Keith Ape – 잊지마 (It G Ma) (feat. JayAllDay, Loota, Okasian & Kohh) [Official Video]
Keith Ape – 잊지마 (It G Ma) (feat. JayAllDay, Loota, Okasian & Kohh) [Official Video]

“It G Ma”
(Never Forget) underwater squad I still got camo on my body orca ninjas go rambo “It G Ma”
(Never Forget) underwater squad I still got camo on my body orca ninjas go rambo “It G Ma” “It G Ma” that we are Ichiban
(Ichiban means the best in Japanese) yea it shines, yea it shines
yes we are the one that shines mind your own business because
you are you and I am me we the killer whales
spread these wings then swim on this money C-O-H-O-R-T, we the Cohort, pay these boys motherfucker fucker, your mouth goes blub blub (fuck ’em) you are you, I am me, accept that shit I’m out to get this money
while you talk shit behind other’s back waterin’ brain cell is a daily routine, kiss to a blunt I tie my hair then go on to a battle field open the map of the world dem ninjas on the mission slash them obstacles with no hesitation no doubt about it when its life and death situation just like Kill Bill all humans are lonely at the end you best leave as much as you can motha fucka yall cant feel my pain no excuses are prepared aint no tinkerbell following those empty eyes lotta chikcs around here “It G Ma” underwater squad I still got camo on my body orca ninjas go rambo bitch, I’m a zombie drank too much cheap codein still black and white on my body camo down you know we goin’ harder than a mutha muthafucking ape I lay in a tub and shop
(Keith Ape is bathing=a bathing ape) I mean Bape Bape Bape Bape Bape Keith Ape, never forget, Killer Whale Killer Whale, Killer Whale, Killer Whale, Killer Whales swim through, swim through, swim through we are about to swim through this money while you watch us through these screens I’m the main actor of your own life so never forget my name and never forget my team never forget my name and never forget my team if you forget our name when you mention Korea
you lose your ear never forget
I’m a muhfuckin’ trendsetter
(never forget me) all my shit very rare
never seen ‘em, have you?
(never seen it) don’t believe your man
he ain’t makin’ no money bull shittin’ bull shittin’
all that money talkin’ still got sharskins with camo on my body
(bape) this is Kanganm Street
through that alleyway we go on to space
(space) peace in my steps, crybaby phone in my pocket my mind spun, spun and then back to right place like Kim Yuna
(Korean female Figure Skater) “It G Ma” underwater squad I still got camo on my body orca ninjas go rambo “It G Ma” never never never forget don’t forget to never forget this, that, and that over there, which one is important? get rid of unncessary things you could be happy with having only what you need thank you I walk with my own feet new shoes, get it dirty again air force ones with no laces or cheap converses with heavy leather jackets on feels like a rock star I’m listening to “The Blue Hearts”
while I’m chewing a gum
(Japanese Rock band) I got no time to do what I don’t want to do I got no time to do what I don’t want to do said Mashi
(Mashima Masatoshi, guitarist of the Blue Hearts) I ain’t talkin’ Tashiro
(Masashi Tashiro, Japanese Actor) it’s weak to talk about the past it’s about time you let go of your past

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  1. Melloz ML says:

    Road to 69 mill views

  2. TubbyPlays says:

    4:41 the part you guys are all looking for

  3. Drew Skee says:

    What kind of drink they sippin

  4. Cyndal Turner says:

    The video itself is lit. But I have no idea what their talking about

  5. John Kooch says:

    They have grills on because of crooked teeth?

  6. Valsит Брандо says:

    Свошик и ДИМА!

  7. Jonieee says:

    What a Spice?

  8. odane pinnock says:


  9. Hoàng Huynh says:

    I From Vietnam. Rap Việt..

  10. Didier 88 says:

    ya carrement des


  11. Lucid dream says:

    Lit fuckers i live in PH 😍 nice song

  12. wonjun hong says:

    Ferg VS Kohh

  13. Ri - Chan says:

    like 😍

  14. TaiLynnsmom says:

    2019 my Facebook memories of a little girl dancing to this brought me here

  15. JB Venter says:

    Where's Master Killer Bee?

  16. Free Fire says:

    اكو عرب بطيرا

  17. vidéo nul says:

    Y’a carrément des câbles

  18. bgu hugo says:

    Sophomore grade vibes 🙂

  19. KADOLEAF says:

    BE BRUTALLY HONEST i’m an indonesian rapper/singer , is my music good ?

  20. Cesar De La Cruz says:

    Asian people in there blown honda civics listen to this

  21. こんにちわ誰ですか? says:

    Yu k ta

  22. Rosemaryn Rose says:

    Finally i found this song, i just hear the lyric acima acima squasshh shittt

  23. Kaua Chedid says:

    Algum BR?

  24. Sahori Sarasi says:

    Nose lo que dice pero miente

  25. Deni Jangdoe says:

    Ini mah anak buah nya killer be 😂🤣😎

  26. star999nine says:


  27. king blitz says:

    you guys are one of the best definatley opened my eyes do you have an album i can buy

  28. king blitz says:

    well done you guys are ghees. my idol

  29. king blitz says:

    same as highly brothers, why would people hate when you guys are the best rappers

  30. king blitz says:

    fuckkk the haters there jealous everything made in china everyone need to show so much more respect chinese viatmenese same fuck everyone else

  31. king blitz says:

    fukkkk all the countries from now on im chinese 4 life

  32. king blitz says:

    your my family i would die for my real brothers

  33. king blitz says:

    much respectand much g love to japan aswell

  34. king blitz says:

    keep watching meeeeee cheeeesssseeee :)n

  35. king blitz says:

    im Jake brown brisbane qld australia much love my real family

  36. king blitz says:

    i lonely alot of greedy people

  37. U Y says:

    한국인 찾습니다

  38. MADNESH says:

    4:23 this kohh part is the best flow and strcuture verse in a song since 2015

  39. Yunel Da1212 says:

    Keith ape ia SUCKS!

  40. -- says:

    Jumpscare at 0:34

  41. Скороходов Семён says:

    Ебать фара. ахахахахах

  42. Donovan says:

    Y a carrément des câbles.

  43. Jay says:

    Still my shit ❤❤

  44. MrLoLFaK says:

    Can someone tell me why the fk I can't buy this song or stream it on Spotify? I don't want the remix version that no one cares about

  45. Ji-hyuk Park says:


  46. ria farah says:

    my hype song

  47. D. Briana Blackman says:

    I love this song

  48. hey hey ningen sucker says:

    I keep coming back for Kohh's verse

  49. Heidi Yousuf says:

    North Korea approves.

  50. NPC 1974 says:

    Asian rap, Indian rap… Now I've seen it all!

  51. Onizuka says:

    lourd sa mère 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  52. 이찬영 says:

    또 지리고갑니다

  53. Michael Carney says:

    Rap culture has infected Korea… Now we just need Chinese trap rap and the United States can just relax with it's feet up.

  54. 杏仁豆腐 says:

    1:52 4:15

  55. ンゴンゴ says:


  56. 난 성불한다 일했다정기석 says:

    잊지않고 또 보러왔다 아직도 본다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  57. Tae Tae says:


  58. SirRanny Dewah says:

    Wow m so nostalgic ASIA HAS GOT TALENT this is good!!!!

  59. nevercryan says:

    And they in trade war? Hha

  60. 錐生みみ says:

    Still love that I found this because I wanted something a bit new in my asian music… My bro heard it from Jabbawockeez. The moment it started playing and he was singing too, was a moment in our lives that will probably NEVER happen again.

  61. D Forrest says:

    Why havent I heard this on the radio? They are way better than the so called rappers out these days.

  62. Danté says:

    It's been almost 5 years since this song came out. This song needs to be on Spotify – I don't care about the remix – I love this original song.

  63. spaceinbetween says:

    I like how the first 4 rappers talking about buying expensive shit and stunting on us. Then the last rapper is all "like appreciate what you got, I feel good in my dirty converse and cheap leather jacket.:

  64. M. BA엠바 says:

    오늘 시험이라 안 잊으려고 왔습니다

  65. mucheamsireundae ahgosari says:

    막걸리 스웩

  66. zakky3ackz says:

    The effects in the music video is, I thought, one that does not frequently appear in music videos of American or Japanese songs.

  67. Kyra Spence says:

    Oh wow I forgot about this lol

  68. Tronald Dump says:

    Showed this song to my dawg
    Now he's my dog
    Showed this song to my dog
    Now he's my lunch

  69. 최민식 says:

    ㅅㅂ 음원내줘

  70. js2loose says:

    how the fuck did i find his hard in 2015

  71. Saker Alabas says:

    I'm not a J-pop or K-pop fan, but I love this song

  72. lawdy_lawd says:

    why can't they put this iTunes

  73. vichox976 says:

    jajaja los btz klos locos

  74. G10 g. 1.0 says:

    I think asians should start saying ninja and make it their n-word

  75. pipsy says:

    ibrahim tatlıses ♥

  76. Christian oliva says:

    Kohn the best in my opinion.😈

  77. Ali Saad says:

    That UZI firing sound ❤️❤️

  78. lumity Doppio says:

    Love how first couple of rappers are flexing how much money their clothes are worth, while the the last guy is flexing how cheap his clothes are

  79. Isabel Paulo says:

    I only found this hit today,i feel bad….

  80. Rayan al-suwailem says:

    So i just found out that i stayed in the same hotel they are in the music video

  81. Ale Allievi says:

    … and the HARDEST SKRRRRRTT ever goes to

  82. Not Erpro says:

    Che cazzo è

  83. ItsJayyy _ says:


  84. 상산고 says:

    존나구리다 진짜

  85. UGH-Nation UnderGoodHealth says:

    Better listen to my music to calm down 😁😂

  86. Rachel Nguyen says:


  87. αleαh says:

    4:23 kohh sexy

  88. Almighty Glo says:

    Damn this shit garbage I can’t fw dem 88 niggas

  89. Anubex says:

    ayyyy 69 million views :>

  90. La crème de la crème des humains says:

    Ninjas rapping in english, korean, japanese, tagalog n chinese, lol

  91. Gemini says:

    Bitch u guess it

  92. Miezko 227 says:

    bangz lourd de ouf

  93. りんごじゅーす says:


  94. Vladimir Makarov says:

    69 million ayeee Never Forget 🔥

  95. Major Kool says:

    ARIGATO 🙏🏻🔥

  96. Rasif Khandoker says:

    This song is so fucking hard it should be internationally celebrated.

  97. Rasif Khandoker says:

    This song goes harder than 99% western rap songs and it actually has some meaning lyrics instead of mindless flexing nobody can relate to.

  98. Allen Del rosario says:

    Now I remember the N-word stands for


  99. てけてけくん says:


  100. SakeeSan says:

    Imma show this song to ma kiddos

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