It Won’t Let Go! Mexican Scary Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled
It Won’t Let Go! Mexican Scary Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

hey autings’,before we get into these week’s episode I want to really quickly tell you about one of our sponsors, honey honey helps you find the best deals online it finds discounts and coupons across 37,000 sites like amazon,best buy,and more so when you’re ready to check out after shoppin online the honey add on will automatically let you know if there are any available deals I needed to buy a fathers day gift for my dad and i was able to knock off 50 dolars off a smart watch fibit because of the deal honey alerted me of not that I’m against paying full price for a gift for my dad but it is always very exciting to save money look there’s really no reason to not use honey its free to use and easy to install on your computer in just 2 clicks so shop with confidence get honey for free at Honey,the smart shopping insistent that saves you time & money when you’re shopping online And now…back to the show Hey, I’m saphire wanna hear something scary? UNDER THE BED The following is a true story that was shared by Xochitl Garcia Who was the fiance of our animator Johnny Ashely This is her father Henry’s encounter with a paranormal My name is Henry Paul Garcia,when i was about 5 years old in 1945 Something happened to me that til this day neither I nor the rest of my family can explain So every summer my family would stay with my abuela in Guadalajara, Mexico She lived in a cramped apartment house known as a vecindad It was just one narrow hallway with eight single room units Leading up to one wash area Shared by all of the tenants My abuelas unit in particular was very tight There were many of us that had to squeeze into the small quarters But we made it work Packed into one room There was myself, my sisters, Teresea, Christina, Emra, and Mercy My mother consuela My tia Huara, my tio Roberto My abuela and my aunts dog Chonga Chonga had always been protective of me When I was a toddler She grabbed my by the diapers if I tried to walk onto a bust street So this one summer my sister Teresea and I were playing on one side of the room While the rest of our family was chatting on the other side I was sitting on my abuelas bed My short legs swinging in the gap between the bed and the wall As me and my sister were laughing and joking around Suddenly I felt someone grab my right leg and pull it down to the floor Thinking it was one of my sister under the bed I shouted, “Hey let go!” But the hand only gripped tighter And I know I was very young and small at the time But I remember that hand feeling very very large It had a hold on almost my entire calf and ankle I tried to kick my leg free but it wouldn’t budge I was getting annoyed with whoever was messing around with me So I leaned over the side of the bed to ask them to let go once more But as I leaned over I fell quiet Because there was no hand on my leg I couldn’t see anything But I could absolutely feel it And it was still not letting go I started screaming and crying frantically trying to break my leg free Teresea didn’t know what to do and started screaming with me That’s when everyone else came over to see what was wrong Including Chonga, she ran under the bed barking and yelping at whatever was holding my ankle Moments later she skidded out from underneath the bed, like she was shoved, hard She ran back under and again, she was thrown across the tiles This happened over and over, several times Next my tio Roberto came and tried to wrench me loose But even with all his strength he couldn’t pull my leg from the gap The large invisible fingers squeezed even tighter And then my abuela had a thought See, there were rumors that when the Spanish conquered Mexico they didn’t trust the banks to carry their gold So they hired natives to bury the treasure in secret locations But after the hole was buried and the treasure was secured They killed the natives so they could never disclose the location to anyone The Spanish then believed that their spirits would stop anyone from coming near the gold It was also said the these spirits do not like excessive cursing So that’s just what my abuela did And boy could she curse (Cursing in Spanish) I felt the phantom fingers loosen their grip It worked When I could move my leg again I jumped off the bed and ran towards the other side of the room with the rest of my family We all began praying together Years later we reflected on this traumatic incident with my abuela She told me that she remembered a while the two women who owned the apartment building had disappeared Without a trace They did however leave behind a large dug up hole behind in the yard That got people talking “Now no one knows if the women actually found treasure or not” My abuela said “But wouldn’t be surprised, so maybe there is more buried treasure around here somewhere,” “But I don’t think we should go looking for it.” I’m seventy-eight years old now To this day my siblings and I don’t hang our feet over the side of beds And I’m not a superstitious man so I know that may sound a little silly But that’s how much that night affected us Maybe it was a ghost Maybe it wasn’t (Adult male voice) Like I say nobody can ever say what really happened But what really it was, how can you know? (Sapphire’s voice) Thank you to all of our patrons If you’d like to join our VIP program and get access to ad free episodes of Something Scary Visit PATREON.COM/SNARLED

100 thoughts on “It Won’t Let Go! Mexican Scary Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled”

  1. brandon wynn says:

    Ghost: you can't defeat me

    Me: i cant but she can

    Abuella: pulls out chancla HYEEEE YAAA

    Ghost:*OH SHIT*😨

    Lol thats my grandma 😂😂😂😂lol XD😂😂😂😂

  2. Forgive me I have sinned says:

    ghost:I hate cursing

    me:bi___ I will fuc__ end your mother fuc__ career if you try anything you little sh__

  3. nyomi cas says:

    lmao the grandma cursing sounds like something out of my house

  4. it'z Zoha waris says:


  5. APieceOfGhost says:

    Me: hears and sees the name Garcia J-Javi? Gabe? M-MARIANA!

  6. Coco Here says:

    gets confused in spanish

  7. Deep :3 says:

    I was sitting right next to my bed while watching this. I felt like I was screwed the whole time but I don't live In Mexico

  8. XxOmega CookiexX says:

    Who else understands her cursing XD

  9. DRAMA PLEASE!! says:


  10. peach sprouts says:

    Hey any mexicans here becuse yo stoy mexican

  11. Samir Somarriba says:

    That my mom name

  12. mrs. fuckface says:

    Am i the only one that when she said "honey"i started singing and dancing lay's song honey ? I am? Ok sorry

  13. Randomcrazyguy 888 says:

    "They don't like cursing"
    Me:This is gonna be excited
    Also me: Cabron Mamabicho pendejo Hijo puta!!! XD

  14. KittygirlGamer 333 says:

    :s my last name is Garcia……

  15. Jay TheHunter says:

    Ghost:hates cursing
    Me:I’m bout to end this mans career

  16. Gail Neubauer says:

    Lol how curssing save the day

  17. Talivo Salley says:

    Big family

  18. FunGolden Beez says:

    これが日本人で英語を母国語としない人であればすみません。Translate know to
    Edit: japanese

  19. Dion Dion says:

    This gave me a phobia of dangling legs over beds

  20. TG Games says:

    Love it

  21. Stella Wang says:

    When the hand grabs meh leg…
    me: keep yo nasty hand away from me you stupid ass bi-

  22. Kai Mae Amephere says:

    Snarled: they hate cursing



  23. PUP IN SPACE says:

    Welcome To The Comment Section Kid, Your Safe Now

  24. CursedArtist says:

    i think i'll buy that purple mattress you've been sponsoring lately and just put on the floor

  25. Amelia Collins says:

    Omg this exact same thing happened to me when I was little! I was swimming in a pool at a summer camp and I was in the deep end coming up for air when I felt a hand grab my leg and stop me.
    I looked down but there was no one there! But I could clearly feel a hand on my ankle, pulling me down. I started thrashing and kicking, trying to shake off of its grip and I was losing air fast, it felt like my lungs were about to explode. Right as I was feeling like I was going to pass out it finally let go and I clawed my way to the surface and dragged myself up onto the concrete screaming and crying. I told the camp counselors what happened but they didn’t believe me. They said it was probably just someone playing a prank. I was like eight years old at the time so my word didn’t really stand for much when it came to the adults.
    A couple months ago I was telling my childhood terror experience to one of my friends, who happens to know quite a bit about the supernatural. She told me I’d encountered a demon and that it was actually common for them to go after young children like i was.
    I couldn’t believe that’s what actually happened to me. But I also felt privileged to experience something like that and actually come out unscathed. My friend also told me that there have been situations where a demon will return to the child they terrorized years later even when they’re adults, which only slightly concerned me lol. I’m also surprised I wasn’t scarred for life from pools lol I actually like swimming a lot. But sometimes I think about that day, and wonder if the demon that tried to drown me as a kid would ever come back and try again…

  26. Kimberly Mendoza says:

    1:07 WAS ANYONE ELSE ON THERE BED??!?!?!!!

  27. Amanda Ciesla says:

    Ha jokes on you I have a loft bed!

  28. Small bean animations says:

    Ghost:hates cursing

    Me:looks like my time has come

  29. Tala The wolf says:

    "They hate swearing"
    Me:well good thing I swear like a sailor then lol

  30. مريم-سان mariam - san says:

    The story starts in 1:04
    Just want to make good thing😂😂🌚❤️I

  31. Wesly Mcdonagh says:

    Is it me or do I love horror stories. I love watching snarled this channel is so interesting

  32. M a n o u e l a G . says:

    when the sound of the dog coming to the room came up, OH MY GOD-

  33. Aeno says:

    They hate cursing?
    * stubs toe*

  34. Bystander 101 says:

    4:08 – 4:35
    Thats the same rumors that only we could whisper, when the spanish colonized our country, philip

    -My grandma told me

  35. Maybelee says:

    01:27 … neither I nor the rest of my family can explain

    Her: explains the whole story

  36. NamJinsus says:

    Abuela: starts cursing
    Ghost: you dare appose me mortal?

  37. The animator J says:

    Damn it I was at Guadalajara earlier this year before I watched this I’m dead

  38. Sofia Casurao says:

    Bruh my friend said something creepy
    Don't Look Back
    Don't Shut Off The Lights
    Don't Hide Under The Covers
    Don't go under the bed

  39. MaR1112 says:

    Lalalallalalal wana hear something scary

  40. Ꮆ 乇 乇 Ҝ ㄚ says:

    3:30 Dog: f* f*

  41. I Am Your Lawyer. says:

    Omg my abuela is just like that, they don’t swear much but all Latinos can swear shitloads when needed.

  42. _Franzy _ says:

    Sapphire: …one of our sponsors… honey

    Me: Ah shit, here we go again

  43. _Franzy _ says:

    Sapphire: These spirits do not like excessive cursing.

    Me: (plays the song grump it on high volume)

  44. Wølfy says:

    Sapphire – 'do you wanna hear something scary?'

    Me: well why do you think I came here

  45. Natty BB says:

    who is this i swear this is my moms friend

  46. Luisa Gomez says:

    I just jumped out off my bed from hearing the first story title😨. I'll just wait til morning to watch this video

  47. • c r y s t • says:

    Sapphire: The following is a true story-

    me: im out

  48. HeLlo JeLlo says:

    Me: Sees ghost
    I'm going to move to Japan😂😂

  49. Dubai 1522 says:


  50. •Callie Dares you• says:


  51. katrine kitty blue wolf harris says:

    ghost:hates cursing

    me:@$#%&*?"##@!!%%*@!#@$'""$&$!:$&!;$! welp that was easy😏

  52. Mitou Yagi says:

    Dang! Send an army of moms like that!

  53. Spare Rice - Q.T. says:

    Hey at least they know where the gold- oh never mind it’s dug up ;(

  54. chaejoon aesthetic says:

    hates cursing

    me being a rapper : I JUST WOKE UP FROM DAMN BULLSHITS

  55. Endi says:

    Ghost: hates cursing
    Me: ara ara

  56. lilLlmainThegarDEn says:

    This man is 79. And her wife might be auround the same age and she animates! Wow…

  57. Lovely Little Pets says:

    Did anyone else think that the dog on the thumbnail was a ghost girl with ponytails?!?! Or just me…?? Ok….

  58. Axel Rokxx says:

    That demon better stay away from me

  59. Blood_moon Wolf says:

    ;-; someone tell me where that place is

  60. Stefania Diaconu says:

    Me : standing with the legs out of bed 🛌

    Hearing in the story: I felt someone grab my right leg and pull it down on the floor

    Also me : running frightened under my pillow

  61. MsPageMistress says:

    Dang it, long dead Spaniards! Why must you ruin things?!

  62. Hazaxd _KP says:

    Ghost: hates cursing

    Me: am i joke to you?

  63. Barkada Fam says:

    Ghost: am dont me i hate cursing

    Brettman rock: okie easy peasy b*

  64. kawiii ._. says:

    Hey adings its your ate sapphire


  65. Turts_6 says:

    4:39 thats one sassy granma u have there….

  66. Agent 6 says:

    Ghost: Is weak to cursing

    Me: I’m gonna f*cking end this man’s whole f*cking career

  67. beatootsie says:

    "they hate cursing"

    Filipino moms: my time has come..

  68. Khalida Chaib says:

    I’m scared

  69. Eva Braccia says:

    Is it bad that I don’t flinch when someone says the f word and I’m 10-13

  70. Maya Saba says:

    Who else loves her shirt
    In the beginning when she does the advertising 😍

  71. Warda Haque says:

    Ghosts I don’t want to cursing

    Me YAAAAAS GO AWAY Ghost swajiwadgjbxzcjkgsfjk

  72. zombie _ says:


  73. Azir Miah says:

    For people who don't know what "Abuela" is it means grandmother.

  74. Natalie Kwagala says:

    How does she sleep at night

  75. Warren Mae Daug says:

    💞i like it

  76. lynnDIY says:

    When you were talking about Honey and that you wanted to get your dad a smart fitbit watch , I was litterly wearing mine 😂💕

  77. Faith Mayrose Lavadia says:

    So his abuela is dead?

  78. Alma Espana says:

    I had a similar experience and I am Mexican

  79. Mateo Dominguez says:

    You can’t stop me
    I know but she can

    My abuela-Voy a garar mi pinche chancla

  80. maddi mcgaughy says:

    Ooooommmmgggg hey

  81. maddi mcgaughy says:

    I’m a big fan

  82. maddi mcgaughy says:

    Bigger fan then anyone

  83. MR_ tiger1202 says:

    Its fucked i have a ghost that greets everyone who comes to thw front door

  84. Productions says:

    Umm not to be rude but JUST ME it looks like sapphire is older when the tells the story,but when she says her sponser she lookes younger… sorry if I insulted you…

  85. take a nap says:

    Spirit "I hate cursing"
    Me:I hate School,also if your seeing this and your from my school,tell Miss Gray(principal)for all I care

  86. Andy the Potato says:

    When I she this story was from someone and their last is Garcia I was like wait…

    My last name is Garcia 😥Andrea Garcia

    Me:our father who are in heaven 🙏

  87. bro and sis kid's says:

    I felt that ones

  88. Shawn mendes lyrics says:

    Roses are red
    Violets aren’t blue
    Sapphire is buttiful
    So are you 🤗🤗☺️☺️😋😋

  89. Jazz Mk says:

    Ghost: I hate cursing

    Abuela: I'm about to end this whole mans career….

  90. vanessa mason says:

    I love these scary animated stories please do new ones

  91. Pinkfluffy Starlight says:

    How this true u ain't Mexican guys do not believe this

  92. amy vanmaele says:

    ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggggggggggggg stop hating haters just stop and let do people there job jeez is it so much to ask

  93. ExoticButters_ BOI420 says:

    Ghost: I hate cursing.
    Getting Over It: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

  94. Gacha Rockstar says:

    Does anyone else think Tia Werda looks a little bit like Selena?

  95. Shadow Playz_memes says:

    Starts at 0:55, your welcome

  96. I volunteer As tribute says:

    I understood one word

  97. its issaa says:

    Sochi has my last name ouuu

  98. Day’iana Damaya says:

    sapphire: “ under the bed “
    me : awe hell naw
    sapphire: “the following story is a true stor-“
    me : awe HELLLLL NAW

  99. CoolDeputylol says:

    Coco but it's scarier.

  100. BangXMin 1993 says:

    Sapphire: “and my aunts dog, Chonga”

    Me, a Mexican kpop fan: “Chungha? 🤪”

    Okay but on a side note, my grandma lowkey reminds me of the grandma in this story. She’s very protective of me, which usually I don’t mind. But I’ve heard her cuss people out before and oof.

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