Kanye West Spent Nearly All His Money on Furniture He Threw Out | Splash News TV
Kanye West Spent Nearly All His Money on Furniture He Threw Out | Splash News TV

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Kanye
West has a taste for the finer things. A new report from Page Six revealed that the
39-year-old rapper has no patience for fashion or interior desingers… and he threw out
all of the expensive furniture he handpicked for his new home with Kim Kardashian. They’re even saying that he went to extreme
lengths… spending all of his money on furniture – including a one-off $30,000 couch – and
then decided he hated it. He apparently retuned one home day and decided
he didn’t like all the furniture he bought with a celebrity interior designer and demanded
all of it be returned to the vendors. But when they didn’t take it back – he
threw it all into storage. And then spent a fortune on a new set of furniture. The spat has apparently turned off Kim. She’s growing impatient with him because
the house still isn’t ready and she just wants to be home, especially after everything
that happened in Paris. Still no word on when Kanye will be done with
decorating the home… but maybe he should look into buying a therapist’s couch while
he’s out there shopping.

10 thoughts on “Kanye West Spent Nearly All His Money on Furniture He Threw Out | Splash News TV”

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  2. donna easty says:

    Typical manic behavior. Look at all the homes he buys and then rips the guts out off. Must be tiring to live with that.

  3. Analyz Gmz says:

    It upsets me that Kim doesn't see how self absorbed this guy is. I honestly think he has some type of mental health issues.

  4. Cakiema says:

    Wait. No this nigga don't have contacts in 😲

  5. Sassie Knowles says:

    You can look at him and tell that he is Gay or Bi…just listen to his rants.

  6. Jason Viper says:

    i find it funny he never ask Kim for money. lol if you can't even ask the wife for some money shows the dumb in Kanye because kim has millions. oh FYI his "illness" is fake just an excuse too still get paid and not perform on stage.

  7. Resiliency says:

    What do you mean by ALL of his money? Wondering if he's really broke like they say.

  8. teetee me says:

    that explains why the house is not finished…too much money

  9. Keith King says:

    Any blackman that sleeps with the kardashians gets cursed. These are witches smdh

  10. Conspiracy Queen says:

    Of course Kanye's selfish ass doesn't think to SELL this crap at an auction then donate the money to charity! These two morons deserve each other!

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