Jennifer: Fashion & Textile Design at Curtin University
Jennifer: Fashion & Textile Design at Curtin University

I’m in my third year in Fashion Design
and Textiles, and yeah it’s a really fantastic course. I love the art component that makes up my
course, I’m majoring in both Fashion and Textiles so I do a lot of artistic based works that
have really helped my studies in Fashion and the design units of the course. So I’ve had
a lot of experience working with the body as well as garments. Curtin stood apart from a lot of the other
fashion schools around Australia. Now that I’m doing the course I’ve found that Curtin
offers a great background of textiles-based procedures, and you learn a lot of techniques
of manipulation of fabrics and all that sort of stuff that maybe you’re not going to learn
at other courses around Australia. I get along very well with a lot of my lecturers
and technicians. It’s always great to get along with the people that have a great knowledge
of the resources that Curtin has to offer, because they can take you through all of the
procedures and they’re really great, hands-on staff. Yeah, fantastic. I would definitely recommend it, if you have
a look at a lot of the graduates as well that have come out of the Curtin course they’re
quite profound within the industry if you see some of their works. They’re very well
renowned artists as well as designers so I definitely recommend it, you’ll get your foot
in the door in the industry after the course.

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