Just Say No To Rugs, Paul Manafort
Just Say No To Rugs, Paul Manafort

100 thoughts on “Just Say No To Rugs, Paul Manafort”

  1. borot man says:

    Was Paul Manafort spending millions on rugs? Or… drugs!?

  2. Coos Oorlog says:

    Brian Stack is so money

  3. Kassyni Savior says:

    Getting $650,000 per month for his collusion efforts, of course he's going to spend the money. Wouldn't you? 😀

  4. Nate The Travel Guy says:

    We already market things for free, become an online marketer and get paid for it: http://fixincome.online/?id=3654

  5. Randy H says:

    Sounds like he had one-too-many magic carpet rides

  6. MsPrincesspaulina says:

    The powers that be don't want to deal with a rug addiction. They hope it goes away and will keep sweeping it under the rug until it does.

  7. Unintended Consequences says:

    Despite trillions spent on the war on rugs, society is still rife with them.

  8. loveanianimeme says:

    1:00 "It really ties the room together"

  9. endymion says:

    First it started with me poking the rugs, then soon enough I was munching on them….

  10. Real samurais drink strawberry milk says:

    I just bought a rug a few days ago that looks like grass… I'm beyond help

  11. Fauler Perfektionist says:

    What was that bit about "fluctuating wealth?" How the hell does that happen?

  12. delfis_ _ says:

    Don't do rugs kids

  13. Jeremy Matthews says:

    I know people with rugs Send help Colbert

  14. Elizabeth Trainer says:

    I'm literally addicted to rugs, my spouse has forbidden me to buy anymore or even daydream about them online….I LOVE rugs! (C'mon Paul, join me in my misery and support….I'll make you hot cocoa.)

  15. New Message says:

    Can.. can I just get a little Persian? Just a runner, man.. just.. I can pay you later.. honest.. I got two toilet cozies and a throw It's a good pile.. look!.. c'mmmmmooooon man!

  16. Jethro Alcantara says:


  17. John Doe 878393719 says:

    Donbass hears.

  18. MagnuMagnus says:

    Don't do rugs kids.

  19. general kitten says:

    kids, dont do rugs

  20. general kitten says:

    this is the quality comedy we all need

  21. Star Gazer says:

    this is your brain on rugs…

  22. pat comerford says:

    So Manafort is rug rat!

  23. Max Johnson says:

    legalize tapestries. it's not even a real rug, man.

  24. henkman00 says:

    these types of jokes are bad for the economy. it's hurting all those small time business owners who are trying to sell million dollar rugs.

    won't somebody please think of the million dollar rugs salesperson's children!

  25. Kyle Stubbs says:

    Another danger of rugs: They make your feet fall asleep.

  26. Ahmed Alhelabi says:

    this is hilarious lmfao

  27. Tucker Bowen says:

    one of those excuses he listed REALLY should have been "it really tied the room together"

  28. Kevin O'Brien says:

    End the War on Rugs!

  29. Jenni Rayflo says:

    I L L E G A L. R U G S

  30. syed azhar syed ibrahim says:

    Rugs or carpets can be of artistic items of value just like paintings and sculpture. Its obvious this is strange to many westerners but not in central asia. They have the most beautiful and intricate rugs in the world and they are absolutely fabulous.

  31. Siathuan says:

    I think it's important that we separate rugs and blankets. Because the mandatory minimum do jack all against the hardcore organised rug trade, but if my mum knits me a homemade quilt, that's 20 to Life? Seriously, fuck all you zombies.

    So what if I like to bundle up with an old snuggie, that's my business, and unlike rugs it's real easy to get clean – just throw 'em in the washer.

  32. MrXemnas1992 says:

    It really tied the room together, man.

  33. pekinobo says:

    Let´s make it a viral thing. Stop Selling and dealing rugs!!

  34. Kees de Vries says:

    Are all these rugs not just business gifts Manafort gives to certain… eastern European associates?

  35. Silvia X says:

    The sofa water joke

  36. victormendoza871 says:

    Now begin the war on rugs! !

  37. Total Control 871 says:


  38. Total Control 871 says:


  39. Doctor Drew says:

    That guy sounded like Zapp Brannigan. Is that Billy West? Never really seen him live…

  40. Brandi h says:

    I'm pretty sure my aunt is addicted to rugs.

  41. 4c1dr3fl3x says:

    I like to take my shoes off and do a shot of Rug between my toes. God help me, a solid hit of shag feels so good.

  42. Beeble Brox says:

    😀 Loved it!

  43. Anthony Joseph says:

    “This your brain on rugs! 😂”

  44. Arnold Layne says:

    I inject my rugs directly into my eyeballs, that way I dont even see the rugs that are ruining my life. Say maybe to drugs, but a definite NO to rugs!

  45. Todesbringer says:

    We must win the war on rugs!

  46. Αngel PendragoΩ says:

    Rugs, not even once.

  47. SayWhatAgain!!! says:

    But that rug really tied the room together.

  48. Not so English says:

    Brian Stack is so fucking funny

  49. Textiles Gallery says:

    Ha ha ha

  50. Twinodoom says:

    “This is you brain.”
    *Drops egg.
    “This is your brain on rugs. That’s never coming out.”

  51. Blue Skies says:

    Just say no to rugs! If your friends want you to do them, they aren't really your friends.

  52. Arslan Warraich says:

    i was born into a rug

  53. behy1368 says:

    That rug better have "really tied the room together"…. This dude definitely doesn't abide though.. Let's see how many people get this reference.

  54. alphaomegagiant says:

    What can I say? They really tie the room together, man.

  55. john smith says:

    Doesn't Trump wear one on his head?

  56. Marcel Zenner says:

    When he listed some excuses, I was hoping for "it really ties the room together"

  57. Say What? says:

    When I first read the title of this video – my first thought was that they were talking about Trump's hair! What a goof. Hahahahaha

  58. Montesama314 says:

    "I couldn't even avoid heroin anymore! I LOVE heroin!"

  59. Pierre Le Bourreau says:

    It's time for Trump to declare a War on Rugs

  60. blueyes says:

    End the war on rugs!

  61. justachannel says:


  62. Eric P says:

    I started wearing long sleeves to hide the rug-burn

  63. Billy says:

    I wouldn't expect your grade school level mental midget audience to understand that VOLUNTARY SHARING is Charity, not fucking SOCIALISM. But that's why the tonight show, or the late show, or the late late show, or the super ultra mega latest show are losing viewers, in the words of your Orange Obsession, "bigly"

  64. 一心 says:

    This is just HILARIOUS… I laughed to death

  65. Newman says:

    This video has been a public advertisement from your local dark alley rug dealer.

  66. Diane Owen says:

    Tarot Reading – What comes next for trump?
    10 Swords:
    "Crushing defeat brought about by idle intellectualism divorced from reality. Sadness and desolation in the aftermath of a catastrophic and total collapse. A decisive conclusion brought about through the swift and merciless application of overwhelming force."

  67. SharkGreenBuffalo says:

    If people would just say no to rugs we wouldn't have this problem! ~ Trump

  68. Error Flynn says:

    the guy who plays the presenter in this, Brian Stack, always acts in the sketches with so much ridiculous conviction, like his face is not even real.

  69. Leroy Lowe says:

    We must protect our children.

  70. H. Sch. says:

    Of course it's welcome mats, they're the perfect gateway rug!

  71. The Ultimate Reductionist says:

    When I was a teen, I started off dealing bath mats. After I got busted and spent 30 years in juvie,
    I came out with a PhD in wall-to-wall shag carpets. Now I'm the CEO Empire Today.

  72. Shiro Lee says:

    hahaha, ah gees. The Late Show never ceases to be hilarious.

  73. rafael kramer says:

    Request correct melt ssdol worker title technological tough risk.

  74. God of War says:

    I'm a carpet muncher😂😂😂

  75. Marc Kloosterman says:

    This is typical Brian Stack humor 😂

  76. Preussisch0Blau says:

    Clearly there also needs to be more policing of online rug dealers. Why, underneath this very video, there was an advertisement for rugs, trying to lure me into a spiral of despair with their price drops and their red -50% stickers… even a -60%.

    The whole rug thing is getting to be a serious problem across all generations. My own mother is pressuring me to buy an area rug. I couldn't believe it!

  77. Graham Strouse says:

    War on rugs?

  78. NONE NOPE says:

    money laundering

  79. Under therainbow says:

    The late show. For your dayly dose of word play.

  80. Ian says:

    When México sends their people… They're bringing rugs, they're bringing carpets, they're felters. And some, I assume, are good people.

  81. Bruce Hauge says:

    What about the one on his head?

  82. James Lade says:

    They gotta ramp up the War on Rugs! That pilenyl is killing people!

  83. chri2453 says:

    It really tied the room together.

  84. Szymon Starowicz says:

    On on the rug, maaan!

  85. sootie says:

    Drown in you'r own pool of lies Americans, you voted for him accept it. Haaaaaaaaa

  86. No Dogma Mama says:

    Taxes are too high for rich people, huh?

  87. El Loco says:

    Totally missed the chance to feature the dude.

  88. Ayélé Mensah says:

    It’s no wonder she says it started with a Welcome Mat, after all, everyone knows it’s a gateway rug. 😔

  89. Thomas Buchovecky says:

    Big Rug is driving up the cost of shag to the middle class.

  90. Joseph Engelhardt says:

    It really ties the room together!

  91. bjam89 says:

    It ties the room together

  92. hayancharm says:


  93. Doc Work says:

    I'm surprised one of the rug users excuses was "It really ties the room together."

  94. 113 DmG says:

    That was hilarious!

  95. Luiz Alex Phoenix says:

    Only winners do rugs… No, wait…

  96. Val Torres says:

    Spent it on rugs, rugs where? The one on his head?

  97. George Henry says:

    this tax plan is going to make people Barf. l

  98. Rick Castle says:

    absolute perfect storm!!!)

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