Jeffery & Wilkes – Kitchen design in your home extension
Jeffery & Wilkes – Kitchen design in your home extension

– I’m Greg from Jeffrey & Wilkes and this is part 11 of your 13 part guide to Creating a Home Extension
with the Wow Factor. This week we’re discussing kitchen designs and how to have the perfect
kitchen for your home extension. A kitchen is an important priority. You’re going to spend
every day in your kitchen, so you want to make sure you plan this and get the design exactly
right for your needs. The best thing to do is,
you don’t want to use an architect to design
the kitchen for you. The kitchen’s got to be done
by a specialist designer. It is quite easy to do,
you can go into any kitchen supplier and they’ll have
specialists designers there that will be trained on CAD
to do some drawings for you for an accurate design to fit
in with your home extension. It’s good to use a kitchen designer because what they’ll do, they’ll be thinking about keeping
the kitchen parallel, so aesthetically it looks right. But one of the most
important things they’ll do is think about functionality
of the kitchen. You may have heard of the
kitchen triangle that you need. This is where you have the cooker, the washing up sink and the fridge and it will be in a triangle so it’s easy to function around the kitchen. That is important. The kitchen designer will
think of that for you. There’s other important
considerations too. Maybe you’ve got children. If you’ve got a kitchen island, you don’t want to have a hot top on the island if you’ve got children that are going to be sitting there. You may want to place that somewhere else. You want to think about the cupboards and what you’re going to
have in each cupboard. Think about your appliances. Are you going to have all of
your white goods in the kitchen Are they going to be integrated or will you put them in a utility room? Think about some of the gadgets
you have in your kitchen. Will you have a bread-maker
or a coffee-maker? You need to think about
where they’re going to go. Have you got sufficient plug
sockets to allow for them? So there’s lots of considerations when you’re planning your kitchen. You want to take your
time and work it out. Have a look on our blog because there’s a list of questions there that you can run through. And it is good just going through them and answering them mentally so that when you meet with your kitchen designer, you’ve got all the answers at hand. That’s part 11 of your 13 part guide. Join us next week where we’re specifically focusing on kitchen islands.

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    Great video, we are thinking of a new kitchen, thanks for the information

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    This is sooooo inspirational

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    Nice idea to share your interest this way!

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