Kitchen Design: What Is A Transitional Kitchen? – Aspire Fine Homes
Kitchen Design: What Is A Transitional Kitchen? – Aspire Fine Homes

[MUSIC] Do you want to learn a little bit
more about transitional kitchens? Hi, my name’s David Gordon. I’m with Whitestone Builders. Why don’t you follow me
through this kitchen, and let’s take a look at
some of the key elements. One of the first things we look at
is the use of natural materials. So we’ve got a marble surface. We’ll do marble, granite,
and even limestone. Back here we have a limestone counter top. So, the use of natural
surfaces is really important. Transitional kitchens are gonna
be more neutral on their colors. They do not have a lot of color. Another item’s going to be tile. The use of tile in the kitchen that
goes all the way to the ceiling. Also an oversized tile. Here, we use an oversized subway tile,
it’s a 4 inch by 16 inch. Gives it a little bit more
of an elongated look, but you can see it’s a very
crisp tile that works well here. Another key element is
going to be clean lines. So, in this cabinetry right here, we’ve
got inset cabinets, very clean lines. We don’t have a lot of moldings or
anything that go on these cabinets, they’re gonna be very simple. One of the last elements that really
make a transitional design is the use of an embellishment or ornamentation in
the middle of a clean line design. So we come over here,
we’re gonna look at the range hood. So, in the middle of all
this clean line design, we have ornamentation or decorations. So we’re able to pull that off so we can
put a piece of traditional in the middle of kind of a contemporary look,
and it works well together. These are some of the key elements
that make a transitional kitchen. If you love transitional kitchens,
you’re gonna love our videos showcasing the latest design and
techniques from industry experts. Click here to see more.

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