Kilim Carpet Weaving
Kilim Carpet Weaving

A craftsperson in any field
must master his craft. Our skill is our strength and identity. What you see here, my dreams begin within these four walls. We are working towards building
a weaving centre in Mirzapur, where we will train
the coming generations. Our strength lies in the hands
of our master weavers. We dream of a future where the
next generations of weavers create the same quality of masterpieces. Kilim is a flat weave where any shape, be it a rectangle or a
round shape or a curve is created at a 90 degree angle. We dye the wool according to the colours
finalised in the design graph. The process of dying requires steaming. In this process, the steam boils
the dye along with the water which the wool then
absorbs gradually. The wool achieves a colour fastness
that makes it resistant to fading. We begin the weaving
by preparing the warp. The warp is the
backbone of the carpet and the woolen weft is the
flesh that covers it. We do not tie knots in a Kilim. The warp is attached
to the loom in two rows. When we complete the first line of weaving we alternate the rows and
complete the next line. Each resulting knot woven on the rug
corresponds to a pixel on the graph. Here, on this loom we are
weaving a 3 ply piece. When we use 3 threads together in a weft
we call it a 3 ply. These 2 rugs vary in ply
but the quality in the yarn is the same. In this 5 ply rug there are 8 knots within
1 inch of a motif. This 3 ply quality will have
14 knots within 1 inch of a motif. Finer knots will create more intricate
and higher quality craftsmanship. A rug’s design, quality
and workmanship will determine how long
it will take to complete. We put in as much work and effort in finishing a rug as
we do in weaving one. We have developed
a finesse in our skills through trial and error
in designs and colours. We make great efforts to create
something new and different each time. Hard labour does not deter us. Passion for our craft keeps us going.

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    The kilms are extraordinary .. and the imagination, designs and the skill is outstanding. And kalamji good going.

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