Jennifer Tandoc: Deaf Abstract Illusionist & Photographer
Jennifer Tandoc: Deaf Abstract Illusionist & Photographer

Hello, I’m Jennifer Tandoc. This is my sign name. I am a zentangle artist, a creative person, and a photographer. This is “Flying ABC’s.” All the other designs takes 20 to 40 hours, but this one took 63 hours. You know why? I was immersed with the details. “Detail” — is my favorite word. Completely immersed. Take a close-up look. I have a famous “hidden” trademark. It’s this sign. Why this sign? I’ve noticed that people look at the designs and just think, “It’s cool.” But I want more. It’s like “Where is Waldo?” This will give you the time to really look at it up close. You might not realize it is very detailed. Mark Wood’s business really took off with success. I was touched. It has the trademark sign somewhere here. Hope you can find it. You’re a tattler. Shame on you, Alex. Alex: Oops! I was touched. This Nyle design is a copy. The original work was actually given to Nyle. I have an art business, and I am also a photographer. I’ve been doing this for almost six years. I went to college at NTID/RIT. There was a lot of new experiences for me. I still drew, but it’s a little different. I graduated from RIT in 2002. Soon after I got a job with the state government in Pennsylvania. This job killed my eyes and brain because I was constantly on the keyboard and mouse. 10 years later, I was frustrated. My partner Annie Lloyd said, “why don’t you move to Austin?” I moved here for my passion and art. I didn’t care about money. Passion is important. Creating art makes me happy. Both places are different. It’s a good experience. It’s worth it to follow your feelings and do what you are interested in. Enjoy your life rather than be unhappy at work. I know you need money to live, but you listened to yourself. Good. Right. Some people said to me, “You left a state government job? You’re crazy! The retirement benefits are good.” I just went ahead and did it, followed my instincts. You know what’s the result? I don’t regret it. See that? I have to tell you this. When I moved to Texas one year and a half ago, this was my first artwork. This is the first one with an ASL theme. It took me around 36 hours. Ever since then, I’ve kept on drawing. Those are copies. I’ve got the original there. Here are four copies, I’m selling them to those who ordered it. I’m going to ship them out soon. Got you! Passion will give you momentum. That is the key to stay motivated.

7 thoughts on “Jennifer Tandoc: Deaf Abstract Illusionist & Photographer”

  1. Michelle Stanley says:

    wow! she's very talented artist that I've ever seen! How cool is that hand signs in her art paper!

  2. Jewel Davies says:

    Amazing!! I like zen doodling myself for a long time. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Laurette Souliere says:

    Hello Jennifer Tandoc please send me a cat that I will pay you and let me know what is your email address please and thank you Laurette Souliere

  4. Laurette Souliere says:

    for Jennifer Tandoc, my email address [email protected] about your artist

  5. Gina D. Torres says:

    She is wickedly talented! Absolutely beautiful work.

  6. ganzorig bumdulam says:

    wow thank for you I am artist deaf
    from in Mongolia

  7. Christine Click says:

    Beautiful art pictures!

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