Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Door/Hood Hinge Covers (2007-2018 JK 2 Door) Review

These Rugged Ridge Door Hinge Covers in black
are for those of you that have a 2007 and up two-door JK that are looking to change
up the look of your Jeep a little bit. If your hinges are still in great condition,
you just like that blackout look, maybe you’re doing a whole blackout theme, or you just
want these as an individual accent piece, these are going to give you that little bit
of additional styling that you’re looking for, and they’re gonna do it inexpensively
and while being a very easy to install piece. This is definitely gonna be a one out of three
wrench installation, most likely, less than an hour to get this installed, definitely
bolt-on, and no need to drill or do any major or permanent modification to your Jeep. And we’ll talk a little bit more about that
installation in just a second. So when you’re talking about changing up the
look of your hinges, there are really two ways to go about doing that. There are covers and then there are hinge
replacements. Now, a hinge replacement is going to be a
little bit more of an involved installation. Of course, you’re going to be changing either
just the half of the hinge that’s on the door or the part of the tub or in most cases, you’re
gonna be changing up both of those pieces. When you remove those pieces, you’re gonna
have to go ahead and realign the door, which can require more of an installation, in general. And of course, you’re also gonna be talking
about a little bit more cost because you’re purchasing more pieces. This is just going to be an aesthetic piece. This is just going to be a cover, so less
expensive, easier install, while still giving you the look that you’re after. As for the construction, this is a pretty
straightforward and simple piece. This is going to be steel covered in Rugged
Ridge’s textured black powder coat finish, which is going to match a lot of other Rugged
Ridge aftermarket pieces, aftermarket parts from other manufacturers, or even just match
those factory black plastic accents that are on your Jeep right out of the factory. So regardless of how your Jeep is set up,
these are going to work and these are going to look very nice. They are just going to be a simple bolt-on
application. They’re going to hold up very well out in
the weather, out in the elements. If your hinges are in good shape, you’re not
worried about completely changing them out, they work well, they are painted well, the
paints aren’t flaking off of them, then a cover like this is gonna be a nice option
and save you some money over a full hinge replacement. As for the installation, again, one out of
three wrenches, less than an hour to get this done. If you’re installing these on either the hood
or on the door, the most important part is to not open the door or the hood during the
installation and do one hinge at a time. You’ll have to have a Torx screwdriver, a
Torx bit for a socket driver handy. You’ll remove those factory screws, put the
hinge cover over the top of the hinge and replace it with the socket head cap screws
that come in the kit because, of course, they’re gonna be a little bit longer. Rinse and repeat for the second hinge. Of course, you are gonna get a pair of these
in this kit. And you’re done. Like I said before, I do think that this is
an inexpensive way of changing up the look of your Jeep, especially when you compare
it to a full hinge replacement. These are gonna come in at right around $65,
which, for an aesthetic mod, is right where I like to be, in that $50 to $100 range. Again, these are not going to be functional,
so I wouldn’t wanna spend a ton of money on them. I do think they’re appropriately priced for
what you’re getting, a high-quality piece. And they are going to have a drastic impact
on the look of your Jeep, so again, I do think it’s a fairly priced item. So if you’re to change up the look of your
Jeep by changing out the color of your hinges but your hinges are in good shape, you don’t
need to completely swap them, these covers by Rugged Ridge are going to be an excellent
option, and you can find them right here at

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