Kerala Mural Painting Tutorial
Kerala Mural Painting Tutorial

Hi guys! In this video I’m going to show
you how I painted this KERALA MURAL in watercolour, what I used, how I painted it,
step by step so let’s begin! For this painting you’ll need 130 GSM artists paper,
red, yellow and orange paints or you can just use any watercolor cakes you have
with you. You need white poster colour, a black gel pen, a number 4 round brush and
a rigger brush. My recommendations for these products are in the link below so
let’s start with the first step! I’ve already finished drawing the
outline. The link to this is in the DESCRIPTION box below. I”ve used masking
tape around the corners so that the borders are clean and sharp so let’s
start with the first step, THE YELLOW UNDERPAINTING. Start with a thin wash of
yellow and then paint everything except for the face In step two, we are going to run over the
outline with ORANGE with the rigger brush and also fill in some spaces. All right! So basically I’m going to line
the entire outline except the face with orange, so you can go ahead and do the
same and I’ll see you in the next step! I’m done with step two, and as you can
see I’ve darkened some places and kept some lighter. Also let me tell you, while
I was working on this I realized how important it is to use a rigger brush.
Trust me guys, it will make outlining so much easier. So let’s start with step
three, adding red and black. Now we are at step four, we are going to
use white poster colour for the beads and highlights, and finish painting the face The face will be divided into two halves
of different colours depicting Shiva Shakti. The divine couple corresponds to
two essential aspects of THE ONE. The masculine principle, which represents the
abiding aspect of God and the feminine principle, which represents its energy,
the force which acts in the manifested world and life itself. Okay guys so we’ve reached the final step,
which is going to bring our painting to life. We’re going to use a black gel pen
for the entire outline so let’s start! I’m almost towards the end of the
painting and in just a few seconds we’ll be done. So this is the finished painting. I hope
you enjoy recreating it. Thanks for watching and if you liked this tutorial,
please like and subscribe to my channel for upcoming videos. See you next

11 thoughts on “Kerala Mural Painting Tutorial”

  1. Deeksha Katoch says:

    Beautiful done 😍 can't wait for more 🌺

  2. Chandrashekhar Khapre says:

    Too good!!

  3. Chandrashekhar Khapre says:

    how much time does this take from start to finish?

  4. anirudh grover says:

    A really beautiful painting! I'll have a go at it myself

  5. susheela Godara says:

    This is amazing!! I'm gonna try it.😊

  6. Asif Khan says:

    So nice

  7. Ganesh Barbole says:

    Waahh…very nice 🙂

  8. Rajat K says:


  9. Yuvibaby Yuvan says:

    I love the way of ur tutorial, nice kp doing all the very best friend

  10. M R Hunagund says:

    Wonderful, seriously I didn't knew using watercolors for mural painting, thanks for clip

  11. Lil Aaravista says:

    Very nice tutorial on the painting part.. but can you tell how to draw the outline on A3

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