King Corbin hits the “blue carpet”: SmackDown Exclusive, Oct. 4, 2019
King Corbin hits the “blue carpet”: SmackDown Exclusive, Oct. 4, 2019

70 thoughts on “King Corbin hits the “blue carpet”: SmackDown Exclusive, Oct. 4, 2019”

  1. Seth freaking Rollins SLAYER says:

    Like Román
    comment the rock

  2. The Fiend Bray Wyatt says:

    King corbins trash

  3. Dhruv Joshi says:

    That ad after every wwe video is annoying as hell

  4. Elaine Williams says:

    I can’t even watch fox 😡

  5. Toastee gaming says:

    Plz sub to me bout to hit 100 subs

  6. Mohit Passi says:

    Second comment

  7. SosaZay says:

    why does baron corbin look like a Amish person lmao.

  8. JackGeezy says:

    Cant wait to see New Smackdown better be good

  9. Seth freaking Rollins SLAYER says:

    This is going to be the night of smackdown

  10. magweja music MASVINGO says:

    Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

  11. Snake eyes says:


  12. Doodle Pop says:

    I sure am glad dish decided to not have Fox so I can miss all of this

  13. Zhanrae Badaguas says:

    Sasha banks fan

  14. Randy Orton says:

    King Corbin as future World Champ

  15. The Fiend Bray Wyatt says:

    King Corbin looks like a character from Mafia 2~3 games 🤣

  16. Prison Mike says:

    That one dislike from Corbin when the description got his name wrong

  17. Shrey KJ says:

    Who is here after that vintage epic rock-bottom

  18. Mirza Ali says:

    King got smashed by peoples champ the rock😍

  19. Tamzid Mohsin Khan says:

    The Rock and Becky attack King Corbin

  20. Ike Greger says:

    why did they hire her…

  21. Hamzah Iftikhar says:

    he should go back to nxt

  22. Roblox Gay says:

    I thought it was still in usa

  23. johnnyXx4321 says:

    the interviewer def wants the D

  24. Igor180 says:

    1:50 – LOL!!!, her face is priceless😂😂😂

  25. Johan Eights says:

    Why does Corbin look like he's working for The Mob

  26. Dorelaxen says:

    Just when you thought Cameron Grimes hat was the worst.

  27. Jalen Payton says:

    The Rock burying King Corbin was a join to watch

  28. Viva La Vida says:

    Straight outta Jerusalem..

  29. Buddy T says:

    Much better when he had his long hair more badass

  30. Lance Cowan says:

    Corbin does seem like royalty!

  31. Vincent Wilson says:

    Ummm wrong kofi fought Brock in Japan a few years ago lol

  32. Crazy CousinKA says:

    Really? King Corbin 😑 thats stupid

  33. Mike H. says:

    Beware of King 🤴 Corbin.

  34. Destiny Vixaisak says:

    let me guess his gonna try out for the Burger King 🤴 commercial

  35. Josephson Ognita says:

    Now entering the blue carpet is he used to be the General manager of Raw after turning it upside down since 2018, Money In The Bank winner since 2017, nickname Lone Wolf, & won King of the Ring tournament against Chad Gable Baron Corbin in other words King Baron Corbin.

  36. Jose Lopez says:


  37. Kadarius Williams says:

    Hey people go to channel 40 if you can't find trust me I just find the channel y'all been looking for😉

  38. jay H says:

    Baron looks quite regal!!

  39. Raymond Ross says:

    I do anything for the king…anything…

  40. Mikail Mooraj says:

    Brock beat Kofi in Japan in 2015, The Beast In The East

  41. Johnny Rodriguez says:

    Was that Ian Hecox from Smosh in the background

  42. C.Nightmare Franz says:

    King Baron and top hats are the best.

  43. Yes Of Course says:

    "I don't think Kofi's ever been in the ring with someone like Brock"

    cough Beast in the East cough

  44. Travis j says:

    Kofi has had a good run but it's time to cut it out.

  45. Best of Luck! says:

    Smackdown logo has that old look back in the day like 2005 smackdown with the huge fist in the middle. Miss those days😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  46. Aniket Rathod says:

    Baron corbin is great superstar

  47. Wesley C says:

    This is so exciting the night of Smackdown, here it comes.

  48. Cesaro iS The Name says:

    baron corbin – its 1920, f**k it –

  49. V3p says:

    2 videos same video uploaded

  50. imurfan111 says:

    Smosh in the background!!

  51. JRA Tu Amigo says:

    King Corbin loser.

  52. Ali Riaz says:

    Never thought i would ever like baron corbin

  53. Anthuan Juarez says:

    King Corbin! ⭐️

  54. Blake Ward says:

    He's so much better at speaking when he's not scripted

  55. the gothic pirate says:

    all hail King Corbin

  56. 乙乃 says:

    Saw Smosh on the background there

  57. Michael Dzzon says:

    corbin looking classy

  58. azzy says:

    I love how the Smosh crew is in the back

  59. Will says:

    1:27 on the receiving end of an* F5

  60. Bolt 13652 says:

    How’s your chair Corbin 😂

  61. ValKnight says:

    Smosh was there

  62. Cameron L says:

    Corbin brotha looking sharp

  63. keshav sagar says:

    Baron Corbin is the Supreme King .

  64. big daddy bubble buddy says:

    i like how smosh is in the background at 0:49

  65. klare Clades says:

    The king of the ring is amazing 🖐🏻😂👍🏻❤

  66. siam zain siam zain says:

    Best in the world king Corbin

  67. Kiran Riar says:


  68. VintageWrestling says:

    1:00 Well Baron you need to do your research. Kofi did fight Brock Lesnar on a WWE Live Tour in Japan back in 2015

  69. Jame T says:

    Maria Menounos is hot.

  70. VintageRKO says:

    Corbin is rocking that hat

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