Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Deluxe Complete Carpet Kit (1997-2006 TJ) Review & Install
Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Deluxe Complete Carpet Kit (1997-2006 TJ) Review & Install

There comes a time in a TJ where things wear
out and need a little bit of restoration. Carpets are one of those areas that can get
worn out very quick from stepping on them all the time and getting beat up throughout
the years. This Deluxe Carpet Kit by Rugged Ridge will
be a great solution to replace the carpets in your ’97 to ’06 TJ and give a refresh to
your interior. Now, this install will be complex at a three
out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, but we’ll show you all about that in just
a minute. This carpet will be specifically cut to your
TJ and comes with five pieces for the front, the rear, the center, and the fender well
covers. These are made of polypropylene carpet material
that will be more durable than the stock carpet and will fold up to be mildew and chemical
solvent resistant. These are even jute back, which is very common
for carpets all around, not just specific to the interior of your car. These specific carpets are black, however,
we do also offer options in grey, as well as honey, to match all color interiors of
the TJ. This option will not come with the adhesive,
keeping the price lower. However, if you do need the adhesive to attach
this to the inside of your TJ, we have that option available as well. Like I mentioned, this will be your least
expensive option for carpet for your TJ, coming in at around $220. Because this will not come with any adhesive
to attach the carpets inside of the Jeep, this will be at that lower price. Those more expensive options that you do see
on the page will be for the Rugged Ridge options that come with the adhesive, as well as options
that will be specifically cut for the earlier generation TJs, making them a bit more custom,
explaining a little bit of price job. Overall, this is gonna be your most affordable
option if you need to renew the carpet in your TJ. Install will be a strong three out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter. And if you don’t have any experience with
putting carpeting and this type of install, I would recommend taking your Jeep to a professional. We, however, will show you how to do it once
we pull our Jeep in the shop. In order to install the carpet, you need to
remove the rear seats to get to the original carpet. And we’re gonna start with the backseat here. The rear seat is gonna have two pins on each
side of the bracket, so you’re gonna have to release the pin on each side and move the
seat back and forth in order to remove it. So in order to access the bolts on the front
seats to remove them, you need to tumble your seats forward if you have that feature. There is gonna be a lever underneath the seat. So to remove the back two bolts from the seat,
to remove it, you’re gonna need a 13-millimeter socket and a T50 Torx. So now, you’re gonna take your 13-millimeter
socket and a ratchet to remove the 2 front bolts holding the seat bracket in. You might have to use some PB B’laster or
WD-40 if the bolts are a little bit rusty. Once they’re removed, you can remove the seat. So if you have any electrical connections
underneath the seat, you’re gonna have to unclip those before removing the actual seat. So we have to remove the center console. So we have 2 10-millimeter bolts right here. And then in the inside of the console, there
are 2 1/2-inch bolts we have to remove. And up here, underneath the shifter there’s
another 10-millimeter bolt. So, since the bolts are at the bottom, we’re
using this long extension. If you don’t have a long extension, you can
just use the deep socket, 1/2-inch, and a 1/4-inch drive. Because we have a toughy center console, we’re
gonna have to completely disassemble this to remove it. If you do have a stock center console, all
it is is one screw inside the actual center compartment. And then you can remove the rest of the screws
or the bolts and remove it like that. So in order to remove the console, you need
to move the four-wheel drive lever all the way back as well as the shifter. And you need to remove the top of the shifter
so we can get this piece off. So you have to remove this jack underneath
your passenger seat if your Jeep came equipped with one. And all you have to do is depress the jack
in order to wiggle it out of the bracket. And then you can fully remove it, and this
as well. So in order to remove the fender well piece
of the carpet, you have 2 10-millimeter bolts here. And then you have a bracket here for your
seat and the seatbelt bolt. You need a T50 and a T40 to remove those torx
bolts. Now that everything holding the carpet in
is removed, we can actually remove the carpet. At the front, there’s gonna be a couple of
pop clips. All you have to do is just pop them out, and
you’re good. So now, with the old carpet removed, obviously,
you can tell that it left a lot behind. And so now you’re just gonna have to clean
everything up to make sure that the new adhesive sticks in well. So what we’re gonna do now is take all the
old carpeting section by section and place it over the new carpeting so we can make all
of our holes for the cutout. So once everything’s clean, you’re gonna start
by installing the two fender well covers. You’re gonna spray the back of the carpet
with the adhesive and then just slide it into place. So after you have the fender well covers on,
you’re gonna move to the large back section. I would recommend putting it in place so it
goes over the seatbelt covers. And then you can fold half of the carpet back,
spray it down with adhesive and adhere it that way, and then move on to the other side. So now, we can install the center portion. And I would recommend to do the same thing
as we did with the back center portion just to lay everything down so it fits and lines
up correctly. And then you can fold half of it back, spray
it down, and attach one half, and then do the same thing with the other side. I would recommend to make sure all your wiring
is out of the way, because we can poke it through the carpet at the end. So now that everything’s lined up, we can
pull it back and spray it down. So as we’re laying the front piece of the
carpet in, the ECU was never tucked underneath the OEM carpet. What we’re gonna do for the best fit is to
remove that and then bolt it through this carpet. So now that the ECU is unbolted, we’re gonna
lay the carpet in and get it fitted, and then we’re gonna adhere it down. So the carpet’s gonna be unfinished on this
bottom portion of the front piece, and we’re gonna end up tucking it underneath the center
piece. So what we have done is we’ve left all of
the edges unattached so we can access the bolt holes for all of our stock hardware. What I’m doing now is I’m just cutting a slit
for this wire to fit through the carpet. Now, we’re gonna spray the back of the carpet
and get everything attached. So once the carpet’s in and installed, we
can go back and install all of our stock cardboard to hold in our seats as well as the seatbelts. I’d recommend to get all of your hardware
started and then go and tighten everything down at the end. So now, we can reinstall the ECU. On this side of the carpet, it’s not gonna
be covered up. On the other side, it is, so I would recommend
bolting up the driver’s side first so you can have everything lined up. Now that all of our stock brackets are installed,
we’re ready to reinstall the center console. Now, we’re ready to reinstall our front seats. And now we’re ready to put our passenger seat
in. And now we’re ready to reinstall our rear
seat. Now, all you have to do is fold your backseat
down and feed the seatbelts through. If there’s any edges that need a little bit
more adhesive, you can attach those now. And then you’re all set. So if you’re looking for an affordable way
to refurbish the inside of your ’97 to ’06 TJ, Rugged Ridge has you covered. I’m Merideth, and you can find this and everything
Wrangler right here at

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