KITCHEN TOUR 🏡 Design Ideas & DiY Decor! (Home Tour)
KITCHEN TOUR 🏡 Design Ideas & DiY Decor! (Home Tour)

I am here in the kitchen to give you
guys a quick tour today we just shot our family photos so it is clean for
probably the only time I will ever be clean so I thought I’d take you guys
around and show you how I decorate it and how I staged everything for our
family photos so hi there I’ll welcome to my kitchen tour
I’m so excited to have you both here today and talk to you a little bit about
our home and how I styled our kitchen for our farmhouse style we just moved
from California to Arizona where we bought our very first house and so it’s
been a really fun project but a lot of work to get everything kind of designed
and staged the way we like we didn’t get to pick anything however we did not have
to go through the home building process so what we did is we took a lot of our
personality and infuse it into the home with DES for most of the pieces you’re
going to see in the kitchen are from Hobby Lobby they have a great farmhouse
section if you get there on the right week it’s usually 50% off so let’s take
a look around and I’ll show you what I did everything in our kitchen is light
and bright and airy so what I did and most of my decor is I looked for pieces
that complimented that so we grounded most of the decor with metals and black
but we also kept everything nice and bright with whites and golds and grays
and pinks and a little bit of teal our favorite part of the decor is actually
what you see at the top of the cabinets most of the focal pieces up there are my
very favorites and I just love how Hobby Lobby made it easy to get everything in
the same style same finishes same colors it made it really cohesive and simple to
put together so if you feel like you’re a little challenged when it comes to
deciding on decor and shopping and styling
find a store that has a collection with a lot of pieces that are all cohesive it
takes the guesswork out of it makes it so much easier for you now this section
over here with the cookie jar is also one of my favorites I love this photo of
our kids it’s from two years ago when we took our very first trip to Hawaii with
them it’s a really fun memory and the colors in the photo really complement
the rest of the kitchen fresh flowers are a really easy way to add color and
life into your home I love to go to Trader Joe’s for flowers they have
really great deals they actually was at Walmart and found these ones they’re
having items in your kitchen that are beautiful and provide a sense of
interest into your home are really great but it’s even better when you can find
something that also is functional and that is what I found in this really
darling cookbook holder that is also from Hobby Lobby

15 thoughts on “KITCHEN TOUR 🏡 Design Ideas & DiY Decor! (Home Tour)”

  1. Anielyn Recto says:

    Wow so awesome kitchen

  2. SoCal Yorkies says:

    I love the fresh and light feeling you get from the farm house design. Great job!

  3. TechCert IT says:

    Nice kitchen for a 'farmhouse' 😉


    Now that's a ✨ clean ✨ kitchen!

  5. What lies behind the eyes says:

    I want your ISLAND COUNTER

  6. Mixed Muttz Fightwear says:

    What's your guesstimate of total cost your showing?

  7. REDBECCA says:

    Do you think IKEA has good deals on kitchen decor?
    Love your channel 💜

  8. MINUS XP says:

    Nice work decorating Summer!
    When's the pool party?

  9. Kennie Lee Toy TV says:

    💖 🏠 💖

  10. LNAtv HOLDINGS says:

    A well lit kitchen is so much nicer to cook in than a dark disorganized one such as the one I sadly own.

  11. Mary 269988 says:

    Gorgeous. I love Hobby Lobby! White is crisp and clean. Great job.

  12. Amanda Brown says:

    I need your kitchen! Beautiful

  13. T.M Lizotte says:

    Very beautifully done..

  14. Sarah Beth Couvillion says:

    Hobby Lobby for the WIN! Looks great!

  15. Elevate Beauty Co. says:

    KITCHEN TOUR 🏡 Design Ideas & DiY Decor! (Home Tour)
    What is your favorite room in your home? Does it look clean all the time?

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