KALEN REACTS: 2018 Emmy Awards Red Carpet
KALEN REACTS: 2018 Emmy Awards Red Carpet

100 thoughts on “KALEN REACTS: 2018 Emmy Awards Red Carpet”

  1. Timothy Spruill says:

    He is so adorable.

  2. Timothy Spruill says:

    Someone hook me up!

  3. nicky rosey says:

    We do not deserve Kalen 😂😂😂😂😅😅😢

  4. Monica Jones says:

    I wish you were on the red carpet instead. My entire looked for you. You are awesome.

  5. Victoria Costea says:

    Călin /kuleen/ is actually a real name in Romanian 🙂

  6. Ramon Lupian says:

    Omg this is halaries

  7. lisa d says:

    That parachute looked exactly like that dress. He had me cracking up!

  8. Stacey y sus Pollitos says:

    He is so funny. I can't believe I didn't hear about him before

  9. Mari Mayn says:

    He did not say parachute??! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Yvonne Michaels says:


  11. Montana Gonzales says:

    Cinderella Brandy version 😂😂😂🤣

  12. flyguyryan7 says:

    So much positivity😊❤️

  13. JuaniqueVerde says:

    omg! 🤣🤣🤣 Cinderella all grown up – THE BRANDY VERSION!! 😭😭 is there any other version?! 💁🏾‍♀️ #impossible

  14. NiNa L says:

    He should meet Glozell (If he hasn't yet)

  15. Luscious Liwe says:

    I went to church vbs and when we did the parachute I felt blessed

  16. Mika Ramat says:

    I can't take it? Then why you give it to me! 🙈 the same I tell my boyfriend 🙈🙈🙈

  17. Jessica Fletcher says:


  18. Lindsey Heldenbrand says:

    “The Brandi version”. YES, I love that one. Easily one of the best.

  19. God Is Great! says:

    U r AWESOME KALEN 😂👍👍💞💞💞💞

  20. Sam says:

    Can we stop with this unfunny idiot?

  21. strongforu says:

    Some of those outfits were hideous!

  22. George Cooper says:

    Hey Ellen me and my grandma are really big fans of your show but we have to whatch you on YouTube because she has work till 3:00and doesn’t get home till 4:00 even tho she could still whatch it she takes care of me instead we love to see or at least go to a show of yours love you Ellen keep up the good work

  23. Miss V says:

    I love his critique!

  24. Claudia Ivy says:

    Kalen, you are FUNNY AF😂 , would appreciate more of Kalen reacts

  25. Tamara Whoa says:

    The Brandy version 😆😆

  26. Nurse Kimberly says:

    Ok….so WHEN…..I cant handle these 3 minute little shorts..when they heck do you get MORE SCREEN TIME……I know this cant be 40 hours a week…..I want more Kalen!!

  27. Gcb ethen says:

    Allen u should do a saturkay where u try to follow a makeup tutorial

  28. Dex World says:

    Hey Ellen I love your show and can you get me a plane ticket for your show

  29. Brit's Family Clips says:

    I instantly thought of the gym parachute too! 😂

  30. Pamela Harrell says:

    Boy you are so funny, u have me cracking up so hard my side hurts!

  31. There is a town Called Scratchy Bottom says:

    Kalen and Leslie would be great as a comedy duo!!❤️💕💜💟

  32. DevinMichelle says:

    He should play Mushu in the live action Mulan!

  33. C H says:

    Yes on the parachute in gym 😂

  34. Chykim Sanders says:

    😂😂 I knew he'd find a way to insert Beyonce into this.. Lol!!

  35. What_ Sis? says:

    He looked so hurt when they took the Emmy back ♥️🤣

  36. Lucy Cabral says:


  37. Shaq4real says:

    Kaleen Allen.

  38. Angelica Hall says:

    “The Brandi version 😂 I love it!!

  39. Raúl Coronel says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha can't stop laughing hahahahahahahaha

  40. Константин Рисков says:

    Бля, что за мудак

  41. Kylee Tristani says:

    He’s too funny😂😭

  42. Amon Rizvi says:

    “The Brandi version.” 😂😂😂😂

  43. Kylie S says:

    so glad Kalen is a regular on ellen now!!

  44. Donna Walther says:

    Ellen why cant you an your people help mary ann from gilligan's island who neededs help on a go fund me page. Please lets help a good women at ages 79. You can do it ellen I know it ..

  45. Princess Jauregui-Hansen says:

    a planetarium walking on feet 😂😂😂

  46. Camp Sleepless Paranormal Podcast says:

    Ellen the clout sucking culture vulture

  47. Siddhartha Chauhan says:

    hiiiii Ellen. u r my beloved. I need ur help

  48. Siddhartha Chauhan says:

    I need ur help. I m from India. if u can help me

  49. Tracy A says:

    I thought Angela Sarafyan’s “planetarium” dress was stunning!

  50. Dance Freak says:

    i love love watching kalen he is soo funny and real

  51. KAMARI BACARDI says:

    Kalen gosh I'm so happy for you..I just keep thinking bt this 14yr old boy who adored me so much…from KC…lol…look great..doin great….u go boi

  52. Jay Vala says:

    K..k..k..k..Kellen or K..k..k..k.. Kiran!! 😂 LOLAnyone from India?

  53. VALENTINEproductions says:

    Lookin like a Hoe Emmy

  54. JazzArtGazca2002 says:

    Love this #DIVA ❤️♥️💯

  55. iesu francisco says:

    Hi Ellen! I'm from the Phils, a single mom & I always enjoy watching your show. You always make my day happy & always make me laugh despite the hardships I've been enduring raising 2 kids alone. I love your dancing moves, you're really a great dancer. But most of all I love your being a kind, down-to-earth person & suprising your fans/audience with gifts & surprises. For me, your Ellen D'GENEROUS. God is really great for giving you to us. 🙂

  56. Anam choudhury says:

    The moment when you realise that
    kalen rhymes with ellen.😶

  57. Bhekycycaa Maduna says:

    I love you

  58. Alex young says:

    This guy is lit

  59. Nikki Hayes says:

    K-Kaleeen! Lol

  60. micah lowhoy says:

    ok i will now refer to you as kaleen

  61. Skinnygirl Mani says:

    😂😂😂😂im dead

  62. Raka Mukherjee says:

    Am I the only one who liked all the dresses

  63. Tj Solquia says:

    Why is Sarah Paulson not here??

  64. Susan Stoltz says:

    Kalen, you are the best and yes, I know how to pronounce your name! Love ya my friend!❤️

  65. gypsijewel says:

    that was cute

  66. Maya Flici says:

    Take a shot everytime he says "You givin' me"

  67. Angelique Overton says:

    I LoVED!!!! GYM time just for that moment with the parachute!!! Lol good memories

  68. Francesca Ramos says:

    So funny. You’ll have your own Emmy soon enough

  69. Jam Trini25 says:

    "the Brandy version"

  70. bridgejones79 says:

    I love Kalen😍😍😍

  71. DavePa little says:

    Like your threads, Kalen. Very kewl.

  72. Shar M says:


  73. santiago nieves says:

    Love the way you dish. Fucking hilarious.

  74. Ingabire Mutoni says:

    I love ❤️

  75. marskeins says:

    Is that a planetarian on feet. Lmao

  76. AwesomeAna says:

    It’s Teigen (tee-gan) she said it herself.

  77. Erwin Derfox says:

    Hollywood/Democrats are the New Racists! #FukHollywood🖕🏾

  78. Lauren says:

    “The brandy version” 😂😂😂

  79. Javon Ezell says:


  80. Ugwuoke Euphmia says:

    I love u so much

  81. Alexandra Alberti says:

    I love the gym parachute

  82. Denise De Castaneda says:

    Kalen 💛🏆Kalen💛🏆💫Yes give 💛Kalen an Award🏆Kalen ✨💛👏And Ellen💛for discovering Great Talent👏

  83. Tom-Tom Vlogs says:


  84. nicole valletta says:

    I just want Kalen commenting on life all day.

  85. IVIN cm says:

    Lmao I love Kalen 😆

  86. Cole Barry says:

    Hahaha when he was talk about the dress that looked like outer space I bursted out laughing I remember when I took a field trip there in 7th grade 😂😂💀

  87. 101mizzrockstar says:

    I just love kalen

  88. Tony Vilaysack says:

    They said “speak it into existence”, but you said “wear it into existence”

  89. Rosa elbertsen says:


  90. krisksully says:

    I love the brandy version of Cinderella! I would always sing "impossible" 💙

  91. Francisca Brites says:


  92. Mark Ryan says:

    He's so attractive

  93. Lisa Smart says:

    LMAOOOOOOOO he's the best.

  94. Gabriella Priddy says:

    I love this is us

  95. Munro McLaren says:

    I miss the Trix yogurt.

  96. Adriana Alejandra says:

    Oh man I Love him🤣🤣🤣🤣 I caint have it? 😂😂😂

  97. Lauren Daniels says:

    The Brandy version! 😂

  98. Alexis Ward says:

    Trix yogurt 😭

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