Kitchen Design Ideas: Finding Inspiration
Kitchen Design Ideas: Finding Inspiration

[Kitchen Design Ideas: Finding Inspiration For Your Kitchen Remodel] Hi, I’m Nadia Geller, interior designer for Homestyler. [Nadia Geller, Interior Designer] Today I’m going to give you some great ideas on how to refresh your kitchen. You can spend just a little and make some nice updates, or you can spend a lot and create a whole new environment. [Try new hardware, lighting, rugs or curtains.] If you’re looking for subtle changes, try new hardware on the cabinets, new lighting, or change your throw rug and curtains. [Use flowers in season] Even changing your flowers and plants can help. [Small things can have a big impact] Small things can have a big impact. When I want to make more dramatic changes, I like to start by visualizing my ideas with a home design program. [] This one is Homestyler. It’s free and it let’s you experiment with a lot of ideas before you actually spend any money. For example, you may have always dreamed of updating your appliances to stainless steel. Use Homestyler to see if you like the look by trying different appliances, brands, and placements. Try out different styles and finishes until you find something you like. Another kind of big thing to do is to change out your floor. Try something light and something dark. Which one looks best to you? There are plenty of things you can do that aren’t as involved, like painting the walls a new color. There are literally hundreds of different wall treatments and paint colors for your kitchen. Use the program to experiment with your favorites. This may be the biggest time saver yet, and there’s no commitments and no regrets. Save your designs so you can look at them again and again. Maybe you’d like to try something that will make a big difference without being too much work. Try painting or refacing your cabinets. This will dramatically change the look of your kitchen. Get inspired by the food you love best. Most people are attracted to the colors that are the same color as the food they like. For me, this is a perfect shade of green. [Inspiration to refresh your kitchen, Change paint color or add wall treatments] [Reface your cabinets for a dramatic change, Get color inspiration from the foods you love] [] Have fun making over your kitchen I’m Nadia Geller. To start designing your dream kitchen today, go to] [To start designing today, go to]

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  1. Ruudiluca says:

    Just wondering, is Howdini a small team of people, a whole business, one person going to several people to film? This channel is really interesting.

  2. RiffSkozz's Offical Bara Furry Spank Bank Of Dicks says:

    ʇuǝɯɯoɔ ʇsɐן

  3. Howdini says:

    Remember Homestyler is free – have fun with designing your dream kitchen! Check out the link in the description.

    Thanks for watching!

  4. Howdini says:

    @BalooDumptruck Nice 🙂

  5. Howdini says:

    @ruudiluca Howdini is team of folks based out of NYC. You can check out our channel page for more about us. Thanks for asking! 🙂

  6. Ramza says:

    off subject. If everybody starts using macs, will it still be 'cool'?

  7. kitchencabinetvalue says:

    Few designers talk about the difference flowers and plants (real or otherwise) can change the look of a kitchen. Great tip.

  8. Howdini says:

    Thanks for watching! 😉

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