Why? Why is there so much hate in the world? We should all just love each other. Johnny (The Room): What makes you say that? If a lot of people love each other… The world will be a better place to live
– think about that. But no, y’all just gotta hate! J: What makes you say that? I made a respectful video talking about
my favourite YouTuber. Just look at all the dislikes. I’m gonna read some of the comments, Just so you understand the pain and suffering I have to endure as a YouTuber so you understand the pain and suffering I have to endure as a And remember, J & F: If a lot of people loved each other the world would be a better place to live Haha, you think you’re funny hell no. This video is just for views to pay your rent for this month [Reading] Haha you think you’re funny… hell no. *gunshot* Felix: Ah [Reading] This video is just for views to pay your rent for this month. *realizes he’s been found out* F: *maniacal laugh*
(feel free to laugh along) This nibba thinks I pay rent ??? PFT. *nervous laughter* That’s cute Edgar: Well if you’re so rich, why don’t you pay for food? Shut the fuck up I WILL END YOU
(FELIX NO) I WILL DESTROY YOU [Reading] Bleep *chuckles* off, first Nick is not fat and second Jake Paul is always going to be better than you. F: You know it always especially hurts when they have an avatar of a furry wolf-angel.
(oh dear) [Reading] Get fucking rext becaa- becase I’m I’m maverick bish.
(the grammar is just-) F: There’s so much- *laughs* There’s so much wrong with
this comment, I don’t know where to begin. [Reading] Leave Jake Paul alone, man. You act like you’re the best YouTuber. If I had to pick my favorite YouTubers, I wouldn’t- it wouldn’t be you. *burps and yells out with sad piano music playing* F: ooOoOhH NnnOOoo Come on, man. Ehh, ahh, At least top five! Please top ten, I’ll
take a top ten from you, Nathan! Please! [Reading] Jake Paul is the best b*tch. *laughs* F: The comma, it’s important. You basically called Jake Paul the best bitch. [Reading] Stop pausing it
and by the way Jake Paul roasted you so much. I described to them so much and you’re next, Pewdiepie, Time10 is looking for you Shit. NO! Not tIME10! ANYONE, but Time10! [Reading] And you’re a dick *gunshot* F: AaaaAaAHhHhH! Aha ah ahhhhhhh got ’em! [Reading] If you’re a Jake Paulers like this post.
(1 like lmao) *sad piano music playing* [Reading] How can do many people like this guy?
His not even funny!! F: How can do many people? How can do many people like this guy?
I may not be funny but this comment is hilarious (laughs) [Reading] Fuck you, peEDIEPEAR [Reading] Oh my God, Pewdiepie You are such a bully you should be talking Jake Paul not the rest of the Team10, members you have no freakin right to talk about Nick Crompton saying that he’s fat, just like I have no right to tell you you’re ugly
but I’m saying it because you die- die- serve it F: Man, Taylor Munoz goes hard. Holy shit. And I’m-I’m sorry. I apologize to Nick Crompton. He is the most beautiful specimen I’ve seen in my life. I wanna dip him in frying oil. You know who is fat? You’re not funny, stop lyyyiiiing! You’re so baaad! You’re DUMP! Jake Paul is better than youuu! You should quit youtube stop saying bad words my friend said if you say bad words, you’re gust saying it, [too] You’re saying it to you self, and you mean Devil face devil face devil face devil face devil face favel face angry face angry face angry face— Jesus Chri- It’s kind of cute. I kinda- It’s kinda cute, this comment.
Please watch Logan’s diss track Logan: cuz yeah my brother messed up but he still got his Disney contract OOH! OOH SHIT!! The Paulers go hard. Fuck I really wish I still had that Disney contract Song: Kids Table Kids Table Giant TV.
Ok that was kind of better… *Pewds having mild anneurism* I don’t know why you didn’t post this one Jake, this rap is way better. “Kid’s table, kids table, the place to be” AAH “Don’t you agree?” KIDS TABLE KIDS TABLE – NO PLACE TO BE Song: KIDS TABLE KIDS TABLE, her name is Brie so- so fucking lit AH! So good FUCK the- (grunts) Had to pull the Disney contract card goddamit Comment: “At least he knows how to rap” That’s right uh, Kendrick Lamar.
At least JP knows how to rap Guys don’t judge JP without fully comprehending his INTENSE and RAW talent if you think that being on Disney is lame Hell no, I never think- I never thought that S:”And we wished on a star and a snowman came to life” “KIDS! TABLE! KIDS! TABLE! EFUJCEUCI!” Oh, wait. I’m sorry your videos only get 1 to 4 million views, but this one got 10 million for having Jake’s name Is it fucking unbelievable No, you’re right. I really have barely any videos over 10 million, so It’s really a struggle, and [I] really need to put people’s name in the title Jake might actually be the best You-YouTuber maybe better than you Pewds he gained 5 million subs in six months. That’s more than 500.. *chuckles* That’s more than 500 thousand subs per month, per month… Because you know I’ve never Gained 5 million subs In six months that has never happened more than once it just I’ve never been fortunate enough because it’s never done before you know I never got 10 million subs in 6 months as well That has never been done before your content is shit, shut the fuck up you handicapped motherfucker AHA damn People got really mad, huh, Jesus cannot stand how pewdiepie thinks he’s funny.He’s cringy. I love JAKE He’s just mad because Jake is getting more views than him He’s talking about nick, but pewdiepie looks starving if he wants to talk about others, he sould make his own diss track He’s retarded if anyone is he just put jake’s name down so he could… (pewds mumbling the rest of the shitty comment) (Even more mumbling) I hope he makes a video after this on hate comments Well I did actually I don’t like Ubu talking about Jake Paul and bla bla bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla stop talking about other YouTubers because you’re not the boss, and you rule all over and you rule all the [other] youtubers [ah] that’s nice That’s cool. You don’t rule
AH ! FUCK! Literally this was dumb Jake and the whole team made the lyrics in a music video in One day And it was all a joke I think felix is just jealous because Jake can actually make a song I’ve made songs in a day, right I made many of them. They’re not great either, but at least I don’t fucking flaunt like I’m tough shit for it Could he be- The one? when you don’t wanna wear female underwear when you don’t even care what other people say, I’ve done a lot of SHIIT JUST FOR ATTENTION JUST FOR ATTENTION GIVE ME ATTENTION I don’t reaIly wanna wear that. I don’t really wanna overreact. I don’t wanna make a video with a twat I don’t really wanna eat that Dude Pewdiepie Parentheses, you’re like 57 Years old get a life Unironically you look 57 as well what the fuck (laughs) I like how he skipped the only two parts of the song Martinez twins and Chase’s part that wasn’t complete trash well, we wait Basically most of it was cut because I was so fucking fed up. I was so sick when I shot that video I was literally feeling terrible I didn’t even want to shoot it. I was going way too hard on it and in reality I don’t care like it [I] Think it’s an objectively bad video. It’s kind of like fun to make fun. It’s like the room J:”What makes you say that?”
it’s fun to laugh at I don’t- like have any grudge or hate or anything But everyone just got so fucking like all these kids to go crazy about it Look, I know you’re the king of youtube, but fuck you. I’m Jake Pualer for life fuck you Fuck you, I fucking hate you. I wish you would die That’s a nice one. Pewdiepie, shut the fuck up bro your youtube name is GAY Pewdiepie the fuck is that BRO?! Can’t you find someone? Something else than Pewdiepie at least JakePaul has a normal name and then you try to rap, bro You had me dying just don’t try rap again and fix your eyes. That’s a gun, bro Not a dick [goddamnit] you gotta check out your eyes aren’t you rich bro? You bitch can’t afford to fix your eyes (laughs) and then you try to make fun of (pewds laughing) Oh he’s [Kobe’s] friend nah, bro your trip and that shit is messed up nobody gives two [fucks] If he’s fat or [not] bet he gets more bitches than you
like look at yourself And then talk bro you you look gay? You sound gay, and you think all of that could you guys (WTF ?!! ) Okay I can’t
I’m- (SIGHS) I’m glad that I didn’t watch a YouTube channel What what are you trying to say? Oh, I’m glad I didn’t watch her YouTube channel who do you what are you talking about
YOUR Like I don’t actually care There seems to be so much drama going on and like all these drama channels It’s so easy to get swept into it I get it You make 9 videos about it and then they call you out for For milking it by putting your name in the title for views but then you do the exact same thing yourself [it’s] easy, you know it’s easy views obviously you’re going to take it Jp. I get it I used to be cancer as well Extremely cancer isn’t I used to have a really young fan base as well, and I think When when you had a young fan, base they really they really look at you differently They don’t criticize you if you make mistakes, and they’re very forgiving which is a really nice thing But it kind of gets you blindsided for when you make False Speaking from experiences first time that I ever received hate on YouTube I got completely blind [set] as well, and my response to that was literally- Ah Well Fuck You I still make more money than you and you’re just bringing me views because you’re hating on me and I kind of see the same response from Jake and the Paul gang from all this and You know what if that’s what they want to do that. That’s all fine, but it’s very arrogant and it’s very Childish, and I know that because I used to be arrogant, and I used to be childish, so I get it I really don’t care for drama. I don’t care for beef. I don’t care about anything AHAHAHA If I see stuff [that’s] fun to react to I’m going to do it Anyway, that’s it for me for now See you see you later my family.
Which I love so dearly

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