Judges BUZZ TOO EARLY On Britain’s Got Talent! | Top Talent
Judges BUZZ TOO EARLY On Britain’s Got Talent! | Top Talent

96 thoughts on “Judges BUZZ TOO EARLY On Britain’s Got Talent! | Top Talent”

  1. Top Talent says:

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  2. Priya Mehta says:

    God:-Do you lived your life????
    Old lady:- yes… 💃💃💃💃💃

  3. Abigail Sabado says:

    I love how Alesha laughs

  4. Typical Cambell says:

    Im sorry for amanda GET OFF

  5. Mayank Maddeshiya says:

    World's famous female stupid judge is here

    Like that AMANDA😨

  6. Noah Elekhtra says:

    31:14 what dialect is he speaking with?

  7. Jelke Lenaerts says:

    I’m I the only one who thinks Amanda was so freaking childish on that first one? That guy had talent and actually did something unique and unexpected. She was so childish and just not professional at all.

  8. Nour waleed says:

    I really love the old woman
    she is sooo beautiful and kind hearted and would be a perfect grandmotherr

  9. Kazuto Lu says:

    16:36 this man got reflexes

  10. Axel the Thief says:

    I am going to go on America’s got talent in a few months

  11. D. Fulton says:

    The older lady was amazing.. 😎😂😎

  12. Maya Bhattacharjee says:

    Is Simon mad? The guy Carlos did EXELLENT

  13. Jacksons Lover says:

    I love that amazing grandma

  14. Om srikanth says:


  15. Snooki Nicole says:

    We love you

  16. Feather Dee says:

    10:42.. the look they gave Simon was funny as hell😆

  17. Dave Jefferson says:

    28:16 that nebraska guy's glass fell and probably broke but HE DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. eSnapeye says:


  19. CaptainAMAZINGGG says:

    0:13 Aaron gets ready to destroy all her dreams she thinks have come alive.
    0:23 Aaron proceeds to do Cradle of Filth proud. :') <3

  20. Emmeline Li says:

    When the firsts song started playing: Me: Slams Keyboard
    NUU!! when I heard the dude sing the song
    Me: OML

  21. Emmeline Li says:

    I CRiED when I saw the 80 year old grandma won the golden buzzer. God Praise you!! 😭😭😀😀🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  22. Crestfallen Mortal says:

    Holy shit that granny is more agile than me & like 72 years older than I am rip

  23. Yasmina Abi Aad says:

    Simon like did the golden buzzer 10000

  24. skincrx says:

    Such a staged show how thy have specific seats in the stage to point at specific people with a mic to record the comment. At 28:40 the “audience” says “that is classic Britain’s got talent” it looked so fake.

  25. Gargi Sharma says:


  26. Lucas Patrick says:

    Mr. Pink passes the hoop around to the middle then back around to the other side… skipping the middle. The support is in the middle.

  27. Isabella Entrekin says:

    When they screamed “what’s your name?!” And he played 😂

  28. Savage Source says:

    My country is so trash that such people will never make it into their competition show whilst they are talented. The judges here have literally no idea about the concept or the definition of what real talents look like and how they perform. The 4 members of the judges there are made out of a categorical violent radical politician, an adult lady version of a spoiled brat, a trash talking egotistical rock music biased gipsy, and an overly hysterical picky filled whore. The judges in America and in England are far better people than those motherfuckers.

  29. Ur wiya says:

    I actually liked the first one for no reason lol

  30. Ur wiya says:

    Amanda was kinda harsh at the first one

  31. make6182 make6182 says:

    The first one I didn’t like

  32. Salazar says:

    I like the metal guy. 😂


    What a fack

  34. Tamer Tailyang says:

    Open u mind,before ur fucking mouth……. .

  35. glenn gloria says:

    At was all kind of slow and normal and then it went ballistic

  36. Bubby Ball TV says:

    https://youtu.be/r1h4a2D-7Ls – Funny Baby moments

  37. Milk Chocolate says:

    Amanda and David are super patient

  38. Mélanie Picard says:

    Le premier je suis désolée mais c'est horrible 😬

  39. job kazi says:

    Somehow I always find myself unconsciously voting with Simon.. I get the flg I could have pressed the buzzer then boom.. Simon hits it.. funny

  40. Nimmi DVlog says:


  41. Nimmi DVlog says:


  42. Janes Fair says:

    I really think Simon hates being on there with Dave. Dave is gay and is always going after Simon dropping pants in front of him finding any way to touch or rub on him.

  43. Ig: evyeniaaa says:

    So you’re telling me that none of them has ever clicked how do magicians make a person fly..

  44. अभिषेक पाल says:

    🔥DJ JOHN🤘

  45. Smart Cookie says:


  46. Doctor Poppoopppooo says:


  47. Laila Allman says:

    Oh my gwod

  48. Raziel K says:

    I'm so late but that guy on the yellow suite was so rude. Lmao, who cares if you're talented, attitude comes first

  49. Upendra kumar Mehta says:

    Simon the perfect judge

  50. Xxx4ud3nxxX says:

    In the first one the boy really upset amanda 😂
    But the ending of the almost 80 year old dancer almost made me cry because her husband died 😢

  51. Shiva Plastic machinery says:

    Thumbnail should have been Simon's premature e######

  52. Molipzy Dox says:

    0:58 he hit puberty lol

  53. Cream Rolls says:

    The second one they were dirty minded😂😂😂 and so am i😂😂

  54. Disastrous Gamer says:

    I saw the staff at the floating magic trick

  55. RyanCarlosFYT says:

    2:00 he look a like loki in Avengers

  56. I. Ma says:

    Someone needs nyquil 🤮

  57. Zerian Caira says:

    The people have spoken Simon
    Simon-turns his chair😂

  58. learn more earn more says:


  59. Dennis Boaz says:

    Simon: i apologize 🤣😂

  60. Dennis Boaz says:

    What's your name? Whats your name? Whats your naaaaaaaàame??…..Italy

  61. Varellia kz says:


  62. Chander Shekhar says:

    Anybody can know the song name. Which was sung by first person.

  63. ramona says:

    "iTs lIkE sAtAn siNGinG iT!"
    every metalhead ever including me: "are you challenging me?"
    and also,bitch Marilyn Manson doesn't sing like that ffs dumbass,the dude did it with screaming that's more extreme

  64. angelyn anaviso liad says:

    such a disrespect judge!!

  65. amy gamer says:

    Grandmas: OHH IMMA TRY THAT
    ME: and i oop-

  66. R. S says:

    Granny is so beautifull

  67. MARIA ABDULLA - says:


  68. Timothy Renar says:

    Frozen death metal version HA!HA!

  69. Christina says:


  70. Maradona KC says:

    23:56 best part of the video

  71. ando wong says:

    I Love when Amanda Laughs 😍

  72. Builder Hall Lovers says:

    Yo friends
    Yo frienda
    Y O F R I E N D S

  73. Nepal Company Tatha Kar Paramarsha Kendra Pvt. Ltd. says:

    You judges come here in show only to press the buzzer🖕🖕🖕🖕

  74. Indra Nayaju says:

    Grandmother make me cry.

  75. Aubrey Bernardino says:


  76. LadyofCleves65 says:

    Some of these people were terrible, no talent just working up the audience. I would stop watching the show if they put through crummy non talented people. Granny was the best.

  77. Pass Thalasshe says:

    24:16 simon's face that can be used as a meme

  78. Andy Perez says:

    10:57 the audience really said 😮😮😮😳

  79. VIncent Chavez says:

    Before he start singing
    Amanda: Wow frozen(le it go) she's so happy
    Amanda: It broke my heart hahaa

  80. Dhananjay Sutar says:

    Granny's dance.. WOW!!!

  81. Alonne says:

    Alesha Dixon is such wifey material. Love her.

  82. Robin Batth says:

    Amanda is a fu**ing bitch

  83. Shiba Tatsuya says:

    Amanda the Joker..

  84. adib ayub says:

    May i know whats song of this show??anyone guys??

  85. VM GAMING says:

    I didnot get the first one please help

  86. Dark Pikachu says:

    11:09 mario on fire 😂

  87. Ava Tindell says:

    The first guy sounded like somebody was trying to take his food.

  88. Umar Farooq says:

    @13:47 the face

  89. Divion Deshae says:

    The old lady kinda thick tho 👀

  90. gnat says:

    like a chubby faced Gordon Ramsey in pink !

  91. Adwaith says:

    seems like a bunch of people dont know what metal screeming is

  92. ALL IN ONE says:

    watch on ring he didn't through whole way he return it in half way. 6.30

  93. William Baker says:


  94. Katarax says:

    dj jon is the next lil jon… hes a hype man and simon didnt understand it

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