of several pieces of furniture
there’s the sofa the side tables a coffee table maybe some additional
seating all of these pieces need something to keep them all together
visually an area rug is the perfect way to ground all these pieces of furniture
together and give the living room a sense of place in an open space so
here’s your take away an open-concept living room and dining room can be
visually defined and separated with furniture as well as area rugs if you
have lots of space look for two separate area rugs that work well together so
that the two spaces look like they belong in the same room but if you have
less space than off for one rug only and make it part of your living room
selecting a rug that creates a visual foundation for all the furniture pieces
that make up your living room will help define the living room within the larger
open concept space thanks for watching this interior design tip I’ll have lots
more design tips coming soon so don’t forget to subscribe to the channel hit
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other questions about rugs rug sizing or open-concept living leave them in the
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    Thank you for the great videos!! Would you please give advice on how to choose a coffee table if it will be used also for dinning? My husband and l eats in our living room and we don’t have dining table and not planning to have one, but we really dislike our coffee table which is too big.

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    Very helpful video but would you use an outdoor rug for the dining room thank you . I find this question was easy for me because I have a knee wall dividing the two rooms my other question is and I think I know the answer but I just want to get it confirmed when you have open concept should all the three rooms that connect be the same paint color

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