Jeep Wrangler Dirty Dog 4×4 Trench Cover (2007-2017 JK 4 Door) Review & Install

These Dirty Dog 4×4 Trench covers are for
those of you with the 2007 and up four-door JK that are looking for a way to cover up
that gap between the seat back and the cargo area when those rear seats are flipped down,
so that you don’t lose small items. Or if you have a pet back there, so they don’t
have that tripping hazard. This is also going to finish off the look
of that area of the Jeep as well, which is also a nice feature. Now, I’m sure there are some other companies
out there making something like this, but Dirty Dog 4×4 were the first ones that I was
aware of that were making an item like this, and they still do it very, very well. It is a fairly simple item. I think that this one is well built, it works,
and it is going to be pretty affordable. As far as the construction goes, these are
fairly simple. This is going to be a carpet-like material,
similar to your factory carpeting on the one side. It almost has a mesh, grippy-like fabric on
the other side. It’s going to have a cardboard or plastic
material on the inside that is going to be pretty firm, pretty solid. And of course, it’s going to have the Velcro,
which is what’s going to allow it to attach onto your factory carpeting, and stick it
into place. So, because of the way that these are designed
to lay as you raise or lower your seats, they’re going to raise and fall with them. So there’s no additional work that you need
to do once you have these Velcro’d in place. As far as the install goes, as I said before,
these just Velcro down to your factor carpeting, and that’s it. No tools necessary. Five minutes to get this installed. Very, very simple, one out of three wrenches. Like I said before, I do think that these
are pretty affordably priced. These come in at right around $75, making
for the quality, the fit and the finish that you’re getting and the functionality that
you’re getting from these, I do think that’s a pretty fair price. So if you’re looking to cover up that area
between the rear seats of your four-door JK and the cargo area when the seats are flipped
down, I definitely recommend these trench covers by Dirty Dog 4×4, and you can find
them right here at

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